Monday, January 31, 2011


well. i made i through last week. 5 full days of work, school, and clinic.
the weekend has been very refreshing.
afternoon in the park playing frisbee golf, a very sunny run through the neighborhood, cooking breakfast at the ronald mcdonald house, a basketball game, and loads of homework.
this week... 5 more full days of work, school, clinic and running.
running is my newest addition to the schedule.
im on a 'plan' and im stinking to it.
so far ive actually enjoyed running.
and each time i go i see a difference compared to the time before.
ill keep you posted on the run progress.

welp. time to read a little before work.

peace & love.
happy monday!

Friday, January 28, 2011


so the other day i read this blog post.

and thought wow.
i wish i could do that. here. right now.
i wish i had that.

then i started thinking about my own "net".
and how i do have that group of women to catch me.

the group of women in my life that have made a huge impact. the women i admire. the women who have shaped me. the women that make me laugh. the women that have let me cry on their shoulders, in their laps, in their cars, on their sofas. the women that have taught me to go for my dreams. the women who encourage me and cheer me on as i go for my crazy dreams. the women who believe in ME. the women who have taught me about faith, persevereance, patience. the women who taught me to how to live a life of joy. the women who stood beside me on my wedding day. the women who are there for me at any hour of the day. the women i enjoy drinking wine with and day dreaming about the future. the women i could talk the day away with.

these women are my net.

and although they don't all live close-- they are always there. no matter the time of day. some of these women are new friends-- some are women i've known since i was born. but all mean a significant amount to me. and i know-- if we all got together in a big circle and talked the night away it would be an amazing night.

i am blessed to know each and everyone of you.

thank you for being my net.

love & peace.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the day has come...

hello. my name is danielle and i'll be your practitioner today?!?!?!
ummmm woah.

the white coat is getting worn tomorrow.
first day of my clinical rotation.
oh. oh. oh. my.

fingers crossed ill be doing a lot of shadowing tomorrow!

love & peace!
nurse practitioner student danielle


its a golashes kinda day.... or is it gollashes? you know what i mean right... rain boots.
its cold out.
and rainy.
thank goodness for homemade mexican tonight :)


im on an intramural basketball team.
we played last night.
it was fun.
sooooo fun.

hopefully going to be a great way to get in shape, meet some people, and have a nice little outlet for a few weeks.

another thing to add to the calendar-- but this one is something i love and will have fun with. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

happy night.

happiness.... x2

after an amazing dinner at a cute local diner ryan and i ventured to a local bakery where we had the most incredible, chocolate peanut butter cheescake.
now time for a movie!
(how to train your dragon)

perfect friday night date.

ps....... my camera (that has been out of commission a while is finally fixed. after a conversation with a canon 'genius' as ill call him. old guy. knew exactly what to do. and over the phone fixed my camera. well actually-- told me my lens is broken. but we did diagnostic stuff and he figured thats the problem. i tried other lens' and wahlah. my camera works now. very happy to have my camera back and working. very mad that a guy tried to fix it 3 weeks ago and lots of money later he was wrong. very wrong.)

love & peace & cheers to pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


my task today after my classes--

put together my calendar for the semester.

(i use google calendar ((which i love))- but had to write it all out before i could put it all in)

blue: primary care class

yellow: pharmacology

pink: clinical

green: work

circled: duke basketball

and then all the other crap....

but after a few hours i have it put together. my tentative schedule for the next 3 months. (including all reading assignments, papers & tests) right now i could tell you where ill be at what time every day until april 27. 14 weeks from today. 14 weeks. thats only 14 days of class. 14. thats so do-able. i suppose its the work that comes along with those 14 class days along with my full time job. oh and 8 hour clinicals each week-- and ::most important:: spending time with my (amazing) husband-- yeah. all that other stuff-- thats what adds up.

oh my.

it was a daunting day. but i know i can do it. 14 weeks. one day at a time. with a supportive husband at my side- and a group of cheerleaders at home cheering me on--

i can.

get ready. get set. GO!

:) bort

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


my amazing husband--
made homemade pizza for dinner.
and by homemade i mean like from scratch dough.
that he made.
then made all the toppings.

oh oh oh my.
it was sooooo good.

im a lucky lady.

off to drink hot chocolate and enjoy the last night of freedom.
school starts tomorrow!
:) love & peace

oh the weekend--

my last weekend of freedom was wonderful.
so so so wonderful.

we enjoyed every moment of it.
we ate a lot of good food.
found reallllly cool eclectic record shops around town.
played some disc golf at a local park.
had delicious hot chocolate/coffee.
went to a little duke basketball.
went to cool local book stores.
shopped at the mall.
watched movies.
relaxed by the fire.
ate some more gooood food.
hung out with friends.
made some bread.
spent time together- just me & my sweet hubby.

it was so so so good.
a weekend to just breathe and enjoy and not worry about a thing.

sadly my 4 days of glory are over--
back to work.
but feeling refreshed and staying positive.
then school starts back tomorrow!
let the craziness begin.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

our favorite weekend project... making bread.

Friday, January 14, 2011

this is how we role...

we savor.
we enjoy. we laugh. we talk. we listen.

after being inspired by sara-- ryan and i decided to make some homemade lasagna....

it was delicious.

lasagna. wine. and a little record playin' action...
it was a delightful dinner.

we enjoyed every last bite.

happy weekend to you all.


friday morning.
in my pjs.
TLC on the tv.
thoughts of shopping in my head.
nothing on the agenda to do.

mmmm good day.
im thrilled.
after a horrible day yesterday-- im ready for a break.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

.... 4 days

after today's day of work....
i get four long wonderful days off.
i am so excited.
4 days of hanging out with my husband, cooking, shopping, errand running, relaxing, duke basketball, game playing, and maybe a last minute trip somewhere.
oh the possibilities are endless.

but first... i must get through today.
12 long hours of work.

peace & love

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow day!

lets make that snow day :(

snow day(s) 2011 have been a major let down.
#1 there is a mere .5 inch on the ground- its all nasty slippery ice.
#2 i still have to work. no matter what my job goes on. they will come get you at your house to ensure you are at work. so no extra vacation or sweet time for my hubby

i did have a nice drive home last night... i got to leave at 930 due to the lack of patients... on my slippery way home i drove through the snow ((which i will say was so so pretty falling-- i love falling snow. love it. it just gracefully drifts through the air. its mezmerizing i tell you.)) anyway. back to the drive. i basically slid my way down 85 last night-- pretty crazy. the snow was covering the highway and so you couldn't see any lines! ya just kinda guessed and drove.

i made it home safely. rested up and headed out today. luckily they treat and plow the roads here so its not so bad. but tonight... there will be ice.... and ill have to drive home in it. ekk.

only 2 more days of work ((i worked extra this week)) before me and ry's last free weekend before school kicks in for both of us. maybe a last minute beach trip? or a drive somewhere else? who knows.... maybe we will stay home and relax.

hope you are all enjoying the weather wherever you are--
love & peace

Sunday, January 9, 2011

my view right now.... front row. feet on the court. duke v maryland. crazzzy lucky.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

lovely friday night... a great book. cozy fire. my hubby by my side.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


for some reason my new blog makes me want to write more.
i feel like i should have awesome cool things to say.
but ive got nothing.
oh. i am reading an excellent book. little bee.
granted: im only at page 22.
but woah. i can't put it down.

welp. nothing else to say.
oh well. ill work on something inspiring for later.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

hello again.

why hello friends and family.
i know i have been out for a while- ive been slightly busy.

let's see-- the best friend got married in south florida.

ryan & i road tripped it from durham to savannah- then to south florida THEN all the way back to durham ((all the way on i-95)) painful!

i worked on sunday

and have spent the past two days 'catching up'.
paying bills. doing laundry. running a million errands. cleaning well my amazing husband has done most of this). making a gift for a friend. buying school books. making work schedule/CLINICAL schedule. man- its been a very productive two days!

tonight ryan and i are going on a date.
dinner. then going to a really awesome music store (on the hunt for records). then my favorite store (Morgan's Imports). and finally a delicious dessert shop.

we are slowly getting back into the swing of 'real life' although- a week in florida with 75* weather and fun with our friends was soooo amazing.

love & peace & happy new year to you all!
:) bort

Monday, January 3, 2011

arts & crafts

monday night art project! a record holder for all our new :and previously loved: records!

french onion soup

in honor of the beat friend being in france.... a little homemade french onion soup for dinner!