Wednesday, October 29, 2008


"when someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required."
luke 12.48

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

faithfulness & pumpkins

our friends at the reliable : free dictionary . com say faith is this: 

faith  (fth)
1. Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.
2. Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. See Synonyms at belieftrust.
3. Loyalty to a person or thing; allegiance: keeping faith with one's supporters.
4. often Faith Christianity The theological virtue defined as secure belief in God and a trusting acceptance of God's will.
5. The body of dogma of a religion: the Muslim faith.
6. A set of principles or beliefs.

Our friend Paul (i think?!? gosh... dad's a preacher and bf is in div school... i should know this... but i im not 100% on this one....) anyway. our friends in Hebrews say 

Faith is: 
 1Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

The latter is my favorite definition of the word. 

Anyway. Faith is a word i like a lot. OK... lots of people like it. but God is so faithful to me (and us all really) . He always has been- and always will be. i wear a bracelet on my left arm (since the summer of 06) that simply says FAITH. it reminds me everyday to keep my faith in the Lord. really. it does. i love my bracelet. and i love that word. that simple word is so powerful and mighty. and just one of my favs. 

anyway. God IS faithful. he has answered my cry- and plea- (really. it was a plea). and.... drum roll.... 
i am working DAY SHIFT!!!!!!!!!!!
no nights for me!!! i mean. i have not even started nights- but pure dread at the thought has put me in a rotten mood at times and a truly scared mood. God knows what I can handle- and I feel like He knows how rotten of a person I would be if I were working nights.   

So yes. we can all praise Jesus and be happy... bc He answered my prayers. i mean i feel so silly (and selfish)- there are so many terrible things in the world and ive been praying for my work schedule. other things too... but still. my work schedule. either way- GOD has answered my prayers and been faithful to me- yet again. 

my faithfulness in Him just continues to grow

like a pumpkin

haha. what a segway. 
i wanted to top off the post with some pictures from the pumpkin patch we went to last night. 
before i begin those... some pumpkins do grow HUGE. ry and i were watching a show just the other night about the world's biggest pumpkins. Biggest one yet was like 1,670 pounds. yes one thousand. sooo crazy. 

we didn't get any that big... but we did get some big ones, small ones, and i got a white one! we had a blast picking pumpkins in the FRIGID cold (its in the 30's here) then we carved them and drank some stellar homemade (by sir justin) apple cidar... mmm so good. and soo fun. 

enjoy the pics!

(this is the whole gang)

can you guess what they are?

the one on the Left is Ry's... 
the joker: why so serious?!!?... 

the one on the Right is mine... 
not so sure what he is. kinda looks like a sailor to me... 

well after writing a monologue tonight- im back to enjoying my hot cider, reading blogs, and relaxing in bed... 

love and peace-

Sunday, October 26, 2008


let me recap my day. 

1. went to duke chapel: 

granted its no LaGrange College chapel
and they def dont have as cool as a pastor as Alvin...

but good grief what a service it is. If you have been you understand. Think of what you would consider "high church". very formal. very serious. very traditional. very everything like that. if you can think of that... you are thinking of duke chapel. its an hour and a half of a beautiful service of incredible music (the choir is like 100folks), always a fabulous sermon, and such a different experience than the previous week. i can't describe it- but luckily ryan and i both love it. its a nice change from the good old UMC church (that i do also love). anyway going to duke chapel for church is unlike anything else in the world- and we figure we dont have our whole lives to go there- so might as well go while we can. 

ok enough about that. if you come on a sunday we will take you. you may or may not like it. we love it. so yeah... its cool. anywayyyyy

after church ry worked out. i sat on a random bench and read. it was spectacular. the weather was perfect. gorgeous blue sky. breeze. mmm. so good. 

next we went to eat at noodles and company. mmm. talk about some good noodles... basically you go in and pick your noodle type- the sauce- then add some meat... and you are in for a delicious treat. 

afterwards we went to the div school library for ry to do things... 

finally we headed home and parted our ways... 

i hung out with some great friends tonight... then went over to ry's to watch a movie. a horrible one at that. "the strangers" is the title. enough said. but really. its awful. its scary. made me yell. made me say a bad word. yes. it made me. AND its just a sucky movie. like weird. and strange. and crappy. so yeah. i dont recommend it. 

(i will say it was super fun to cuddle up next to ryan and be really scared and silly and bury my head in his chest. it was a lot of fun really... haha) 

so after watching an episode of "paris hiltons new bff" -also dont recommend UNLESS you need something to get your mind off scary things.... - i headed home and am seated here now. typing away. about to turn on the tele and head to bed. 

i have my list of things to do tomorrow sititng on my desk. 
we shall see what i accomplish. 

:) love and peace....

Saturday, October 25, 2008


so. i have come to the conclusion that nature is my thing. its truly how i experience God.
simply looking at and pondering the colors of the fall trees makes me really ponder the intricacy of God. Its so amazing to me that leaves change colors and paint a beautiful picture. 
I am so blessed to drive around and see this first hand. All of the leaves here are beautiful. So much color and so different. Every tree is one of a kind- and fits so wonderfully with the one beside it. I truly am in awe of the beauty of the Lord in this world he has created. 

This makes me think of the verses in Matthew: 

 25"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 

so yeah. im not worrying... because its so true. if the Lord is doing this with the trees... He can do lots with me. and He will. so there is my sermon of the week. ha.... enjoy the pictures of the amazing creation of the Lord. 

really!?! yeah. its gorgeous.
(no i didn't go there. i googled it)

(also a GORGEOUS googled image)

this is for real though. mmm
so powerful and beautiful. and BIG.

oh trees. and a windy road. 
this makes me think of my life. 

and of course the ocean. this was from sb08! 
in west palm beach fl. 
a place called blowing rock. 
yeah. its gorgeous. 

im a sucker for a good sunset... 
and this one... over the mountains... come on. 
its like a kiss goodnight from God. 

the sun rise and sun set is another thing i ponder a lot. 
but ill leave that for another day. 
i just love thinking about the sun disappearing from our sight- but is visible across the globe- and in just a few hours it will rise again. 

i dunno. 
it gets me though. 
the mechanics of the world... they leave me in awe. 

peace and love from a girl in thought... 

scattered saturday

i just uploaded this to my comp...

the best copeland song there is.
its called california. this is the last part.
where they just jam out.
everyone sings loudly.
its a uniting experience for all involved.

my saturday is so scattered and lazy. its wonderful.
right now my window is open.
a nice breeze is blowin in my room...
and i can hear the rain splattering outside.
talk about relaxing holy cow.

my plans for the rest of the day...
i should clean. go grocery shopping. hang things on my wall. organize.

but no thanks.
i think ill continue to lay around and be lazy.
its way more fun.

Friday, October 24, 2008

no picture.

sadly... i have no picture for this post.
i kinda wish i had a picture for every post.
i will try to make that a goal.

next sadly... its a friday night at 10. i dont work tomorrow. and im home. in my PJ's. one hand i wish i was out doing something.... other hand. its realllLLLy nice. i have on notting hill. fabulous movie from 1999... back in the day i was not allowed to watch movies. (thanks mom and dad)

its true. i wasn't allowed to watch movies until college. i mean G and SOME PG. occasionally i got to watch a PG13 ONLY IF mom and dad had seen it. of course... like every kid in America I snuck in movies that were pg13 and i def watched a couple R movies at my friends house (joelle miller to be exact- who's dad was a pastor also and happened to be great friends with my dad...hahah) . thats when i was in my "crazy" days. yeah i was wild. i know...

anyway that was a side note about my younger days.
anyway im reading a book right now dad recommended... "the shack" i believe its like a modern day pilgrims' progress. ive only read the "forward" but what a forward it was. def drew me in!!!

but i will say im a sucker for starting one book... and then stopping and starting another book. if it doesn't suck me in ill stop reading it. OR if i find another book that looks reallllly good ill just stop reading the 1st to read the second. example. right now im technically reading three books...
1. harry potter book 5
2. the heart is a lonely hunter (thats after i read margaret's blog)
3. the shack (thanks to dad)

i think the plan is to finish the shack. finish the heart. finish harry. then start a new one. maybe just maybe ill stick to one for a while.

work was good today.
dinner was fun. ry and i explored out and went to "china palace" this hole in the wall sketch place that we pass every single day. its always full of cars- but looks sketch on the outside. today we decided to go.
it was delicious. pretty authentic chinese if you ask me. my reasoning is bc ive never heard of most of the things on the menu.

anyway. im looking forward to the next 3 days of rest. no work until TUESDAY!

hip hip HOORAY!

peace and love.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

not the best day. not even close.

for some reason today sucked.
probably for many reasons.
#1- first day back on the floor after EIGHT days away. (i was home for 6 but 2 other days i was working in different areas)
#2- i was quite sleepy.
#3- i was just really discouraged all day
#4- i felt dumb multiple times
#5- i miss playing all day at home
#6- my boss told me im going to nights in two weeks. (UGH... biggest UGH of the day)

so yeah. im not too sure how this is going to go. i mean i want to be positive. sara did a phenomenal job of encouraging me and thinking of positive things about working nights... such as-
#1. i may actually be able to see ryan more since i will be free in the afternoons and evenings.
#2. it will be WAY less stressful
#3. i will probably be able to blog and be on facebook all night long since the nights im not workin but have to stay up late.. ill have nothing else to do... so yeah. late night blogging is prob in my future.

anyway it should be an interesting transition.

also i want to write a book. gosh i think i could write a book of this first year as a nurse.
im off to watch greys anatomy ( a show i do not like really. too much sex. its ridiculous. ) but i kinda want to watch a hospital/doctor show just to laugh at how unrealistic and crazy it is. really. a hospital is not like this at all. people do not look that good for one. haha... but all the drama involved. woah. its crazy.

ok. im out. off to rest. sleep. read.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

back to reality...

today was the first day back here (after 6 long amazing days off):
it was a good day. i was with the IV team so thats what i did all day long.
im ready to be back on my floor though.
tomorrow im back for 12 more hours and then friday i get to go 12 more!
i mean. at least the pay is good. annnnnd i did just get SIX days off...

at least when i get home at the end of the day... this is my view:

but i do already miss these guys:
(a lot more than they probably know)

and i miss these two little boys too...
they give good hugs.
and are so good to their big sister...
at least now. not so much when we were 10 and under.

but since i am back... i get to cuddle up with this guy. :)
he made me a frozen pizza tonight for when i got off work.
i can't tell you how good it was.

talk about being good to me... man this guy is the best.
he treats me like a princess...
i love him lots.

off to bed
much love and peace.

end note: i would like to add there are many more people i miss tremendously and i wish they would move to durham. such as sara foshee and paula irwin. ok. thats the end.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

where to begin...

so let me start off with yesterday.
sara and i went on an amazing adventure to pine mountain.
the following are some pictures from the trip.
we had a blast being silly- rolling the windows down- blaring the music- singing at the top of our lungs- driving all over- going in random stores- and just being care free.
hope you have fun looking at our pictures...

(this is prob one of my favorite pictures of myself ever... im just so truly happy!)

::this is the gas station/ restaurant (as i like to refer to it) in pine mt. make look crazy on the outside- but inside it has THE BEST food! really. its soooooo good::

so im back in nc- missing ga already.
ryan and i went to a concert tonight (copeland)
they are one of my favorite bands of all time... and thier show tonight was fantabulous.
really. it was so good.
and it was soooo good to be back with ryan.
ive missed him a TON the past few days.
it was quite strange being in LaGrange without him!

good news. the drive from lagrange only takes SEVEN hours! with 1 stop.
yeah. it was painfully boring, long, dull drive- but its over with.
and im back safe and sound in north carolina.

to all the people i saw, spent time with, laughed with, got to talk to, or even just got a hug from- thanks. i am SO grateful for you. i had a wonderful 5 days at home. I love you all so very much and look forward to my next adventure home. really. im already thinking about it.
hopefully this next time ryan will be with me.

so off to bed- reality strikes tomorrow at 8am... when its back to work for me!
somehow i lucked out and dont have to be at work until 9:00 tomorrow!!
its a 9-5 day for me!

until tomorrow.
love and peace.

the open road...

ive had my mountain dew.
sara has made me a cd.
sara also made me some cider.
the car is packed.

and im hittin the open road to nc.

goodbye home... ill be back again soon.

Monday, October 20, 2008


i do it so much when around my good friends.
i just spent an hour laughing my face off with allison and brianna.
we spent time in the caf- eating and laughing.
then ventured to their dorm room and laughed a lot more.
took goofy pics. just hung out. it was so great.

im having a blast being here. catching up. hanging out. acting like life is just as it was 6 months ago...

next up on the agenda:
-hang out with little ones.
-go to pine mountain
- hang out more in lagrange
- have a fun night hanging out with friends
-stay up reallllly late
- and then tomorrow will bring the dreaded drive back to north carolina

now im not dreading getting back. ryan is there waiting for me! :) but im dreading the 8hours in a car and the fact my girl friends aren't coming with me.
i will have a new room mate when i get back- which that part is really exciting

anyway off to galavant around lagrange. :)

love and peace

Sunday, October 19, 2008


The MacMinn's
::extended edition!::
from L-R: Brother Rich, Britnia, Corrie, Andrew, Mom, Cousin Ashley (in front), Kelsey, Me, Brother Ben, Dad
our trip to china!
(or the front of the awesome chinese restaurant)
brothers, me, mom

the who?!? I am a what?!!

alumni. yikes.

the magical silver shoes.

did i mention i was SUNBURNT!

this is a new family dog. "meeko". name that movie...
also it was cute. he has this navy little hoodie.. and i had a navy hoodie...
it was real cute. except for my face.
woahhh. it hurts.

fun in the sun

lets just say i had a little too much fun in the sun yesterday. my face... is a red tomato!

i did have fun seeing people and hanging out with friends tailgating before the football game... and finally seeing lagrange college football win! it was great! then i took off to columbus for paulas party... also very very fun. as the night progressed though we realized how badly i was sun burnt! quite a lot. after hanging out with lots of people, eating lots of bar-b-que, drinking lots (of sweet tea!) and looking at tons of pics i headed home and hopped in bed. slept from 10:45 until 9:00 this morning!! good grief. i think it was the sun that knocked me out!!

today i went to church with the 11 other people in my "new" family. and then... we did our sunday lunch at chef lee's. this fantastic chinese place here in town. no really. its fabulous. ranked in the top 10 best "fine chinese dining" places in the country. so its amazing food. a reallllly cool building/atmosphere.

afterwards all 11 of us took pictures. if you didn't know my family was so big- it is. well not always. but it is now. mom and dad have taken in 2 girls who are both over 18- but needed a home. and we are keeping my 10yr old cousin. so its madness (but lots of fun) in our house!!

anyway im here for a few more hours then back to lagrange...

here are some pics from the adventure yesterday. ill post much more later.

the lovely sara and i

fabulous friends...

Friday, October 17, 2008


its late.
it was a FABULOUS day.
tomorrow will be even better i am sure.... but i wont see ahearn. so it just wont be the same. gosh i love that man!
anyway. it was wonderful.
tomorrow is the actual "homecoming" and paulas "wedding" party.

two exciting things.
off to bed with my sayrah.
much love.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

high atop that lofty hilltop...

is where i am tonight.

its so nice to be home. really. other than my physical house in ctown with mom and pops there is no place in the world that i feel as home as i do here. here is lagrange for those of you who dont recognize that amazing line from our alma mater. anyway today i drove around campus- stood before the new library that is enormous. wow. its beautiful. i went to the tennis practice first to see sara and luckily matt and chuck were there so i was able to chat with them. i went to the caf- which is still the same old caf. (which i miss). and then ventured over to mama katie and papa nate's house for some good catch up time. these two are a lovely married couple who were like my big bro and sis as a little freshman. i looked up to them so much. loved them to death. and admired them so much! ...well time hasnt changed any of that... i still admire them, love them, look up to them.... all those great things. so it was so nice to go and catch up and just be with them. i really feel like im home with my family.

tomorrow im making my rounds on the hill- swinging by offices of the deans, some professors, and hopefully ill see them and catch up. the afternoon is going to be an adventure to columbus with sara to see the fam- go shopping- have a good dinner... then back to lagrange for a good old friday night of fun.

can you feel the excitiment? i mean im home. and it feels so good. and im so happy... the only thing better would be if ry were here. that would make it tons better. but he is working hard in savannah. knocking out loads of reading and writing a killer paper and some others ones. power to him. he is so self motivated and smart and i just love him!

if you are in lagrange and want to see me (I WANT TO SEE YOU!!!!) unless you are a weird creap-o. call me up! :) ill be here until tuesday!!

much love and peace

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

in the homeland.

to begin... the pics were made on photofunia. super easy. and they turn out super cool.

next let me tell you about my spontaneous life, that i love.
so today i got off work at 1.30... called rhino (who is at home in savannah) suggested, why dont you just come on down here today... then head to lagrange tom. not only do you get to see me- but it will cut your trip in half. so i thought and said, sure!

so currently i am in savannah georgia!
yeahHHH!! in the homeland! :)

and im so happy to be here. sitting here with ry and his mom watching (and laughing) at obama and mccain. i mean sometimes laughter is the best thing. really. what else can you do at some of things said, by both men. i will not have a political post. and i am not saying i am laughing necessarily AT the men, but at some of the things said- and then after some comments (not even bad ones) ry will reinacte them or restate them mimicking the way they say certain words and gosh its so funny. ok the end.

so tomorrow im heading to LAGRANGE baby!
im super excited to see friends. really. super excited.
it will be a fun day and a fun weekend.
and i am so excited that it got started a day early!

so off to hanging out with ry and ms robin.

love and peace from your ga peach!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

woah- distracted.

well... maybe not distracted since im not in school- i have nothing to be distracted from... so anyway. i just found this AWESOME website... and just had tons of fun making these fabulously fun pics... so enjoy!


when i wake up in the morning for work (5:45 if im lucky; most days its 6)- its dark.
i noticed when i walk about to my car in the morning... i can see the stars twinkle.
when i get to work (6:57 most days) the sun is just barely peering through the sky.

at 7:25 (on good days) when i get off work... its dark.
sun has set. its chilly. and well yeah- its dark.

ive come to feel like a prisoner to the hospital.
i can see the sun out the window... but i can't go out to it.
so sad. ive also noticed that when i look out windows and see the sun- my eyes kinda hurt.
the uv rays burn the pupils.

LUCKILY! im only a prisoner 3 days a week.
so im done writing about darkness.
but here is a pic i took with my phone on the way home tonight as i was pondering the darkness...

i was surprised today to find out i work tomorrow until 3:30!
so yay. ill see the sun tomorrow! :)

and then ill see the sun for 8 hours straight as i drive to lagrange on thursday!

can't wait to see you all then.
love and peace
-a sunless nurse-

Monday, October 13, 2008

mouse problems

so. my bad. i had total intentions on blogging about my room last night... but then my computer mouse broke. yeah... no little crawly mice running around. no no. my mouse to my laptop (which is not even a mouse; its just one of those flat things you drag your finger on) yeah it stopped working last night. i didn't feel like dealing with it... so i slammed the comp shut. today i restarted the comp... and it works.

i moved rooms... and am so glad. i LOVE my new room. its so nice to totally re-decorate and re-orgranize everything... this is the one and only ::crappy:: picture i have AND its from my cell phone. but its my bed. lovely i know. haha

anyway yesterday was fun. ry helped me rearrange. we sat out on my deck for a while and just watched critters... it was so relaxing. then we bought games on my wii. yeah like on it. its so awesome. for 5 bucks you can buy the original nintendo games online and play them on the wii. so fun! :)

today was a great day... i mean i worked 12.5 LONG hours... but had 2 of the best patients/families i have EVER had. one was a 98 year old woman- who was remarkable. the other guy was this man from egypt who married a lady from greece and they live in the florida keys (and have for 40 years). such a fun couple... and so funny!

so yeah... back to the grind tomorrow... so im off to bed.

12 hours tomorrow.
12 hours wednesday.
THEN... 8 hour drive to LAGRANGE!!!!!!

excited you ask? oh buddy. i can't describe. all i know is that ill prob cry a lot. laugh a lot. not want to leave. have tons of fun. and do lots of silly adventurous things. :)

for now... here is verse i read tonight.... which is so applicable to my life... and something to think about constantly... "be wise in the way you act with people who are not believers. let your conversations be gracious and attractive... col 4.5-6"

much love and peace.
see you very very soon!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

early morning doubts...

well. i was up at 7 to see chels off...
it was tearful.

after a good hearty "pancake and sausage on a stick" for breakfast
i began the task of moving ALL OF MY GARBAGE i mean CRAP i mean STUFF i mean TREASURES I HAVE COLLECTED OVER MY 22 YEARS OF LIFE...

ive only been going for like an hour... but im doubting this idea to move.
i know... everyone was thinking why would you do that? why move all your stuff out of its pleasant spot in your current bedroom... to another room. really. why.

now i am beginning to ask the same question. i mean im excited to move and change. i LOVE doing that. when i was a kid i would rearrange my room ALL THE TIME... but now that i have LOTS of furniture and it is nestled into its little home... im thinking its not going to fit right in the new room.

i will persevere though. well after church. after getting not much accomplished its time to shower and head to church... then back to work i go.

ill keep you updated on the progress... and if all works out... ill have pics soon.

Friday, October 10, 2008

success X 2.

before i begin my success story. i must clarify something. the test ry dominated was "easier" and it wasn't his "big hard jw midterm". and he did well on it. dont tell people his actual grade if you found out. shh. its a secret. his overly excited girlfriend shouldn't actually share #'s. just that he did well. or something. anyway. thats that. ok success story #1.

1. my car isn't totally done-zo. i just neeeded a new battery. thankfully it was just that. back in may- when we bought the car little bro told me thta the battery would need replacing sometime. he was right. but luckily its just that and ill be cruisin down to ga with no prob in a mere FIVE or so DAYS!!!

2. we have a roommate. 100% sure. and she is fabulous! far anyway... haha. jk. unless she is totally 2 sided and has a whole other side i havne't seen (or seen on facebook) then its going to be great. im really happy it has worked out bc man oh man i was nervous!

the roomie moves out sunday! her parents and the moving truck will be here tomorrow. so crazy. its quite sad. we are going out for a big dinner tonight- which is exciting, but still im sad to see her go! luckily ill see her again- since she is going to savannah- but itll be different around here!

oh and since she is moving out- im moving in to her big room. i know. its going to be a lot of work- and i could be nice and let the new girl have the big room- but i really want it. its dark with only one window- which will be imp. when i start working nights. has a great view of the woods (my current view is of the neighbors and some trees, and its much bigger. so yeah. ill post some pics when i get moved iN!

much love and peace-

Thursday, October 9, 2008

a ride in a tow truck...

so yeah. it wasn't a dream. my car actually broke down last night.

so my roomie #1 got me home last night... and I joined AAA so I had to get back to my car this morning for them to tow me. since ry has school and everyone else works...
i was in a little conundrum.
(is that even the proper use of that word? i dunno. sounds good)
so after thinking about it... my car was only 2 miles or so from the house...
i rode roommate #2's bike to my car. woahhhhh. what a work out! i was def sweating after it. (even thought its only 50* outside!) it was good though the sky was cloudy. the trees are great. it was a ride through the trails in my neighborhood.
simply lovely really.

the car. and the bike.

me a little skeptical of what is to come...

the -suby on the tow truck!

so after my su-beee was loaded up. i hopped on board and headed to the AAA car shop. kinda random. a little scary- but i had no choice! haha. i just had to step up and ride with bubba.

so i didn't actually catch his name, but if i had to pick one... it would be bubba dave. and im only picking dave bc his tow truck was called "dave's towing" he looked more like a leroy.

anyway i rode over to the shop. told them my car was "clicking". they said they'd do a diagnostic and call me. i said.... they should prob call my dad. we will see what they say.

then i loaded up in the AAA car and this nice guy took me home. yeah.

talk about service. i have been a member for 12 hours and they are shuttling me around town!

ill keep you posted.

good news... ryan dominated on john wesley midterm #1. and i am sure he dominated his other one. gosh. that kid is so smart! i love it about him. his smartness. his passion for learning. and for john. so attractive.

ok well back to watching across the universe (one of my fav movies!) and enjoying this unplanned day off work!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

triple A.

so. talk about being a grown up.
i had a quite HUGE grown up moment today.
good grief. i thought i had enough for this week... but nope. God wanted to squeeze one more in.

so im sitting at a redlight talking to my FUTURE NEW ROOMIE HEATHER! ::yeah the good awesome fabulous one:: anyway. back to the red light. so its red. and my car stalled. its a stick. and i stall about 4Xs a week. im still just learning. but i get lazy and take my foot off the clutch. or dont do something perfect and it stalls. anyway. back to the red light.

its RED.
i stall.
I tell heather hang on.
my car does not start back.
i tell heather im going to have to go.
my car does not start.
still no starting.
hmmm. i think..... what do i do.

::let me throw in i am at a pretty hefty size intersection::
say i were in lagrange: comparable to the one on the corner of the catholic church and hwy 27.
say i were in columbus: the one on the corner of whittlesey and whitesville.
if you are here in durham i was at the corner of garrett and hope valley

so im stalled out. car wont start. its dark (bc i get off so dang late)
i think maybe i can put it in neutral and roll it myself to that bank across the way...
i take my foot off the break and realize immediately. nope. not going to happen.

let me admit i now had a moment of tears and then i realized. no danielle. you can't cry. no need. that wont accomplish anything. mom and dad aren't here to come and fix it. so grow up quick and do something.

so i pull up that emergency break. and called 911. wouldn't that be the most logical thing to do? yes. i thought so. ...and think it was... granted they never came. but thats beside the point.

next on list to call was the roomie chels (i was only 2 miles from home!)
so she gets there quick. and is laughing... bc really. you have to laugh. what else do you do! laughter is way better than crying or freaking out.

so we are standing there. 2 girls on a street corner. looking at my car in the turn lane. its flashers on. thinking hmm. what to do. at this point some young sketch boys drove by and wanted to help. we said no. haha. they were sketch.

a few moments later our dear heroes of the night came along. two grown men. in their 30's. they offered to help and help they did. they pushed the car into a parking lot across the intersection. they looked at the engine. tried to start my car on a pushing start... like in little miss sunshine!! but sadly that didn't work. so they parked it and told me its prob the starter.

the next infamous question... do you have triple A?
no. dang it. i was suppose to get it as soon as i moved out... but i didnt.

its ok though. i signed up tonight... and AAA will come tow me tomorrow! really. soooo hopefully i think things will work out.

i had to call out of work tomorrow... bc i have no way to get my car towed, be at work, then pick up my car... so ill loose a day of work... which sucks- but i suppose things like this happen and you suck it up and deal with it and move on.

so thats what im doing. SO. thanks to chelsea, 2 random guys from the neighborhood, papa macminn for staying in touch and keeping me grounded, and the foshee family for their expertise in AAA I should be good to go.

granted we shall see how tomorrow goes... im riding my other roommates bike to the car so they can tow it to the AAA shop... and then HOPEFULLY the AAA shuttle will pick me up from my house when the car is ready to go. lets cross our fingers.

and lets pray its not too pricey. really. gosh i hope not. i mean i have money in savings for moments like this... but i want money to go on trips and have fun... not pay for my car.

for now i am finally off to bed after a shockingly eventful night.

::oh and the reason Rhino was left out of all of this... was he has TWO HUGE mid-terms tomorrow. his first ones of div school! scary!! so i didn't want to bother him. granted he knows now, but at the time... he didn't need to stress!::

love and peace from a tired car-less nurse

Monday, October 6, 2008


lets take it back... oh about 4 years.

my how we have changed...

man oh man i love that guy!!
more and more everyday.

today was just an ordinary day.
i felt like such a homemaker/wife/mom/something...
i went to the gym (which was full of young moms and their kids running around the little daycare room)
then went to harris teeter to stock up on groceries for me and ry
came home and read a book.
grabbed some coffee at a coffee shop.
then cooked dinner.
had a wonderful time with ry as we ate dinner on my back deck.
did some laundry.
packed my lunch.
now im off to read and then bed because i work tomorrow.

really- have i already grown up!?!
what happened to those college days of studying late, not even thinking about going to the gym, grocery shopping consisted of buying junk food at walmart, and cooking dinner was reserved for special occasions!
man oh man... how life changes in just 6 months!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

the "try-outs"

sorry i have been away for a few days.
no real reason... except for maybe the fact i worked 42hours last week.
im not used to that business.
so basically i came home everyday and was exhausted.

anyway. this weekend we held (as ry likes to refer to it) "try-outs" for the new roomie.

oh right. i haven't mentioned that yet. one of my roomies... the one i am good friends with from savannah... is moving back home. yeahhhh. interesting i know. its fabulous for her... she has gotten a HUGE promotion in the suntrust world of banking- so we are excited about this new venture for her- but pretty bummed to loose a fabulous roommate! comment about loosing the loud, obnoxious, barking dog.

anyway. chels put up a posting on craigs list helping us look for a roommate. luckily we have had a GREAT response. from 38 year olds to 25year old guys... weve had everything... but we settled on two girls and invited them over. this one girl in particular was so fabulous! talkative, clean, a preacher's kid (like myself), is going to grad school next year to be a P.A. and just seems great... so we are crossing her fingers she will be 'the one".

hopefully we will know within the next 24hours! cross your fingers!
chels moves out this upcmoing weekend!! so we need a roomie quick!

hm. other weekend shinaningans... oh i saw "nights in rodanthe" with ry. we had such a wonderful dinner date! a little mexican food- went and looked at pets and petco- then went to the movie. which i will add... we were the youngest people in there. it was so precious... lots of old couples. like grandparent age. so sweet... then there were some in there 30's and then us.
i thought it was another great nicholas sparks movie... ryan- not so much. but thats ok. it was so sweet of him to go with me!!

saturday was filled with the try-outs

and then today... guess what. i went to church!
wahHOOO finally a sunday off of work.
it was nice to be in church. i mean always is. especially the church we went to.
makes me think of our church in lagrange... (alvin's). well 1. the pastor kinda looks like alvin. and 2. the people are SO welcoming. i mean the guy at the door said "come on in and make yourself at home". how wonderful is that.

so yeah... it was nice to be at home in a good old methodist church.

speaking of home... and lagrange... ill be there in TWO weeks!! yipeeee!! actually about 1.5 weeks. gosh im so excited... totally dreading driving 8/9 hours by myself- but it will be good. i might go buy a book on tape or something. anyway im about to head out to do some fun sunday night evenign things such as dinner with friends... and THEN ANOTHER MOVIE with ry!! :)


love and peace from durham-