Tuesday, July 5, 2011

goodbye: AOB

its time to say goodbye to the adventures of bort.
and hello to:

the rev & the mrs

start reading my life over there. follow me. and change your link to me over there!! :) enjoy!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

oh my.

i had no idea it would be like this---
exhausting. tiring. rewarding. exciting.

in the past 3.5 days we have: moved across the state.
rearranged the furniture in the house (switched around bedroom furniture)
moved boxes here there and everywhere.
unpacked about a million boxes.
steamed the carpets. not once or twice. but 6 times.
eaten some INCREDIBLE homemade food from church family.
moved furniture some more.
bought a couch and ottoman.
tried to train a dog.
pulled out carpet (that was steamed)
had our church family over to help pull up more carpet and all the things that go along with that.
cleaned our beautiful hidden hard wood floors.
thanked God that we had beautiful hidden floors.
moved the furniture again.
taken a shower.
moved more furniture.
then. now. finally. sat down.

time for a nap.
its been an incredible ride.
but we are all exhausted.
our church family has welcomed us in with open arms.
fed our bellies.
loved on us.
and loved on the house.

we are so blessed to have an amazing house to live in.
lots of beds--- so come visit.

on a side note..... i mentioned i am starting a new blog.
and i am.
im starting a new chapter in life and want to start a new blog along with it.
ill make the big switch later this week---
but you'll know when.

love & peace & happy 4th

Monday, June 27, 2011


im moving.
its insane.
our house is a disaster.
our kitchen is packed.
we threw out a lot of spoiled food.
made me feel bad.
we have a twin bed in our living room.
our wii--- its still connected. priorities people.
television and entertainment are the last to be packed.
one day-- ill post pictures.

but it will probably be later.
the movers come thursday.
i have class on wednesday. isn't that awesome.

woooo packing~
i loveeee moving.

i hope you can smell/taste/feel the sarcasm.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

one week

in one week... my life is changing.
7 days left in durham.
one week until we load up and say goodbye to our first home.
7 days until we wave goodbye to friends that have become so dear.
one week until we start the next chapter of our life together.
one week until we begin our simple life in the mountains.

and one week until my new blog starts. (:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

pretty sunset at the carolina railhawks game

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today i ran a 8k!!
thats five miles folks

and i would like to add-- i have never run 5 miles. haha. i have gotten up to 4 miles- but do to my laziness, packing, being tired from cleaning and packing, school work, and travels i have not been running as much as i should have.

despite that... i FINISHED!
and i wasn't last.
and the course had not closed.
and there were a TONNNN of people at the finish line cheering me on.
it was great. and encouraging. but kinda awkward. haha.

anyway. its 10:30 in the morning-- and ive run 5 miles.
im pretty pleased with myself.

love & peace