Friday, December 4, 2009

christmas time

i love christmas time.
it makes me happy and joyful.
time to see family.
share some love.
celebrate Jesus's birth.
just an all around great time of year.
i love the music.
the christmas get togethers.
buying presents for people.
wrapping presents.
baking cookies.
lighting candles.
i just love this time of year.... was also this time of year- five amazing years ago- when ryan and i became
"an item"
right here. on this bench.

im excited about the fun month ahead-
two big long road trips, our first christmas morning together, seeing our families, christmas eve service, holiday parties, and really just being together and enjoying life

enjoy the month ahead.
forget about stress- this should be a happy time of year.
full of fun & excitement.
i mean it is Jesus's birthday and all.
its time to party! :)

love & peace to you all.

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