Friday, September 11, 2009


yes. i am alive.

i know. ive been missing....
in reality... ive been working.
making money.
supporting the cute lil snider fam :)

its been a crazy CRAZY week!

here is a quick rundown...

... mom & ms b came to see me & ryan... brought presents. goodies. leftover frozen wedding food. lots of candles. and well i got to spend a lil time with them.

... i worked 5 12 hour shifts in a row. RIDICULOUS. its not like 12 hours of a sit down job. its 12 hours (sometimes closer to 13) of running around an ER. on my feet. going back and forth. walking. talking. thinking hard. its EXHAUSTING.

...and 3 of those 5 i was ON MY OWN!! im off orientation. which means its just me. and the "real world" of the ER. well sorta. but most of the time i have TOnS of help. i work with some great, helpful, smart people who dont mind answering my 1.5 million questions. they dont mind checking over my medications (bc that parts scary!) least sometimes)).... i work with some great people... but i will say being on my own has been extra exhausting!

...yesterday i RELAXED and caught up on a little straightening around house. and enjoyed a wonderful night with my hubby. **we had not seen each other since monday at lunch!** went to a new- to us -restaurant. a local place downtown in my favorite district... (our downtown is divided into districts. its realllly cool. anyway) we found a list of the TOP local restaurants here in durham and have made it a goal to go eat at all of them. these aren't just good places- they are places that have been in national magizines, or won awards, or something.

...anyway... we went to POPS last night... delightful. if you live in durham its in brightleaf and you should go eat there. sooo good. a rustic italian type place. i had a SALAD (crazy yes i know) but it was fresh field greens, pecans, and an amazing rasberry vinagrette, oh my. delicious. and some calamari. mmmm. ry had risotto with shrimp, bacon, & corn. wow. i def recommed!!

...following dinner we went to Amelia's for dessert. also in brightleaf. wonderful fresh. local desserts. please go there. you will love it. if you are here.... and yes that place is on hte top rest. places as well! has been a nice catch up day as well. im suppose to be cleaning out the office but instead im blogging. ry is napping downstairs- due to the fact he wont sleep again until sunday! eww. its camp out weekend! which is fun & exciting... but also ew... no sleep. no shower... no rest... until sunday. for him. not me.

...i need to finish laundry, vaccum house w/ my awesome vaccum, and start organizing the disaster that is the office... i found this AMAZING chair last night at a store... its a recliner type chair... but folds out into a twin size bed!!! i want it SOOO badly for our ofifce!! it owuld be perfect ot make into the spare bed... too bad... we dont exactly have an extra chunk of money hanging raound for that. oh well. for now...

ok. thats a bit of a catch up.
hope to be blogging back more regularly.
i have so many ER stories... and so mnay life stories...
work sucks all energy out of me though.

ill work on that.

love & peace


ozob said...

i think you should change the name to adventures of mrs bort...aomb...just a

PSIrwin said...

i missed you!