Thursday, May 29, 2008

an old favorite... after a little addition of the verse... a new favorite
taken the night of the most amazing sunset ive ever experienced... on st simons island. 
and i will add... ive seen hundreds of amazing sunsets over my 22 years... but this one is still a top the cake

Friday, May 23, 2008

I am learning how to drive a five speed. After my latest lesson I feel I have almost mastered the art. I would rank myself a 94% out of 100%. Upon returning to my home and sharing the news with my beloved man. I recieved the following comment...

:I am as proud of you as a soccer mom with a child that scored a goal.:

gosh i love him. probably the funniest and sweetest thing ive ever heard.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

mr. tomtom

so i bought a tomtom today with my graduation money. 
probably the coolest thing i have purchased since my cannon camera. ...which was a few years ago... i have def had a blast driving around columbus listening to it tell me where to go... even though i know. i like to think its someone keeping me company. 
my little friend will get GREAT use once i get up to my new local- hopefully he will rescue me from getting desperately and miserably lost. ok and the benefit of my TomTom one 130... it has a "help me!" menu which if my car breaks down or something happens- it tells me the closest fire station, police station, towing company AND their phone numbers! next best thing to onstar if you ask me! 

my next purchase will be the Wiifit. haha... im just spending that graduation money like it ain't no thing! oh well... thats what its for! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

it is finished...

so nursing school is over. 
college is over. 
and now i am out in the 'real world'. 
who knows what that will mean and where that will take me. 

first i have to pass boards... i should be taking those in a few weeks. 
after that ill have that RN after my name! 
until boards ill be studying and relaxing and catching up on all the sleep i have lost the last four years. 

i am not too sure where i will end up as a nurse, but i am sure it will be an adventure.