Wednesday, January 19, 2011


my task today after my classes--

put together my calendar for the semester.

(i use google calendar ((which i love))- but had to write it all out before i could put it all in)

blue: primary care class

yellow: pharmacology

pink: clinical

green: work

circled: duke basketball

and then all the other crap....

but after a few hours i have it put together. my tentative schedule for the next 3 months. (including all reading assignments, papers & tests) right now i could tell you where ill be at what time every day until april 27. 14 weeks from today. 14 weeks. thats only 14 days of class. 14. thats so do-able. i suppose its the work that comes along with those 14 class days along with my full time job. oh and 8 hour clinicals each week-- and ::most important:: spending time with my (amazing) husband-- yeah. all that other stuff-- thats what adds up.

oh my.

it was a daunting day. but i know i can do it. 14 weeks. one day at a time. with a supportive husband at my side- and a group of cheerleaders at home cheering me on--

i can.

get ready. get set. GO!

:) bort


PSIrwin said...

you totally have cheerleaders! you can absolutely do this - and better yet - excel at it too!
praying for you and the next 14 weeks!

Laura Ann. said...

You can do it!!

Sara said...

You will rock it :)

Laura F. said...

You have cheerleaders all over! You are so amazing! No wonder Ryan fell in love with you! ;)

Katie B said...

You are adorably organized. I'm impressed!