Saturday, May 30, 2009


went to dinner and a movie tonight with a few fantastic people... sparker (the sis in laws bff) & W (the sis in laws boyfriend) and M (another guy friend of the fam). loads of fun. 4 random people going out together to a movie, and having a blast. we saw UP in 3-D which was AWESOME. i def cried 3 times. loved the story. was so happy in the end. and got some sweet glasses. it was a fun night. and a fun day. its been a lonnnng one.

i did my practice talk this morning for the leaders of the girls retreat i am working later in the summer. that went well. then enjoyed a carefree afternoon chatting with the Robster. then had dinner with her and then headed to the movie. a great, fun, long day.

im off to bed so i can wake up for church, lunch, then a nice long 5 hour drive home.

looking forward to going home to a house though!! no internet though. so ill have to post again monday. but anyway.

another successful trip home to GA. (even if its the west side of the state).

love & peace

Friday, May 29, 2009


i am here at the snider's house.
the inlaws to be... enjoying some quality time with them.
they are GREAT, fantastic folks so its been lots of fun so far!

tomorrow we have a mtg for the girls retreat i am working this summer. the one im giving a talk about being single. tomorrow i am previewing my talk.... so tonight i wrote it. with sparker (the sis in laws bff) and 'rob' (the mom in law). her real name is not rob. no worries. anyway. its been an entertaining night.

not to much to say. except im SOOOO wanting to go see the movie UP. im hoping i can convince a few folks to go with me tomorrow.

tomorrow ry leaves for the lake. we had to say our goodbyes today. but ill prob see him in a couple weeks. so it was not too bad.

ummmm thats about it.

peace & love

Thursday, May 28, 2009

hellO wOrld.

let me update you on my life.

1. ONLY ONE MORE WEEK AT WORK!!! (and thats 3 days!!) at work on the current floor. then its off to the craziness of the ER! woohoo

2. no internet at the house. still not getting it for a while. BUT i did apply for a coupon for a converter box for our TVs in the house. apparently if i do that I will get like an additional TEN channels!! and the coupon is 40 bucks off. and i priced them today...and found a few for 50 bucks. so 10bucks for a clear picture of 14 channels. YES PLEASE!! at least until august and i got another person to help pay the bills! ;)

3. going to stay with the "in-laws" this weekend. i have a chrysalis meeting saturday in richmond hill... so ill be staying with them, which i am excited about. should be lots of fun hanging out with the rob-ster. she is one fabulous lady! and ill get to see sparker.

4. ryan leaves tomorrow. quite sad about that one. not sure the next time we will see each other. but there are a lot of letters in our future.

5. my bff sara is awesome. AND so are her grandparents! they sent me a "cookie bouquet" of flowers. they were cookies shaped like flowers. SOOOo cute!! soooo great! i LOVE them!! and i love her g-rents. FANTASTIC folks! just showing me some love. how awesome are they!!

6. my house im coming along. and i love it.

7. last night Ry & I started a puzzle. call us old foggies, but dude. we spent last night watching our 2 fuzzy channels on TV and started our awesome puzzle. its of times square. looks sooo cool.

8. thats about it. hope you are all great!! life is good.

peace & love

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

no internet...

.... is good. and its bad. really bad. id much rather have internet than cable. so i may be making a few phone calls in the next few weeks. but first im going to talk to the neighbors. i mean i live in a duplex. doesn't it make sense that we share internet... IN THE SAME HOUSE! im going to see if we can split it. bc dude. internet is like 30bucks... and cable. holy cow! thats out of this world! who knew bills were so much! so def no cable. which isn't bad. i get the 4 local channels... does anyone know if i will def loose them when the "cable switches to digital"?? i dont use an antenna. i just have a cable plugged into my tv. i really dont want to buy that box thing. so yeah. anyway. no cable... not so bad. but no internet kinda sucks. at least there is internet at work... and i am at work 3 days a week... so not too shabby! ummmmm what else.

oh right. i moved. and im LOVING the new house. LOVE It! its fully furnished and all set up... in almost the ONLY way it will go. the house is interestingly shaped so furniture kinda only goes one way... but it works, and so far looks great. im hoping to this summer transform our house into something out of a "World Market" magazine.
1. i love world market and want everything inside the store
2. ry & i have TONS of cool stuff from all over the world. so its time to display them.
we shall see how it goes... i have high expectations though. haha....

anyway. 4 days until the new job. 4 work days. in reality 2 weeks....
ryan leaves saturday for yes LAKE JUNALUSKA!! how awesome is that. he will be there 10 weeks working at a church, livin at the lake, and workin at the methodist museum there. should be a super awesome summer for him!! (: ill be here working. decorating. and am now scheduling visitors!! come see me!! im only 3 hours from the beautiful mountains OR 2 hours from the BEACH! take your pick!! we could even venture to the outer banks for a couple more hours,.... really. the possibilities are endless!

and youd probably love my little cabin in the woods. (: its cute. and cozy. and we have lots of deer.

hmmm. i guess thats all.

until next time (whenever that may be!)

peace & love

oh and once i finally get internet ill post pics!

Monday, May 25, 2009

the big move

was a success. me and all of my belongings (except for clothing & school books) are into the new house!! mom and brother brought a uhaul full of things that ry and i needed... 2 dressers, lazyboy recliner, big grown up desk, awesome desk chair, bookcase, "china cabinet" (sorta thing) and lots of other good fun things. (:

after that we went back to my house and loaded up a trailer (TWICE) with all the other furniture: 2 couches, tables, chairs, outdoor furniture, tvs, beds, benches, oh heavens i have a lot of stuff. but at least we furnished an ENTIRE HOUSE without buying a thing. granted nothing matches, but dude... it has a LOT of personality. and well ry and i will make it awesome. ill be posting pics soon. its super exciting! i loooveeeee it!! and finally after opening some windows and putting some plug ins in the wall... it smells delightful! :) last night was the first night in the house- and i slept like a champ!

i am looking forward to tomorrow... working in the new house (and the old one! im trying to get rid of half of my clothes and almost ALL of my schoool books. i DONT want to move them!) alsoooooo ry and I are going strawberry picking!! dude im super super excited about this one! (sara and john if you guys come here... ill take you!! haha!)

anyway. hello to all of you out there. especially those in south floridia. i SO wish i was there... on the BEACH! after things get settled in and i do the wedding invitations (YIKES) im planning a day trip to the north carolina beach. .... i need a TAN!

ok. thats enough random rambling.

sara. i misssssssss you. hello john. since you now read this. hi mom. paula its been ages since weve talked... well like a week. but i do miss you. and hello to the rest of you.
have a lovely memorial day.

love & peace

one more thing. soon to be sister in law A left YESTERDAY for Costa Rica... for a FIVE WEEK trip. she is starting language school, living with a family, and doing lots of awesome stuff... but needs your prayers. for peace. for safety. to find friends. to have fun. and her mom could use some too!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


this makes the FIFTH may in a ROW... (as in five years straight) that i have moved in may. ughhhh. but can i just say. this might be my last move for TWO YEARS! dude!! that part is super ubber exciting!!! (: yay!! but its still a drag.

mom and brother R are coming up to help today.
anyone who wants to help is welcome!! come on up! we have room!!
tomorrow is the unloading/moving day.

since i have TWO months to transition... im taking advantage of that and living in two houses right now. but this weekend is to move ALL the furniture. stuff that wont fit in the xterra/ school bus that i drive.

anyway. i dont think mom is too thrilled about the moving part. hopefully i can keep her entertained by doing organizing things and she will leave the heavy lifting to R and me. anyway.

last day of my 3 in a row today!!
only 6 days of work until im in the ER!!

ryan is coming through durham next week!! so i get to spend a full day with him- then a couple evenings!! before he heads to lake junaluska for the summer.

i have an awesome best friend!! (: sf rocks my world. and because of her i have a new friend! jd. and jd is pretty darn awesome. has a lot of wisdom. and is cool/fun to be around.

umm i think im done rambling. going to eat breakfast. then do more work. haha...

peace & love.

Friday, May 22, 2009

7 days...

not counting today until the new job.
not that im counting down or anything.
but im SO READY for the change.
for something new.
for the hope that i might actually enjoy work.
its ok if i dont. but id really like to.
and i mean some days i do enjoy. some. few. like 2.
but nonetheless...
im grateful i have a job.
and even more grateful i have a new one.
lets hope this next one is as good as i hope it will be!

peace and love-
from a tired nurse.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the lake continued...

this is what the lake looks like... and is one reason i LOVE it so much.

but this is what it looked like while i was there... most of the time.
thats ok. it was still WONDERFUL.
and i LOVEEEE IT!! :)

off to work tomorrow...
3 in a row.

peace & love

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

best friend

as most of you know....
i think i have the most greatest best friend.... EVER.
and i just spent SIX days with her straight.
that has not happened since we were in school together.
and it was the most awesome six days ever.

we celebrated her graduation.
played on the lake.
sat on the dock.
swang on the swing.
rocked in the rocking chairs.
stayed up WAY TOO LATE talking about life.
figuring out what life is all about.
or pretending like we have a clue.
we ate a lot.
laughed a lot.
cried a little.
did reallllly silly things.
sang hymns... and darn if we dont know every word to every hymn.
we are good little methodist preacher's daughters.

and really just enjoyed life together.

sara is the most awesome girl ever.
she is wise.

and i am SO blessed and grateful to have such an awesome best friend.

here are a few pictures from our last night on the dock...
we used saras fancy camera and used a long exposure.
then sara's brother B did funny things with a green laser.

anyway... our pictures....

john. sara. me. one of my fav pics... for some reason. but sara moved her head while the shutter was open thus the craziness.

my name.... written with a laser. with a long exposure.

haha... b had fun with the laser!

the foshee river cabin is one of my most favorite places in the world.
ill post more pictures in the next couple of days to show you why...

off to bed.
love & peace

ps. back to dur-ham tomorrow. after 7 awesome days at home

Friday, May 15, 2009

ode to my alma mater

tonight i went to baccalaureate and then a dinner honoring sara and other honorees.
such a wonderful time.
a tear jerker. (sorta).
sara was recognized and gave a mini-speech.
and i got a bit tear-y eyed...
i think because since sara is leaving its kinda like its REALLY over here at lagrange. with her being here i came back often- and still felt VERY connected to the campus. but now... i feel like that connection is getting a bit further away.
i am on the alumni council and i do have dear friends here in lagrange- but after tomorrow its def different.

anyway. being at the fancy pants dinner tonight with all of the high ups in the lagrange college world- made me so proud to be a panther. this college is amazing. my alma mater is remarkable. doing incredible things... and has been here for such a long time. tomorrow is the 178th graduation. did you hear that ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY EIGHT. wow. thats unbelievable. amazing. so cool. i do love my undergrad. a place full of wonderful people.

i mean i did meet my HUSBAND here!
find the bestest friend in the world.
grow up a lot.
make amazing friends.
get to know some incredible staff/faculty.
and have the best four years ever.

oh how i love this place in good old lagrange....

Thursday, May 14, 2009


in lagrange.
went to the nursing pinning ceremony tonight.
took me back to this...
a year ago?!

::top 5 best moments of my life (thus far)::

going to the alumni hosted brunch for the seniors tomorrow morning.
hoping to see my favorite lingenfelters tomorrow?!
then hanging with the bestie.... for all her graduation activities.
im sure more flash back pics will be posted.

love & peace

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

separated & together

separated from him:

and realizing the next few months could be quite difficult.
the next time ryan and i are together for longer than 2 days will be...
when we are married.
crazy i know.
but we are now officially a part for the summer.
we will have some time together here and there for a couple days at a time,
but the day to day, have dinner every night together, hugs whenever i want, laughs just a drive away, errand running together, rambling around durham together, REDBOXING together, wii playing together... all over until AUGUST 15!!!
but then we are together.
so i suppose this break is a good thing.
i already appreciate so many little things... and its only been 3 days!
anyway. its going to be a crazy summer.
but a good one indeed.

and now for the TOGETHER part...
together with HER:

tomorrow for a few days!
the moh is graduating.
giving a speech.
moving her life.
and going through the madness of college graduation
and im going to hang out and goof off and be with her through it all.

its ABSOLUTLEY crazy that I graduated a year ago.
i dont think sara is going to be the only one crying this weekend.
im pretty sure i will be.

and reflecting a lot about the last year.
wow. what a year its been.
ups and downs.
i can't belive everything thats happened!!!

anyway. one last thing.
today was the craziest, most bizarre, most spiritual, most emotional day i have EVER had at work. i did a lot of thinking about life today. i had a younger patient on comfort care, just waiting to die (a fighter. a person who wants to be living). and then i had a young person who tried to commit suicide. this person failed though. thus was my pt. two opposites. two crazy cases. two people who shared a little bit of their life with me. man it was interesting. you could imagine the crazy emotions of the day. i did a lot of thinking... life is so precious. at any age.
im going to cont to ponder. and think. and write this stuff down.
i really want to write a book.
i think i should start.

i need to go to bed.
i have a long drive ahead of me.

love & peace to you all.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


2 days of work done.
1 day of work left.

so tired.
not much to say.

im BEAT.
long day.
thank goodness for only 1 more.

love you all.

Monday, May 11, 2009


i think i get annoyed easily.
a persons laugh.
a comment.
a person.
man oh man.
its silly. i know.
but i do.

its ok though. my day at work is close to being over!
and then ill be heading home to a cozy bed and a wonderful book.

im reading "redeeming love" again. its wonderful. a lovely romance.

i do need to clean the house a lil... which ill do.

anyway. enough for now.
peace & love. d

Sunday, May 10, 2009


thats my new last name. in 97 days to be exact.
its a nice last name i will say. and i would argue much easier to say and prounounce than the current last name. i mean if you know my last name. you know its not THAT hard... but the 2 capital letters and the C thrown in there... messes people up. im excited to by "snider with an I". seems so good and easy now. sure time will tell.

ummm. speaking of sniders. they (mom, pops, sis snider) left today to venture home. sadly. i like having them here. its nice. they went to the new house today- to see where ry and i would be living. they liked it... of course. im telling you. its amazing. a God send really. sorry no pics. what if a creeper is reading this and sees the pic. then hunts down my house. i mean. its possible. ill email out some pics of it to you who really want to see. (: anyway. today when we pulled into the driveway what did we see... DEER!! in the driveway!! :) thats exciting. i just love being in the woods. and close to nature. its wonderful.

what else... im super excited about all the fun things coming up. here is a rundown of whats in store the next couple weeks/months.....

1. im going home thursday!! woohoo to my BFF sara who is graduating!!... also going to see the fam!! (: and hopefully any friends who i can see!!
2. im going to savannah in 2 weeks to a chrysalis meeting (and to see the fam of course)... because home girl here is workin her first chrysalis and givin her first talk... on singleness. (kinda funny. and ironic. but it happens for a reason and im pumped)
3. im moving into my NEW AWESOME HOUSE
4. IM GETTING A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!! sooooo darn excited. like beyond excited. wow. what an answer to prayer.
5. im working chrysalis!!!!!! wooooow o woooow.
6. ry will be in the mountains all summer (hello fun trip to the mountains!)
7. i just so happen to know a future pastor who is going to be living at the BEACH (helllo beach trip!!)
8. im getting married. IM GETTING MARRIED. WOOOOWWW. ill be mrs. snider for reall!!

ok. thats. all.

off to bed.
well to read. then bed.

love & peace

moms, storms. hoodings.

well colin has his M.Div. woohoo for him. yesterday was a celebratory day all around. had a lovely family lunch. went to a wonderful- and i mean wonderful- service where colin got his sweet duke div hood. and topped it off with a delicious dinner. fun sweet day.

the small minor glitch in the evening occurred (probably) around 6:00 as we were sitting in the enormous Duke Chapel there was a storm a brewin' outside. did not effect us to much during the service- just a few thunderous clapps here and there. but by the time we got home (around 1030 last night) we realized the storm must have been pretty bad. no power. anywhere. we decide to break up and go our separate ways to see if other houses/hotels have power. we figured between the hotel, my house and MK's house (C's gilfriend) someone would have power. well for me and al we had no luck. no power at my house. luckily i have a vast amount of candles and storm lanterns so we lit up the house. sometime in the middle of the night the power came back on. which i am grateful for. power is a nice thing to have. especially at night. it gets quite dark here in durham with no power.

anyway. thats my story on that. moving on to mom's day.
happy moms day mom.
you are really cool.
im glad you are my mom.
you do so much for me.
you are really funny.
you take me (or let me go) cool places.
you sent me money a lot (in college. no anymore.) but still. thanks for that.
you send me random packages sometime.
you like to go camping. (me too).
you are wise. and give good advice.
well you are just cool.
and i love you a lot.
thanks for everything you do.

ps i figured this would be quicker and more effective than a card.

see you in a few days!! :)

thats about it for now.
off to spend more time with the lovely sniders.
(: peace and love

Saturday, May 9, 2009


sorry its taken a while to debrief mr. button's movie... but here are my thoughts.

1. long. especially when you are sick and antsy. 2 hours 47 minutes.
2. interesting concept
3. he was old for too long. let me elaborate without giving away the story. the movie (is obviously) about a guy who instead of gets older, he gets younger. and its the story of his life. well id say 3/4 of the movie he is OLD and 1/4 he is young. the end of the movie is very rushed almost. so yeah. i dunno. i didn't like that part of it.
4. overall its a good movie. but not a favorite. just interesting concept. and of course brad pitt is one hot man. so its nice to watch.

id say its not a rush to redbox to see. so if you haven't seen it yet, dont worry.

ok. now moving on...

soon to be brother in law C graduates DUKE this weekend!! woohoo for him.
so the "inlaws" are in town and we are hanging out with them having fun, chatting, and catching up.

they did come bearing gifts for Ry and I which is always fun! :)

AND they brought a BIG HUGE package from TARGET! it was a mystery gift that was sent to their house... when we opened it up we saw it was an AWESOME gift from an AWESOME family! ok or the awesome mom of the family. thanks L! it was a great surprise and an awesome gift!! im pumped about cookin up some goodies in my new crock pot! wooHOO!!

anyway. the move into the new hizzouse has begun. boxes and all my crap. ry and i laid on the floor of our new house last night and ryan said, "man. i thought i have a lot of stuff. you have tons. what is all this crap?" the funny thing is i have no idea either. where the heck did all this stuff come from? i mean i love crafting. and sewing. but dude... i have like half of hobby lobby in my new house! i think some downsizing is in need... but the sad thing is im getting rid of lots of stuff as i go.

oh heavens.

anyway. off to do fun family things.
more moving tomorrow.

love & peace.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

#4 for the day...

i love eating a delicious dinner my hunny made me
while cuddling up on the couch watching jeopardy & wheel of fortune.
really. i love it.

ps r is awesome. he drove to TWO different redboxes just to find "case of benjamin button" so we can watch it tonight... just because i wanted to see it. he is wonderful.

another one for kt

... since i last posted i have...
watched a tiny bit of night at the museum... and finally fell asleep.
took an hour or two nap.
took a shower.

and now am waiting for ryan to come over.
we are going to get a movie from redbox.
and maybe some food from harris teeter.

thats about it.

wish come true.

this is for you KT.
i am posting more today... because i have nothing else to do.

so far i have...
laid on the couch for 4 1/2 hours.
watched several shows about murder cases and them being solved.
watched 3 episodes of gossip girl (and i plan on watching 2 more)
coughed a lot.
sneezed several times.
and made a killer awesome egg, cheese, bacon sandwich for lunch.

i am most recently drinking a mountain dew and contemplating what movie i may want to put in for the afternoon. not really sure. all i know is laying on the couch is the plan. thats all i want to do. ughhhh. sick = no fun.

ill keep you posted.


you know babies fight sleep?
thats how i feel right now.
im sooo tired.
but i can't sleep. woke up at 730 and couldn't go back to sleep.
just laid there. restled around and had to get up.
so for the past 2 hours ive been laying on the couch trying to fall asleep.
no luck.
its crazy.
im so sleepy... and feel beat... but i just can't fall asleep.
darn this congestion and cough.

oh well.
peace & love.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

cough, cough

well. since last thursday ive had a sore throat.
since then its progressed and taken over my whole body.
i thought it would get better.
i was wrong.
it got worse.
my whole body aches. i have some nasty congestion. a gross cough. sore throat. and some dizziness.

diagnosis: bronchitis (i was tested for the flu. it was negative. ill know in SEVEN days if its the swine flu. but since its not the flu. its most likely (99.9%) not that) so please no jokes. ive heard them all.

anyway. im bundled up on the couch with my hunny. drinking OJ. and laying around. i can't do anything for a few days, but i sure as heck dont feel like doing anything.

so yeah. ill be here. watching soccer, gossip girl, and other movies while i try to feel better. but man. this is ROUGH.

hope you are well.

Ill be back in ga in a week!! (of course as long as i dont come down with the swine flu, and these drugs kick this infection)
my bff S graduates college, along with a million other of my close friends. S even happens to be giving a speech because she won basically the coolest senior of the year award. because she is awesome. (actually its the highest award for service & leadership. woohoo her. she rocks)

anyway. back to soccer and rest.
love & peace

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

funny story...

... but first. remember that job interview i had today?
i got it.
i HAVE A NEW JOB!!! in an Emergency Room! to say im excited is an understatement.
the current job is just not where im suppose to be. but it was a good experience.

so now on to my funny story... which also has to do with my new job.

last week ry & i went to barnes and noble. since im in a very "educated" "academic" town we have a pretty large "local author" section. i think its cool to read local authors. support them. and read a story that may just be based in the town you live. anyway, i picked up a book written by an ER doc about his life and times in the ER. I thought it looked great. so i picked it up. even happened to be signed- so i was like cool. added bonus.

flash-forward a couple of days. my friend A & I were at work chatting in the hall. I was telling her I feel inspired to write a book about my first year as a nurse. about this time one of our favorite cardiologists (heart doctors) walks about and jumps in our convo. he said, "danielle, if you are serious you should read Paul Austin's book: Something for the pain " (thats the link to the book). ... i was like WOAH! i totally am right now! So we started chatting about the book and just so happens that this Doc is friends with Dr. Austin. whats even crazier... Dr. Austin works in MY hospital. in the ER that I just got a JOB IN!!!!!!!

i mean its pretty crazy. at least i thought so. and you would think- duh. if he is a local ER doc of course he does... but no no. there are 6 BIG hospitals in this area (and those are just the ones of the top of my head) so its pretty crazy that he happens to be at mine.

anyway if you are interested in emergency medicine it is phenomenal! at least so far. one of the best books ive read. its very simply written, just true life stories of life in the ER. His life ouside work and inside work. and med school stories and all sorts of stuff. its great.

anyway. i just took some nyquil and am heading to bed. i have one nasty head cold... that is wearing me down.

peace & lots of love.

ive been busy.

thus the reason i have not blogged.
since ive been back in durham i have worked every day.
had a sabbath (which included lounging around with my NOT busy fiancee! YAY!!, and going to church, seeing a movie, and eating good mexican)
i have also started packing and moving into the new hizouse!
im hoping (and this may be too much wishful thinking) but Im hoping to rent a Uhaul and move all the big furniture this weekend.
we shall see.

anyway. today was BIG. i had an interview for a new job....
wish. hope. and pray with me it works out!

it went well id say.
now its just a waiting game.

anyway. im going to pack more and maybe take a load over.
then cook dinner and relax with my hunny.

(: yay for summertime!