Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1 hour... i lied. actually just changed my mind.
came into work an hour early. and actually got both things (that were suppose to take 1 hour each) done in ONE hour! so yayyy.

i reallllly wish i were: in pine mountain. in my chacos. with my feet propped up. chillin with my best friend. (see center pic above)


in the woods. near the lake. playing. with my husband. and our friends. (see pic of my and hubby above)


just at home. on the back porch. taking care of my sick husband. :( he is a puker today... and im at work. i wish i could take care of him! bummer. :( hopefully he feels better soon!!

peace & love


i realized... i have to go into work 2 hours early today... for some "yearly training stuff"
that means 14 hours at work today.
gooood gracious.
goood thing i slept like 10 hours last night. :)

only one more day of work (tomorrow) then im off for a mini-vacation!!
U2 concert saturday night.
outer banks trip sunday-wednesday!!!
soooooo excited.

in other random rants... anyone watch the weather channel other than me?
anyway... its kinda interesting to me... the weather channel does news. like world news. its sorta related to weather... sorta not. interesting. strange. whatev. i like the weather channel. :)
i like weather.
especially the current weather. (:

adios for now.
peace & love

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


now then... if that were a simple arithmetic problem-id be in business.
just reduce the fraction. and all is well.

instead... thats the fraction... to my life.
the last 24 hours... i spent 16 of them working.
at the hospital.
(and no... it wasn't for some crazy pay either)

needless to say... ive been quite the tired one today!
they needed a lil extra help today so i went in... after 6 short hours of sleep!
nothing a little starbucks couldnt' handle.

after work- i somehow managed to go to target & the grocery store. spend too much money. and then come home to my wonderful husband to have a delicious pizza. watch 30Rock. and relax... with the windows/door open.

they are all closed up now... bc yes... its TOO COLD! :)
low tonight in the 40's.
mannnn. its coooool.
i looovee this weather. its my favorite.
especially with the delightful pumpkin spiced candle we have burning.
yummy apple cider.
fall is my favorite!

and finally... my last comment of the day.... ill stop changing my colors/backgrounds/pictures.
i know... im like picture ADD... sorry.
i think this one will do the trick... until its winter.

anyway. love & peace
and happy tuesday

Monday, September 28, 2009

work week

its monday.
first day of my work week.
luckily- unlike the majority of the world out there-
my work week consists of 3 random days.
with varying work hours.
its a very interesting work schedule...
one that is good while im young, but its not one that i want to "settle into for life"
in fact, i like routine.
i like a plan.
i always enjoyed going back to school at the end of summer-
one, because i like school- but also because it was a routine. a schedule.
school 8-3; sports practice 4-6; hw, dinner, bed
now, my life has no routine. there is no schedule. its just random.
and sometimes feels like random chaos.

i suppose this is good if someone out there is trying to "stalk me".
i would say thats next to impossible.

anywho.... this weekend was so nice and good. i loved it! saturday sooo relaxing and fun with mama rob & ry... then yesterday more reading, studying, and relaxing with ry. and then last night we watched a movie

::walk the line::
i loveeeeeed it. ry said its a bit long, and slow at some points, but i really did enjoy it. all of it. in fact when it was over i wanted more! i loved the music, and the storyline... since i had no idea what johnny cash was like. it is def a "rent-er" if you like music (there is lottsss of that) and just seeing the story of a person played out.

anyway... enough ramblings for now.
hope you have a great week doing what you do!

love & peace

Saturday, September 26, 2009

what i love... mom in-law coming up to visit and spend the night :) apple spiced cider

...the back door open with the breeze blowing in through the screen listening to the rain fall through the trees music on my ipod

... on that note: 10$ cds from the mall

...elmo's diner for dinner

what a delightfully wonderful day

looking forward to another good one tomorrow

love & peace


no really. whatever the "time clock" says... unless it says 3:24am its wrong.

im wide awake. ergh.
i mean i did work tonight... but seriously. ive been up since 10AM YESTERDAY. like friday morning. and its now saturday morning.

i find it so strange how life changes you. i mean if you knew me in high school or college you KNOW that danielle sleeps. and danielle goes to bed early. like by midnight. throughout my jr & sr year of college (nursing school) it was a PRIORITY. i quit studying and was in bed by 12 so i could be up around 8-830 for my day. really. and now. look at me. its 3am. and im wide awake. rearing to go.
strannnnge. oh well. hopefully a little benadryl and a few vocab words will knock me out...

work was good.
i reallllllly like what i do. granted, i dont like working 3-3... and id much rather be at home with my hubby... once i get to work... for the most part i realllly like it. i actually feel like (95% of the time) like im helping people. there is that 5% of people who are complete jerks, rude, raise their voice for no reason, and like to make me sad... but whatever. i have to remember the other 95% of ppl that im teaching, helping, laughing with, or crying with. kids are my favorite. tonight i had 2 PRECIOUS kids... with kids its instant gratification as well. at least both the kids tonight. both were quite sick, but once they got a little medicine inside, with some juice, they kicked right up and were laughing and smiling. it was nice. (:

i have the weekend off... wooo :)
mama robin is coming up- which is exciting- except we dont have an extra bed yet! i want a FUTON chair sooooo badly- but the nice one- the one that will last us forever- is like 400$ all togheter (chair, mattress, pad) and well we dont really have that laying around. haha... but soon enough i suppose.

ok. enough rambling. off to try and get some rest.
(: love & peace

Friday, September 25, 2009

time flies

where have the last two days gone?
i know i was very productive... but seriously. i dont feel like 48 hours have passed since i last worked! oh well.
i have gotten a lot accomplished....

studied a lot of words.
cleaned the whole house: vacuumed, scrubbed, put away, washed dishes, washed clothes... done it all.
eaten some good food (tacos & lasagna last night!mmm)
and i have enjoyed being home with ry. :)

one night of work and then a weekend off with ry! and his mom!! :) woooo.

anyway. going to get ready for work and such... but hope you have a super weekend. :) whether you have a dormant weekend, or a halcyon one, or maybe one that is profligate. enjoy!

** i dont have a clue if those words are used in context... but they mean
dormant: inactive, latent
halcyon: calm & peaceful
profligate: recklessly wasteful; wildly extravagant

... all of those coudl describe a weeekend. haha....

ok im out.
love & peace

Thursday, September 24, 2009

good reminder. from a good friend.

Isaiah 40: 25-27
" 'To whom will you compare me? Who is my equal?' asks the Holy One. Look up into the heavens. Who created all the stars? He brings them out like an army, one after another, calling each by its name. Because of His great power and incomparable strength, not a single one is missing. O Jacob, how can you say the Lord does not see your troubles? O Israel, how can you say God ignores your rights?"

thanks to amy beth for that lovely reminder.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

tacos. words. netflix. math.

there's my day... in a snap.
tonight was taco night. mmmm.
we stepped it up a notch this week... added some HOMEMADE guacamole.... sooo delicious.
taco night is my favorite.

this past weekend we signed up for netflix... and probably have our month's monies/money's/ money (?!?) worth already. since there are instant movies and shows online- you can watch stuff anything! and well we have loaded up. :) ry gets to watch his fav shows online... super fast... we get to watch movies... all for 8 bucks. quite nice. and highly recommended. today our first movie cam in. the wrestler. we watched it tonight. veryyyyy interesting. its a documentary style film about a 'pro wrestler' 20 years after he is the IT thing... sad. gloomy. intense. stressful. overall very good. keeps your attention. keeps you antsy. makes your heart break. def a hit. watch out... its a bit gruesome... like i had to close my eyes... and im an ER nurse... just sayin...

ok moving on to the only other part of my day... math & words.
study study study.
its what ive done.
finished up the math (algebra & geometry) section of my book. and am working on reading comprehension and vocabulary.
sounds like im in 9th grade... i know.
its CRAZY! a bit embarrassing. and FRUSTRATING!

and well apparently my last word of the day... according to my dear husband... is "very common. im shocked you didn't know that. i mean its in the Bible" so.... whatever. i guess my vocabulary is just THAT bad. i was like oh my dear heavens ryan. and then i refused to talk to him for one minute. haha....

whatev. since i have not posted (due to my lovely work schedule ) here are a few words randomly choosen from my "400 GRE words YOU should know"...

::penury (n.) extreme want or poverty; destitution::
::mordant (adj.) bitingly sarcastic:: *possibly the favorite of the day*
::nadir (n.) the lowest point::
::glib (adj.) showing little thought, preparation, or concern::

so you may know all 4. maybe not. oh well. those are the words of the day.

anyway... my oh so boring life is back to studying.
so i can wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.
(: yay for 2 days in a row off.
annnnd yay for another upcoming weekend off!

im excited about the possibilities of the coming weekend. :)

love & peace

Sunday, September 20, 2009

the grrrrrrre

its official.
im taking it...
in 50 days to be exact.
i have actually started studying my book.
and its going well.
my problem is....
my vocabulary is awful.
perhaps ill do a word of the day for the next 50 days... just to help increase your vocab as well...

sad the weekend is over... but thats ok.
there are always many more to come.
ry & i did eat a lot of good food this weekend: delicious pizza, we made baked peach chicken (so scrumptious), and had chicken sausage, oh and we had a choclate molten cake tonight for dessert! mmmmmm. (:

good news: 2 weeks until our mini vacation. ry & i are heading over to the beach to visit colin and rest & relax for a bit!! oh yeah... before we go... we are off to see U2! wooOO!

hopefully they wont play any dirge at the show. yes. dirge. thats the word for the day:
dirge (n.) a mournful song or poem
did i even use it in the correct context? who knows...

well off to study a little.
and perhaps shower before bed.
lovely day of groceries & work

peace & love

Saturday, September 19, 2009


they can be quite enticing....
really draw you in to a product.

like that current pizza hut commercial with the "ring of cheese" added around the edges?!?! you know the one. anyway. due to that commercial... ry has been sooo desiring that pizza.
so we ordered one. (:

anyway. i went to look for that commercial online.... and well no luck.
but i did find 4 other commercials that are amazingggg.
3 of them are ORIGINAL commercials. like the first one ever.
sooo crazy how things have changed.
the 4th commercial is just funny.

Friday, September 18, 2009


... i love mine. (:
from leaving me sweet notes, to letting me eat the last peach, he is simply wonderful.

always giving me a smile. a hug. a laugh.
he is great.

and im super stoked i get to spend all weekend with him!
(well saturday & sunday)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


after hours. and hours.
and HOURS.

i have finally uploaded pictures to a website for me and ryan to share...
since for some strange reason neither one of us can upload pictures to facebook... i started a shutterfly page. just for pictures... take a look. the link is on my fb.

...wasn't too sure about posting the link here. not sure if i want the world/any random reader/ to be able to see my pictures! hah... anywayyyyy.

thats about it for my day.

working soon.
but off this weekend... which is super exciting!

love & peace

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wonderful wednesday

... im indecisive... about this background/layout. i like change. i like making things new. i can't decide what/ how i want to change the blog.

...went to another 8 hour class today & thoroughly enjoyed it. i find it QUITE ridiculous, the people who choose to NOT take advantage of the FREE seminars & classes that DUKE is holding for its co-workers. the speakers are quite well known, and very very VERRRRY smart. so why would you NOT go? and ps... i get paid to go? yessss. lovely.

anyway. learned a lot. and will be (hopefully) taking another one next month. :)

... went to target. how in the world did i go in with FULL intentions to ONLY purchase a notebook, 3ring hole punch, dividers, salsa, and a small surprise for ryan... but i leave spending 50 bucks and having loads of goodies to show. ekkKK. but i will say- i got some AWESOME deals.
box of 12 ballpoint pens: TWELVE CENTS!
spiral notebooks: TWELVE CENTS!!!
Folders: 25 CENTS!!!
fun random stickers: 70 CENTS!!

it was glorious.

....went to dinner with my super cute hubby... mexican. our fav. sooo delicious. except.
for the first time in EVER. like history. i ordered something other than:
(if you know me, you should know....)

this is a test.... what do i ALWAYS 100% of the time get???

i always always ALWAYSSSSS get a
beef burrito & rice.
for some reason i went out of the box and got
a beef enchilada, cheese enchilada & rice.
:( bad mistake.
i mean it tasted fine, but it was NO WHERE as good as my
forget thinking outside the box again.

hmmm what next. oh yes.
studied for the glorious GRE. ew!

talked to the bff... who i miss like crazy :(
im GOING to convince her she MUST come up to NC in JANUARY!!! MUST!!
then ill come down to FL in MAY... thats a good plan rght!??
so far apart!!! :(

and well finally we are here.
ry is in bed.
im trying to stay awake (for work reasons)

oh... i am UPLOADING honeymoon pics to shutterfly!! how about when i hit "upload" it said... this will take approximately.... 4 hours and 53 mins... ewww. ill check on those tomorrow. haha...

ok well.
enough rambling.
i know you are bored... but before you go... check out my other bff's blog.


she's my bff from kindergarten.
super witty, fun loving, crazy gal. who is just getting her blog going.
you will enjoy.

love & peace

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

8 hours i sat in class for 8 hours...
not sure how i feel about it.
it was def educational. and i realized yet again- that working for DUKE is pretty darn amazing. i have these long 8 hour classes, but taught by people who are pretty smart folks. duke provides pretty darn good educational opportunities for its employees. so even though it was 8 hours, in one room, that had no windows, and was in a basement (with no cell service) it was good. and i learned A LOT. and i enjoyed it. annnnnd. lucky for me i get to go back tomorrow for more goodness. the worst part is... i have to wake up at 7am.
me & 7am dont quite get a long.

on that note... i should head to bed soon... where my husband is already sound asleep. he was tired... and i was not... in any way. so he went to bed without me. :( haha....

two more things about today...
... one....
skye & i ventured to make a "craigs list" purchase. but we failed. the item i wanted to purchase was a FUTON CHAIR! ry & i want one for our office!! so we can have a spare bed as well as a handy chair to sit and read/ study in... anyway. found one on craigslist. was excited about it. drove to this ladies house... WITH SKYE! (and pepper spray) ....never go alone/empty handed!.... but the bummer was... it was NOT a futon!! this lady tried to convince us it was, but then she realized, nope. it wasn't. in any way. :( sad day.
oh well. the search continues.

today was me & ry's one month-aversary.
we celebrated with HOMEMADE shrimp alfredo!
**like made the sauce from scratch!! soo delcious**
and had a lovely glass of wine with some yummy fruit for dessert.

it was a lovely evening.

back to class tomorrow.

love & peace

Monday, September 14, 2009


today i began studying.... again.
i have not studied in over a year and a half... but today it commenced again.
this time for the GRE.

it was nice to go to a coffee shop and study.
in fact i loved it.

is that weird?
anyway. im excited about studying something for the next couple of months.
i plan to take the big test the first week of november.
we shall see how it goes.

.... today i also selected my top 52 wedding pics... EK! so hard. ry & i went through- numerous times- all 360 pics to narrow it down, then narrow down, and narrow it more. we were suppose to get it down to 40... but we couldn't cut anymore. haha.... so hard! especially when your photographer is so ridiculously amazing! she is taking these pics and making one of those sweet photo books. :) mmmm can't wait!!

... also added my sweet husband to my insurance today. crazy! talk about feeling like a grown up. ekkk.

... also made a new email address. with my NEW NAME! ahhH! what in the world. soooo crazy. all these changes! hmmm.

... had breakfast with my bff sara's grandparents today! which was super fun. they were in the area and planned to stop by to have a meal with me... it was so nice to have "family" in the area for a little while!

... then had breakfast for dinner with my hubby! mmmm. waffles! yummmm.

ok. wow... what a random blogggg. aren't they all?

love & peace

Saturday, September 12, 2009

today i....

.... vaccumed our house

... did some laundry....

....cleaned up/organized/ rearranged crap in the office. its a much happier place now...

...pee'd numerous times in a a port-a-potty.... ew.

... enjoyed a lot of junk food while hanging out at 'camp out'....

....danced. and i mean DANCED... like shakin some moves... throwin it down... getting dirty... WITH MY HUBBY... at campout. now i know. this is shocking. but its true. and it was SOOOOO FUN!!!

... i also danced with my hubby's friends... who are also my friends... super fun.... and watched other people dance... soooo fun. halarious as well!

... laughed A LOT... smiled A LOT... enjoyed my time with great people... A LOT.

...realized... i might be surrounded by men, but they are awesome guys- and well i sorta have always had guy friends... and well its not a bad thing.... i should just enjoy my time!

...considered grad school... and realized i need to take the GRE SOON. like before december. or in december. i decided that today. ....

...met this years duke mens basketball team.... along with hearing them chat- and hearing coach K ramble about winning the national championship... i mean he is a legend- and im blessed to have been SO CLOSE to him & hear him speak in person twice in my life... but really... the man has ZERO public speaking skills. really. none. but its ok. bc... he is COACH K im going to bed...
i must wake up at the beginning of dawn- 7am! to pick up ry from camp out... it ends in the morning and he finds out if he wins season tickets to duke mens bball! im hoping he will- but he won last year so who knows....

amor & paz

Friday, September 11, 2009


yes. i am alive.

i know. ive been missing....
in reality... ive been working.
making money.
supporting the cute lil snider fam :)

its been a crazy CRAZY week!

here is a quick rundown...

... mom & ms b came to see me & ryan... brought presents. goodies. leftover frozen wedding food. lots of candles. and well i got to spend a lil time with them.

... i worked 5 12 hour shifts in a row. RIDICULOUS. its not like 12 hours of a sit down job. its 12 hours (sometimes closer to 13) of running around an ER. on my feet. going back and forth. walking. talking. thinking hard. its EXHAUSTING.

...and 3 of those 5 i was ON MY OWN!! im off orientation. which means its just me. and the "real world" of the ER. well sorta. but most of the time i have TOnS of help. i work with some great, helpful, smart people who dont mind answering my 1.5 million questions. they dont mind checking over my medications (bc that parts scary!) least sometimes)).... i work with some great people... but i will say being on my own has been extra exhausting!

...yesterday i RELAXED and caught up on a little straightening around house. and enjoyed a wonderful night with my hubby. **we had not seen each other since monday at lunch!** went to a new- to us -restaurant. a local place downtown in my favorite district... (our downtown is divided into districts. its realllly cool. anyway) we found a list of the TOP local restaurants here in durham and have made it a goal to go eat at all of them. these aren't just good places- they are places that have been in national magizines, or won awards, or something.

...anyway... we went to POPS last night... delightful. if you live in durham its in brightleaf and you should go eat there. sooo good. a rustic italian type place. i had a SALAD (crazy yes i know) but it was fresh field greens, pecans, and an amazing rasberry vinagrette, oh my. delicious. and some calamari. mmmm. ry had risotto with shrimp, bacon, & corn. wow. i def recommed!!

...following dinner we went to Amelia's for dessert. also in brightleaf. wonderful fresh. local desserts. please go there. you will love it. if you are here.... and yes that place is on hte top rest. places as well! has been a nice catch up day as well. im suppose to be cleaning out the office but instead im blogging. ry is napping downstairs- due to the fact he wont sleep again until sunday! eww. its camp out weekend! which is fun & exciting... but also ew... no sleep. no shower... no rest... until sunday. for him. not me.

...i need to finish laundry, vaccum house w/ my awesome vaccum, and start organizing the disaster that is the office... i found this AMAZING chair last night at a store... its a recliner type chair... but folds out into a twin size bed!!! i want it SOOO badly for our ofifce!! it owuld be perfect ot make into the spare bed... too bad... we dont exactly have an extra chunk of money hanging raound for that. oh well. for now...

ok. thats a bit of a catch up.
hope to be blogging back more regularly.
i have so many ER stories... and so mnay life stories...
work sucks all energy out of me though.

ill work on that.

love & peace

Sunday, September 6, 2009

busy as a bee....

my life should not really be that busy...
and its actually not.
just has been since my last post.
mom and ms b came up to see me. ...well ry too.
brought more presents :)
and goodies:)
and yummy food! :)
(frozen leftovers from the reception!!!)
anyway. on top of there 24 hour visit...
i am in the middle of working 5 in a row...
going good though.
lots of fun & excitement.
just wanted to fill you all in.
ok thats all. will post longer soon...
like after my 5 days on...
bc ill have FIVE DAYS OFF!! (:
love & peace

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


tuesday catch up:

i cooked up a delicious dinner last night!
and it was so easy!
for one of my "recipes" & gifts that i received at my shower back in the spring-
paula's mama gave me an awesome & fast recipe for chicken pot pie.
and she gave me this fabulous dish to cook it in!
so here it is!
super easy, delicious, HOMEMADE chicken pot pie!

after dinner ryan and i went to target and spent all our money.
our wedding money that is.
and actually only made a dent in that... but we knocked out all of our gift cards!!

here is our cart full of things
can you guess any of those items??

answer: bookshelf, microwave, mixer, spatulas, spoons, flatwear, 2 lamp shades & bases, shower head (nice one- mm), ironing board, sheets, universal remote, 2 sprites, & a partridge in a pear tree... haha...

today at walmart i got: a fan, a bathroom hanging shelf thing, tp holder, light for laundry room, and a few other odds & ends

it was tons of fun! especially since it was ALL gifts!! (:

anyway... today i spent FIVE hours. yes FIVE. at the DMV to get my NC license. I would not normally need one- since my HUSBAND is a student... but since i need to change my name- and well... we will be here in north carolina for a while (maybe forever) i figured i might as well. who knew it would take FIVE hours though! goodness. and it was stressful! bc here... you have to take a test. and its hard. and ppl were failing... and if i failed id have to come back the next day.
but i passed.

and now have a paper license (wont get real one for 15days)
that says my full name.

it was an exciting moment.

tonight ry & i went to cook-out to celebrate.
you dont know what that is?
come to durham.
its a mix between krystals greasy-ness, add in some bbq, hushpuppies and hotdogs, but throw in the WORLDS BEST MILKSHAKES!

fun night. anyway. back to my newest book.
battle royale.
its crazy good & intense!

love & peace

my world came to a stop...

.... when i got the call from lindentree photography that my wedding pictures are done!!! they are UP online and look amazing. im in love. really. i cant wait to have them all framed and hanging all around my house. im already thinking... oh i want this one here. and that one there. and that one will be great in this place!! my house is about to explode with wedding pictures! my photographer did such a fantastic job capturing the day, capturing us, capturing how we are (not how someone thinks we should be on our wedding day) really. this is me and ryan. this is how we are. and this just happens to be our wedding day. it was a perfect day... and now we have the perfect pictures! (: enjoy them!! and buy some. support the locals! :)

love & peace

online shopping

....def has its pro's & con's. for me... i can't buy scrubs online. def a con. i search far and wide- but can't find sizes that might fit me. my body is so illshaped i never know what size will fit... i have to try on EVERYTHING! seriously. the dresses in my closet range from 4-10. and any of them could fit on any day. its strange. my body is so oddly shaped. it is. dont try to defend it. im not saying im big. im not saying im small. im just saying clothes fit funny. ok. now the PRO to online shopping. shoes. i wear size 9-10... but i know in what brand i wear what size... therefor shoe shopping online is a guilty pleasure. esp ...FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!! and get this... i just bought ry a pair of sneakers (49$) a new pair of work shoes for me (51$) total: 101$. well they were having a special- spend 100$ and save 20!! so we got 2 brand new very nice sneakers for 80$$$$!!!! im pumped. best part is they will be here TOMORROW! :) wooo other news....

...went to dmv today. i had everything i needed!! they told me the wait was at the earliest 3 hours. i said ill be back in the morning. surely if i arrive at 7:45am the wait wont be 3 hours?!? or will it?!?!!

...can't camp out for bball tickets. :( im sad. but the good part is... i have FIVE DAYS OFF IN A ROW! with nothing to do. perhaps someone will come visit? or maybe skye will have time to have some fun play time!!??

... fingers crossed mom & b are coming to town this weekend. fingers crossed indeed!

... we have 2 sets of dishes that are from a mystery person! no card attached. strange!! reading a great book right now "the pilot's wife" ill do a book review when i finish (a lil later today)

... ry & i saw inglorious basterd on friday night. ill def do a movie review on that later. LOVED it.

enough for now. back to reading and online shopping.

:) rdms