Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i loveeeee working nights.
well 3-3.
for many reasons...
1. 3-3 is the BUSIEST time of the day.
2. its so darn fun. like halarious. by 2.30 people are starting to act funny- make terrible jokes- laugh a lot- smile- be funnny. well at least tonight. i laughed SO HARD. one awesome thing about being in the ER- the doctors and the nurses are all first name bases. and all buds. (well mostly all). anyway the doctor workign tonight is prob one of my favs. so darn funny. sooo nice. really good. so i def laughed a lot. and had a lot of fun.
3. i think i just love the ER. i actually feel like a nurse. i do nurse things. i help a lot of people. i see and meet a LOT of people. its much faster paced. there is always a lot to do. i see such a variety of things. like tonight- broken AND dislocated ankle. YES. DISLOCATED ankle. then some pukers. a chest pain guy. a 21 year old abdominal pain... which ill add... its so funny how things happen. seriously at one AM this morning we had THREE girls aged 21 ALL with "abdominal pain". weird how things happen like that. but it happens like that a lot. so many funny stories. i dont even know where to start. people do 1. dumb things 2. dumb things and get caught bc they get hurt 3. people do strange things and some 4. very weird things.
at times the ER is very entertaining other times- crazy stressful...

anyway. im soaking my stubbed toe. going to see the doctor tomorrow so hopefully she can fix it. haha... and getting my dress fitted tomorrow! wedding dress! woooooooo!! im just excited i get to put it on again!! (: (: (:

then going to see a movie with a friend tomorrow night! (:

def an exciting, fun, great day ahead... i hope!

off to bed.
love & peace

random pic of the day:
im sure excited to see these folks in a couple days... well minus rich plus kelsey... but i wish rich (and pops) were joining in on the fuN!

mom & brothers & i
asheville, nc
nov. 2008

Monday, June 29, 2009


so i have a screwed up toe.
stubbed it last weekend at chrysalis...
but its infected. swollen. painful. and there is like a growth of skin growing ON TOP of my toe nail.
a mess.

work was fun the last 2 nights- just exhausting.

ryan preached today. so sad i was not there- but the sermon was awesome ( i read it) and i heard he did a fantastic job... and im sure he did (:

im goign to see ryan in a couple of days... CANT WAIT.

going to get my wedding dress fitted this week. woooo.

planted some flowers! ...but i dont think they will grow. im still hoping though.

ok. thats about it. so tired.

off to bed. at 3.53 am. lovely....

peace & love

Friday, June 26, 2009

sweat. blood. tears....

....well no tears.
but i sure did sweat a lot... and there was a little blood shed today.

i have officially (finally 3 months later) moved every IOTA from the old house. the only stuff i had left was stuff i didn't really want... haha. so i took a lot to some people so they could distribute it at a womens shelter. then i dropped a box full of books off at a bookstore- the rest has either been thrown away... or i found a home for it. mostly books. lots and lots of books. ryan & i have more books than a library. its crazy. but i can't part with them. i have made an INTERNAL PACT... that i need your help with.... i can't buy any more books until i read the FIFTEEN sitting on a shelf. its the shelf i have designated "want to read". yes i OWN many books that i have NOT read. and now throw in ry's collection... its outrageous. anyway. my goal is to not buy any more books (unless they are "marriage" related) until i read AT LEAST the 15 on my "to read" shelf. there are many more books i own i have not read- but im going to start there. so dont let me buy any moer books!

anyway. im setting up an amazon shop soon to sell some old school books. and by old i mean last school year. hopefully i can make a little money- that will be designated "wedding fun".

so today i did a ton. moved a lot. and organized it all. i have our "spare room" back together. it actually looks like an office/library/sewing room. wooohooo! and i ended up cramming a DOUBLE size bed into the spare closet. until mom comes up and gets it!! its nice having a spare bed- but a spare twin would suffice. but hey- at least this little house of mine can sleep comfortably 6!! a queen bed: 2. a double bed: 2. an awesome couch: 1 and a sleeping mat: 1 ...anyway.

i bought a filing bin to file away life's important papers. i had just a folder- but have outgrown it. so i bought a pink bin. and def wrote "snider family" on it. ppsshhhhahaha. i know. im lame. ORRR really excited to be getting married. :)

speaking of. i know i complained about writing the addresses, but i have in hindsight- found a way to enjoy it. each person i write i think about them. think of a fun memory. say a little prayer. wonder if they willl come. its been kinda neat.... but then there are those people im like... who the heck are you. dang. ... (:

lets see what else. OH! going to lake J next week to see my one and only AMAZING fiance. yes. amazing. he is super awesome. so sweet. and so good to me. (: even if we are far a part- he does so much for me. its greatttt. anyway so yes. ryan of course will be there... BUT FINGERS CROSSED... my family is driving up too!! so ill get to see the whole gang- which is ubber exciting!!

ill be home to ga in july- the week of the 20th or somethign like that. need to do flowers. decorations. finalize a menu for the reception. have fun with friends. enjoy family time. and be a single lady!! (: it will be the last time im home before the big day!!

well. i need to go organize my closet and get the bedroom back together. now that the office is good- the bedroom is a DISASTER. haha... i think it just moves from one room to the next.

oh i am excited about the morning.
im going to attempt to plant some flowers for my front porch!
lets hope they grow!! haha!!

hope you are all well. maybe ill take some pictures of my new house... hmmm. ill work on that.

love & peace
-an anxious & excited bride to be :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


oh gosh. who knew writing 147 addresses plus return addresses was so painful.
the bigger problem. im only on the 3rd address.
a little behind. sorta. i mean... if i can have them out by july 1 thats still within the 6-8 week time frame crap... i mean "time you are supposed to send invites"...

i say... ill send them when they are finished. and im not going to stress about doing them.
no need to stress.
again. people know when the wedding is.
and if they have forgotten... and they dont know what my wedding website is... or dont know how to find it... then they prob dont really want to come anyway. haha... oh heavens.

anyway. if you dont have facebook... you may not have heard about the drama of the missing checkbook. not really drama. just lost my checkbook. and needed to send in the rent check... yesterday.

oh well. after a couple hours of completley DESTROYING the "spare bedroom" (which doubles as an office- and triples as a sewing space) i have found a checkbook. wrong address on the checks, but same account... so should work like a champ.

tomorrow i finish gathering goods out of the old house. haha... yes. there is still stuff there.
school books. that i need to sell. make some money for this wedding.
i have some fun ideas for fun during the week before the wedding... but ill need some $$.

everything else is going great.
so ready for ryan to be here. and just stay. im so ready for him to be home from the internship!!
im ready for friends to be back HERE!

i did have a lovely lunch with a good old LC pal... julia. read her blog. over there ---> anyway. shes cool. had fun. then i had dinner with a friend from work. woah. double friend time. i know crazy. funniest part. i met up with another friend for a few mins. so literally... i saw all 3 friends that i have here in durham in a 6 hour time span. you could say it was a great day. haha...

well i should address a few more invitations.

did i mention im getting married in approximately FIFTY days. and a cruise a couple days after that. oh the cruise. gosh. im sooooo ready for that!!! a week of laying on a boat eating food. and having my HUNNY at my side (after a summer being a part) yes please.

ok. back to writing invites... maybe ill write yours next.

(: love & peace


good grief... what a crazy 7 days its been...

no time to blog. its 3.55am and time for bed...

but chrysalis: incredible
my talk at chyrsalis: wonderful
spending time with my amazing mom in law: fantastic

then ryan came to visit me!!!: i mean obviously freaking awesome

then i worked today: and well it was fine. nothing good. nothing bad. just regular.

missing friends a TON right now. like sara... a whole lot. :( and paula. gosh its been ages since we hung out. :( and always missing ryan. missing my family too.. but hopefully (fingers crossed) ill see them next week!

wedding countdown: 50 days. uuhhhh.... i think im a lil behind. oh well.

thats about all for now. off to bed.

love & peace
(and more blogs soon)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


ill be out of commission until sunday.
im working a chrysalis retreat... and pretty darn stoked.
for those of you who may not be familiar with it...
chrysalis is a spiritual retreat. this one particular one is for hs school girls!
im supppperrr excited.
can't wait to be there.
hang out with hs girls.
give a talk about being a single woman...
bc granted- im engaged. but i am single. and have been for 23 years.
ive got a few things to share. (:

at first i was like holy cow what in the world... but as ive worked on my TWENTY minute talk- ive really learned a lot about myself. and my single life. and how this has been the perfect path for me. i can't imagine being married RIGHT NOW. granted a year ago i was "angry/upset/flustered" that i was not married- and def upset i was not engaged. there was def a TON of pressure to get married last year- but wow. what a difference a year makes. its been such an amazing time. a great experience. def a "grow up" time. a year to find myself even more. a year to develop. and a year to have a lil fun... and travveelll.

anyway. its been cool
and i KNOW this weekend is going to be awesome.
mama rob (the mom in law) will be there too- which is super cool.
and a few other friends.

pray for us all this weekend. the hs girls- and all the workers. and by workers im talking like 30 people. there might be more.

im off to watch a movie. shower. pack. and hope to fall asleep soon.

had another fun great night at work.
one day ill blog all these funny stories i have... about drunk men walking around in their tighty whities, GROSS things found in GROSS places, lots of blood, guts, and critters (yes. critters.) its only been 6 days- but its been awesome.

love & peace.
see ya lat-A~!

3.54 am

i miss making funny faces
and thining about life
with this fella

and i really miss laying in hammocks
and cuddling with him.

latest post yet. its 3.54am!
today was the 4th day in a row.
its going great.
i love the ER.
i have not seen the show nurse jackie yet. ive heard controversy things though.
ill have to check it out. give you guys my opinion.

tomorrow im working a short shift so with the magic of benadryl i can MAYBE switch back to a regular schedule for thursday. i dont know how it will go... but thursday i head to savannah to work the chyrsalis this upcoming weekend. im SOOOO SUPER EXCITED!!
then im coming back to the dur-ham to see my rhino! after like 3 weeks of being a part. not too long for many of you. mostly JM. she wins the long distance award. months and months and a huge ocean in between.... but still. there is a little mountain range between us!! haha... im lame. anyway.

off to sleep. i need some rest!
peace & love

Monday, June 15, 2009


swing shift.
its weird. i work when people are sleeping....
except i work in an ER... so no one is sleeping.

im exhausted and going to bed. but what a night. its been so busy this weekend, but ive had some AWESOME experiences. had lots of fun. learning TONS. LOVING it. really. im super happy and super excited about where this is going.

job transition- great idea.

ill try and blog more when i can... maybe tomorrow after i sleep. notice the time. 3.51 am

ummmmmm. julia- we can do lunch... how about wednesday at one? if not it will have to be next week sometime... i can have you over for dinner. ill text you tomorrow... after noon... once i awake from my slumber!!

workin 3 more days... then off a week to head to savannah for the girls retreat i am working! which im SOOOO SUPER excited about!! realllly excited. i mean im working a chrysalis with my mom in law- and some other friends! yeahhh im pumped.

also missing ryan like CRAZY. our schedules are totally opposite- so we are only able to talk at night on my dinner break (which is really around 10pm)... yeah my life is crazy right now.

umm i think thats enough random. i need to get some sleep so i can wake up and do it all over again!

love & peace to you all- and to all a good night.

Friday, June 12, 2009


lets just say they are not adding up.

too many people that "might come"

seriously doubtful. but what if they (those ppl i doubt will come) decide. hey ya know what... i think i will drive that 10 hours to see r&d get married. and then we have like 300 extra ppl. ummmm what then? i guess we COULD video stream it live into the student center... hmmm now this is sounding promising.... hhaa....

homemade invites... let me clarify. "homemade invites" makes them sound reallly cute and fun and homemade and crafty. ehh. not really. very formal. nice. these are do it yourself- nice formal wedding- homemade invites. ...does that make sense? i mean im all about some crafty things. lets be honest. we ALL know that. but i decided i should probably be a little formal for the wedding. haha.... now then. there ae PLENTY of other CRAFTY things that will be at the wedding. lots of mason jars. flowers. fabric. cool twine. maybe a few "S"'s hanging around. lots of candles. and def the "programs" now those will be crafty and "homemade".... for some reason i just felt the invite needed to be a bit formal. just what i always pictured. haha... im so silly.

ok enough wedding rambling!!

ok... not really. JM- yes its funny & weird that ry and i will have an "our room". its weird. straight up. im like hmm... i wonder if he is going to care im kinda messy. and throw my clothes everywhere. and dang i sure dont like making my bed. it was realllly weird when he was moving HIS stuff into the house I was living in. i was like woahhhh. at one point i asked- dude can i borrow that book this summer? immedietly realizing... that book is staying here. in this house. which will be our house as soon as the summer is over and he is home from the internship...
changes are here. and are a coming.

i have a feeling this blog is about to start a WHOLE NEW CHAPTER!! heck. a whole new PART. as of AUG 15. its going to be Adventures of Bort PART TWO.

ok. now ill be done rambling. let me throw this picture in to spark your interest.

id like to have a quick shout out to mrs amber.
this is the wedding gift she gave me.
i use it everyday.
today i used it 3 times.
ive never had a toaster oven until now, but truly. this is the greatest invention EVER.
i mean it makes toast. cookies. i grill sausage in there.
i love it.

if you dont have a toaster oven- 2 options
1. get married and register for it!
2. GO BUY ONE!!!

ok the end. for real...
im working FIVE DAYS IN A ROW.
holy cow.
its a good thing i have NOTHING else to do.... haha.
but yeah im going to be beat.
excuse me if i dont blog much...

love & peace
the joyful, excited, and crazy in love



so when i went over to see ryan we explored downtown asheville.
lots of awesome art.
we came across this though and fell in love with it!!

isn't that SO darn precious!! well they didn't have a print (only an original... which we can't afford!!) haha... but they did have THIS one... which is equally as precious.

so we bought it. and i framed it.
(one of the 40million that i bought yesterday)
and now its hanging in our room!

i love it. so precious.
and sooo us!!
cute little birds.

anyway here is the artist website: sarah faulkner

well thats enough for now.
i need to take a nap.
i work tomorrow... so i need to stay up super late tonight.

love & peace

Thursday, June 11, 2009


after 2 kinda sketchy people were here for TWO hours... the internet and cable are working beautifully.

other accomplishments for the day:
- 100 invitations made 50 more to go
- 16 frames BOUGHT!! seriously. i bought 16 frames today for the house to put cool art in... all for less than 100$!! thats like 6 bucks each!! (:
- chatted on the phone
- GOT TWO LETTERS IN THE MAIL!!! ry and sara rock my world.
- some pictures hung
- laundry

pretty good for a day. ( :

and let me do a quick clarification. Dr Ahearn AND my dad are doing the wedding! (: DR A is doing the beginning stuff. dad is doing all the other stuff. that way dad can walk me down the aisle, and Dr a can be involved... bc we LOVE him!!

ok. enough rambles. back to decorating. and watching cable. haha...

love & peace


.... for the cable & internet people to come.

still no internet.
but magically i have it. at my house.

grrr. oh well. at least ill have excellent service, and 75 channels of TV to entertain me once they hook it up.

working on the wedding invites and guest list madness.
pain in the boo-tay. about now is when running away with the best friends and immediate family and taking a cruise to get married sounds AWESOME. somehow a 300 person guest list for a chapel that seats 130 just isn't adding up.... oh well. it will work out im sure.

im pretty sure i could NOT send out invitations- and the chapel would be full of my friends and family that know about the event. why do i really need to spend more money technically "inviting" people. people know if they are invited or not. plus between the wedding party and all those who are taking part in the ceremony i mean thats like 120 folks right there. not to mention tack on the SIXTEEN UMC PASTORS that are on the guest list. good grief. this should be one methodist wedding.

i did have a dream about the wedding. and it was not a nightmare. it was PERFECT!
started with alvin playing the piano. dad walking me down to the aisle to dr ahearn and ryan. and everything was great! best wedding dream ive had!!

anyway. i believe its 65 days to the big day. things are going great... well except for the guest list. and well heck. ill prob end up inviting all 300 folks... and playin my dice that only 120 will come!! hahah!! oh heaveeennnsss.

ok enough rambling. back to invitation making.

love & peace .

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

life is funny.

funny funny funny.
life is playing a joke on me.
after paying the set up fee.
setting up a time.
and getting internet planned to be connected tomorrow....

i come home
and have internet.

the wind must be blowing just right...
ive NEVER in the last month EVER gotten internet at my house.
and here we are.
the eve of getting internet connected,
im getting a random internet.

thanks life.
what a funny joke.

work. trap. life.

let me first discuss the trap.

i fell into the trap of society.
as of tomorrow afternoon ill have cable and internet.
at my house.
i called to get internet... and the guy talked me into cable. basically i just said yes so he would leave me alone. ughh. i cant believe i did it.
oh well. its only the basic bottom level cable. so thats still some money im saving haha.aaaa....

umm job.
i L--O--V--E--D it.
really. i had FUN! at work.
learned a crazy amount.
realllly had a good time.
it was so encouraging.
my preceptor is fantastic- which will make my experience great.
so im really excited about it.
and really. i just worked 12 hours in the ER and have tons of stories. i can gurantee as an ER nurse I am going to have some awesome ones!!
hahahaaa. oh gosh.... anyway.

i work 5 in a row sat-wed!! holy cow!!
but then off a week and off to savannah.

anyway. im doing well. life is good.
love & peace

Monday, June 8, 2009

lake j

so i did it.
sunday after church
i decided it needed to be done.
i drove across the state to this place:

to see this guy:

and it was soooooo wonderful.
i got there just in time last night for dinner.
we followed that with a wonderful stroll around lake junaluska.
we sat out on the porch rocking in rocking chairs for hours.
after a late night we went our separate ways and headed to bed
to wake up early (darn ducks!!)
we went to asheville and wandered the streets downtown.
bought a realllly cool painting.
went in tons of shops.
and had a wonderful lunch.

all full of wonderful conversations.
and goodness.

then i had to pack it up and say goodbye to drive the 4 hours back home.
which is when this happened:

i felt like it was a monumental day.

anyway. at panera now. enjoying calming music and a calming bowl of soup.
have no idea what im going to do tonight- but i know i have to stay awake!
i need to try and stay up until 3.
but uhh...
i dunno how that will happen.

tomorrow i start the new job. :)
im working like almost nights. not completely. but i have to stay up late.
so we shall see how it goes.
i promise to post thursday on the first day.

im realllllly excited!!
pray for me though!
im a lil nervous about meeting people. and making friends. and this whole

but im super excited.

ok. enough for now.

did i mention im crazy in love with Ry and IM getting MARRIED TO HIM in less than 10 weeks!!


love & peace

Saturday, June 6, 2009

coffee shop internet

i have no problem driving to a shop to get internet. or using the car shops internet. or trying to sneak it in at work, but the parentals (including durwood. the florida parental) has begged me to get internet. "it will be so much more convienent" you NEED it. etc etc.... so anyway. im here in a coffee shop and have parused the various internet options for the next few months... and well im going to call a few places and find out what i can do. i need to find something that i can get for cheap, but then add on cable in a couple of months... but it still be cheap. so im going to see what i can finagle.

anyway. until then. ive been moving more stuff out of the old house- into the new one. and have a huge "goodwill/consignment shop" pile. im hoping to get a lil bit of money from my clothes that are pretty nice. just old and unworn.

ive also been reading my financial book. dave ramsey- total money makeover. i recomend it. holy cow. quick read. and well its kinda life changing. if you let it be. im totally sold on his financial plans. and i hope to jump on board and start doing everything he says.

umm what else. OH. ive almost finished my awesome puzzle! looks cool. its of times square. (i got it right after our trip to NYC... just never had a place to do it. now i have a whole house!!)

also. bought (for free) my converter box for my tv!! i had the 40 coupon. AND the boxes are all on sale for 40$ even right now!! sooo it was FREE! and if i can get it hooked up ill get 18 channels for FREE!! hellO! thats awesome!!

missing friends these days, but doing a good job of staying busy. im hoping to go see ry monday or so, but who knows.... thats not a def. then start the new JOB. which im super stoked about. i kinda dont think its hit me yet- that i DONT HAVE to go back to the other place. i mean it was not as awful as i make it seem, but just not something i enjoyed. at all. in no way. and id really like to enjoy what i do.

well i think thats about it.

the car is back in action working well. which is good.

ok. the end for now. i should have internet going in the next few days so ill be around more often! ...i dont think the new job will allow for me to blog while at work. haha...

ok. the end.
love & peace

Friday, June 5, 2009


BUT today was the last day i have to wake up at SIX AM for WORK... for well... for... i dont know how long!!! do you know how dang awesome that is!! im SOOOO thrilled. pumped. excited.

today is the last day of work.
i treated myself to a delicious sausage, egg, and cheese bisquit from the cafeteria.
and we are ordering chinese take out for lunch to "celebrate" i guess. well im celebrating. and i guess my co-workers are just down for a good lunch. (:

anyway. four days off until the new j-0-b!

i plan on:
cleaning out old house.
cleaning out kitchen at old house.
organizing clothes to bring to the new house.
selling old school books so i dont have to take them to the new house.
then HOPEFULLy.... fingers crossed.... going to see ryan at the lake!!
hopefully i can sneak over there monday and tuesday.
but i dont know yet....
he is a busy preacher man this summer! haha.... those church folks like him a lot!

ummm still no internet. but i think i might cave and get it. i dont really mind no cable. really. but no internet... in our society... its just inconvient! like i cant email people things i need to tell them. and i cant blog. and i can't check my bank account. etc.... anyway. im going to see how much longer i can go without. but prob not too much longer!!

ummm i think thats about it.
sooo tired today though. i think its this rain. it just does not seem to stop.

ok the end.

love & peace

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


but first update on the car...
took it to the shop. its going to cost an arm and a leg.
but things must be done. its going back to the shop tomorrow at 730 am to get fixed.
and HOPEFULLY they will be done with it by 2:00 so i can be at work by 3:00.

im working overtime this week.
4 hours today.
4 hours tomorrow.
nothing crazy.
but every little bit helps!
especially with bills. a broken car. and a WEDDING!

thats coming up soon.
i made the invites today.
dang im pumped. i LOVE them.
nice. classy. but a lil different.

due to the car issue i could not accomplish anything else on my "wedding to do list" today. hopefully tomorrow. if not this weekend its going into overtime.

umm what else.
im hoping (depending on the car situation) ill be making a trip to see ryan this weekend.
he is SO busy... he is working with the church, the college age volunteers, leading a million bible studies and working at the museum.
museum man ryan lives again!! (:
he is loving the beautiful lake though.
of course!! who wouldn't!!

anyway. i should go.
things are well.
and the house is coming along nicely!
my invitation remains... friends... come stay with me!

ok. the end for now.
love & peace d

Monday, June 1, 2009

the long road home.

not much time.
but i will say my little 5 hour drive home from savannah yesterday...

which included a major layover as my car cooled down.
it overheated.
i freaked.
pulled over in sketchville SC.
cooled the xterra.
added water to the EMPTY cooling reservoir.
as soon as i added it- it emptied... why... bc my radiator was empty.
after it cooled i added MORE water (a gallon or so) to the radiator.
it was madness.
thank goodness for an AWESOME brother. he walked me through the whole thing.
even the part that included.
"ok now. go inside the gas station. buy a gatorade. sit down. take a breath and drink."
he is the MOST PATIENT, KIND HEARTED person i have EVER met. mr rich wins the award for life-saving brother this week!
(the other brother is off living the dream with his GF in SPAIN. yes. he is 19. and yes. her parents are there. BUT STILL!!!!)

anyway. i made it home.
got in bed.
and slept.
but woke up refreshed and have had a good day at work.
busy but good.

looking forward to 2 days off (except im coming in to pick up a couple extra hours. so no biggie)

new job starts next wednesday!
ry and i are doing ok apart so far.
kinda lonely. but still going strong.

anyway. all is well.
come see me!!!

love & peace