Friday, January 21, 2011

happy night.

happiness.... x2

after an amazing dinner at a cute local diner ryan and i ventured to a local bakery where we had the most incredible, chocolate peanut butter cheescake.
now time for a movie!
(how to train your dragon)

perfect friday night date.

ps....... my camera (that has been out of commission a while is finally fixed. after a conversation with a canon 'genius' as ill call him. old guy. knew exactly what to do. and over the phone fixed my camera. well actually-- told me my lens is broken. but we did diagnostic stuff and he figured thats the problem. i tried other lens' and wahlah. my camera works now. very happy to have my camera back and working. very mad that a guy tried to fix it 3 weeks ago and lots of money later he was wrong. very wrong.)

love & peace & cheers to pictures coming soon!

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Sara said...

you should tell the guy at the store he was wrong...not that he would give you your money back, but maybe it'd save someone else the same hassle in the future! grrr