Thursday, December 31, 2009

christmas in review....

instead of doing a year in review... im starting with christmas in review.
...well today.
year in review will come.
enjoy the pics.
from ga. our home in nc. and the obx.

happy new years!
our nye consists of bundled up by the fire watching tv & movies.
love & peace

homemade holly clusters. my fav.

at the parentals.

my cousin.

crazy silly dog.
taken by ryan.

the table all set for christmas dinner...
that was enjoyed by the kids.

@ me & ry's... on christmas eve... our ornaments & advent candles

christmas mornin'


Saturday, December 26, 2009


we (the hubs, MK, & I) ventured to the outer banks on north carolina's coast last night to meet up with the rest of the fam. we arrived around midnight- and had CHRISTMAS!
again! we had a blast!
slept great last night- ten of us in c's sweet house-
and have enjoyed each other's company all day.
we explored a few of the villages around here-
and now just chillin at the house.
we are relaxing and enjoying ourselves for the next several days... and im thrilled.
nothing better than a good book.
the ocean.
and family.

be back to the internet world in a few days....
love & peace
and happiest of holidays to you

Thursday, December 24, 2009

grab some joe

sit back.
this is going to be a long one.
BUT don't scurry away... it will be enjoyable.
full of pictures from the past- videos- thoughts- and my multitude monday built in
(christmas 04)

ill start by mentioning the trip home to ga.
what a trip it was.
after my engine blowing up- i figured all would settle down and christmas would be nice and peaceful.
i was wrong.
my dear great aunt & my mema came up to visit us on friday.
they were staying the night and going to spend "macminn christmas" with us on saturday.
well... my great aunt who is up in her eighties, fell at the hotel.
broke her femur in 3 places & shattered her wrist.
did i mention she was visiting my mema from south florida?
(like even more south than sara)
anyway. the aunt had a very successful surgery, and now is recovering in a rehab hospital in columbus. my mema has moved in with the parentals for the time being...
which has added a lot more excitement around the house
the hopes are for rehab to last a couple weeks and then she will fly home to fl for the remainder of rehab at home.

(christmas 07)

while at home i did enjoy lots of great family time.
we had a blast with the brothers, the cousin, the grandparents, and friends.
i did get to spend a few fun times with aims (one of the besties)
we ate LOTSSS of great food
laughed a lot
and just enjoyed family time

we had our christmas present time on saturday night... around 10:00...
it was loads of fun. ry & i ended up the deal with a sweet TV and loads of goodies.
i really just enjoyed being with my fam.
i do love them SOOO much.
and although we have scuffles, we have the best time together

(christmas 05)

we are blessed immensly that my parents have a car lot in their front yard.
not literally, but its almost there.
they have an 'extra' jeep that we were able to drive back to durham.
it made the long haul back after oodles of traffic throughout ga
without any problems at all.

we are not as attached to it as we are boone, but we are already brainstorming for good female jeep names. (:
we are silly. we know.
we made it back just in time to see glimpses of snow along the highway
AND in our neighborhood.

im dreaming of a white christmas... doubting it will actually happen, but hoping!
and knowing that at least ill have time patches around outside!

(christmas 06)

so. as i finish up this christmas eve blog
i sit and think about how blessed i am.

if i were 12 years old dreaming of what my first christmas eve would be like as a married gal

we have a fire going-
the tree is lit-
the advent candles are burning bright-
cookies have been baked-
holly treats were made-
christmas music is on-
the amazing husband is grilling a feast-
we live in a great house in north carolina-
presents under the tree-
going to a christmas eve service tonight-
this is it.

celebrating the birth of the king-
the birth of our savior-
with my family.
it may be small-
just me & ryan, but it is wonderful.
life is wonderful.

may you have a peaceful, joyful, merry christmas.
enjoy this time with your family. your friends.
the ones that you love.

christmas 08

the following video is actually the drummer of ryans favorite band.
yes. a "screaming" band. but listen to this guy sing and your opinion may change.
he has an amazing voice. and singing one of our favorite songs... little drummer boy.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


here we are.
what an interesting 24 hours it has been.
more like 36 hours.
ryan and i made it safely home, after a long, and well honestly- disastrous drive.
not so much disastrous to us (well our morale)
but to boone- our jeep.
its possible we (maybe i) murdered him.
after an ambulance ride (aka tow) FIFTEEN MILES from home...
boone arrived in the driveway of my parents house.
luckily my brothers have mad car skills...
so after they looked at it- and a few mechanic friends examined him...
it appears boone is in a coma and not waking back up.
its going to take a lot of work to get him back up and going.
a lot.
the gist of it is... the engine ran without oil.
yes. we checked it for oil.
and yes. it appeared to have oil in it.
but no. there was no oil.
there was a leak.
and well we are screwed.
and depressed. and sad.
if you know the macminn's... you know that we have a car lot in our front driveway though....
so while in town we are gratefully driving another family vehicle.
saddddddddd day.
not exactly what i was expecting to come home to.

other than that... all is well in c-town.
the tree is up.
the family is together.
the boys are building a fire right now.
its cold.
and well im very happy to be home.
even though its suppose to SNOW tomorrow in durham....
its good to be home for a few days with the family.

well... that enough for now.
tomorrow is "christmas eve" in our house.
which should be fun and then...
saturday morning christmas!!!
its fun being a week earlier than everyone else. :)

well love & peace

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


i go home tomorrow.
so excited to see my family-
see friends-
enjoy Christmas time at the MacMinn casa
and be off work for a week.

its going to be so fun.
the 8 hour car ride down 85.. not so fun.
but at least i have some to share driving with.

so you kids enjoy the week before christmas.
i will be!


multitude monday
::not done on monday due to work::

-making a person smile and give me a hug at work
-christmas season
-looking forward to christmas eve service at chapel
-looking forward to me & ryans first christmas together
-having cool christmas presents for people
-selling a lot of books on amazon
-chicken nuggets and homemade honey mustard
-going to see my best friend in a few weeks


love. joy. peace.
to you all!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

saturday morning smiles

saturday morning and im on the verge of feeling better.
still sniffly, sneezy, and coughing, but better.

im looking forward to a fun day with the hubs.
shopping for a few more christmas gift items-
going to a local used book store-
hopefully finding a pawn shop to take some old school dvds that we have-
wrapping presents-
being together (WITH NO STRESS!! since school is out)

AND.... celebrating five years of "officially" being together.
so if you didn't know... ry & i met our first day of college.
on "the patio" at our college. after a few months of talking, getting to know each other, and becoming friends on 12.12.04 we made it "official" in became "girlfriend/boyfriend"...
and it all took place on that bench...

anyway... in years past we have celebrated this day by going to the sundial in atlanta; taurus in atlanta (which was awesome, but sadly closed now); a fantastic hidden gem in newnan; and last year, well we kicked it up a notch and flew to new york for a long weekend (: ...might as well right!? now that we have a "REAL anniversary" i believe 12.12 is going to be just a low key out to dinner at a nice place event now. which is fine by me. i have an idea for tonight and im prettttty excited :) anyway. its crazy what can happen in five years.

im so lucky to have such a wonderful man at my side.
he has really made the last five years unbelievable.

off to shower and start the day.
i hope you have a wonderful saturday!

love & peace

*this was our saturday night project*
ry is the snowman with the top hat & im the lil person.
soooo fun and obber sticky!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

::insert sad face::

well 3 days of work are over.
after last night's AWFUL night... the ER was very empty tonight. thank goodness.
last night it was like a 4 hour wait... just so many people.
i suppose the word got out around town-
therefore causing NO ONE to come in today.
which is quite alright with me.

the coworkers were nice to me as well today... just floated around helping people. which was so good since im sickly. the nose is out of control stopped. pressure in the ears. weak. tired. cough.
lovely. not what i wanted for my next 3 days... but ohs well.

hoping some gooood longggg sleep will help.
and doing NOTHING tomorrow...
except a trip to the post office.

3 days off to enjoy with my hubby
2 days of work.
then home sweet home.
im sooooooo excited!!!!

a week later off to the outer banks.

then a couple weeks later its off to the BFFs in FLORIDA!!!

seriously. life is so good.
God is so giving.
His blessings are just poured down upon us.

love. peace. and health to you!
im off to bed....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


not exactly a fan of colds...
and i have a killer one.
pressure in the ears. cough. runny nose. sore throat.
ugh. in capital letters. UGH!

and worse of all.... i have two FULL days of work to go.
no fun at all.

oh well. just counting down the days until home... NEXT WEEK!
i do have quite a bit to do this weekend... but it will be fun since after today ryan is home free!

well... going to lay around until i head into work.
peace out.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

gratitude monday

...on tuesday.

today. yesterday. this past week. im thankful fo...
...our decorated house
... the advent circle of candles in our living room
...being able to purchase gifts for friends and family
...knowing i am going home to georgia in just 8 days
.... knowing i get to spend christmas on the OBX with the snider's
... our new grill (it works greattt)
.... shutterfly (and trust me they are grateful for me too)
... my sweet husband who is so sweet & kind & funny
... gossip girl (shh. dont tell.)
... my hubby will be HALF WAY DONE WITH GRAD SCHOOL tomorrow
... he has 3 weeks off (and im so grateful)
... the cold weather


3 days of work this week
a weekend of fun with ry
2 days of work next week
then home
im thrillllllllllllllled.

love & peace

Monday, December 7, 2009

lost blog can't be found.
is it my computer?
my internet?
or is aob gone forever?

im on a hunt to find it.
in the meantime... im just going to say... my comp SUCKS

Sunday, December 6, 2009

sunday ....

.... working in a little bit so i must be fast....

:: went to an ER christmas party at one of the doctor's houses last night... def fun. good food. and a bottle of wine given to ry & i - def a good night.

::its cold! lows 30. high 50. yay for winter!

:: i reallllllllllly want a white christmas.

:: ry has two finals this week! pray for him. im just counting down until wednesday... his last day!

:: i stated an ebay account last night. i dont know where ive been, but ebay bidding is UBBER FUN.

:: going home to columbus in 2 weeks. :) yayyyyyy

::oh dear. must run.... trying to squeeze in some pancackes before work

happy sunday to you all
love & peace

Friday, December 4, 2009

christmas time

i love christmas time.
it makes me happy and joyful.
time to see family.
share some love.
celebrate Jesus's birth.
just an all around great time of year.
i love the music.
the christmas get togethers.
buying presents for people.
wrapping presents.
baking cookies.
lighting candles.
i just love this time of year.... was also this time of year- five amazing years ago- when ryan and i became
"an item"
right here. on this bench.

im excited about the fun month ahead-
two big long road trips, our first christmas morning together, seeing our families, christmas eve service, holiday parties, and really just being together and enjoying life

enjoy the month ahead.
forget about stress- this should be a happy time of year.
full of fun & excitement.
i mean it is Jesus's birthday and all.
its time to party! :)

love & peace to you all.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ive been away....

and i apologize.

but while ive been gone, ive done a lot.
been quite busy.

i know... ive missed two "mulititude mondays" so ill be making up for that in the following.
instead of a paragraph form "catch up" on life... im simply going to post from my journal.
pictures & thankful journal entries.

so my apologies for disappearing for a week...
ill try not to do that again.
hope this december day finds you all well.
much love & peace

131. my sweet husbands 24th birthday
133. cookie cake
136. having friends to go out with and celebrate at a fabulous local spot

142. duke basketball game. always grateful.

143. a surprise overnight trip to raleigh
144. a big comfy hotel bed
145. sharing the previous mentioned bed with my hubby
149. downtown raleigh (cool view from our sweet hotel room)

...i will say (for some reason) i felt so "scandalous" going back to the hotel after the concert... like i was doing something mischevious... but then i remember. IM MARRIED TO THAT SEXY MAN!

146. going to see ry's fav band!

152. roadtrip to grandma sniders!
154 & 155. sweet potato souffle & green bean casserole
157. talking around the family dinner table, long after the meal has been eaten...
158. twilight (yes. the movie)

sorry no pics. strange! i know. i didn't take a picture.

166. mexican lunch with the dear MK :)
168. a new grill for ry's bday (thanks snider parentals!)
169. good food grilled on said grill.

167. christmas tree shopping
171. decorating the tree

172. decorating our house
175. shopping for presents

(the final product... not to shabby for the first snider christmas tree)

and currently thankful for...

176. a new month
179. coffee shop study dates (ry studies/ i blog)
181. good christmas music
182. vanilla latte

love. peace. happiness.