Monday, June 27, 2011


im moving.
its insane.
our house is a disaster.
our kitchen is packed.
we threw out a lot of spoiled food.
made me feel bad.
we have a twin bed in our living room.
our wii--- its still connected. priorities people.
television and entertainment are the last to be packed.
one day-- ill post pictures.

but it will probably be later.
the movers come thursday.
i have class on wednesday. isn't that awesome.

woooo packing~
i loveeee moving.

i hope you can smell/taste/feel the sarcasm.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

one week

in one week... my life is changing.
7 days left in durham.
one week until we load up and say goodbye to our first home.
7 days until we wave goodbye to friends that have become so dear.
one week until we start the next chapter of our life together.
one week until we begin our simple life in the mountains.

and one week until my new blog starts. (:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

pretty sunset at the carolina railhawks game

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today i ran a 8k!!
thats five miles folks

and i would like to add-- i have never run 5 miles. haha. i have gotten up to 4 miles- but do to my laziness, packing, being tired from cleaning and packing, school work, and travels i have not been running as much as i should have.

despite that... i FINISHED!
and i wasn't last.
and the course had not closed.
and there were a TONNNN of people at the finish line cheering me on.
it was great. and encouraging. but kinda awkward. haha.

anyway. its 10:30 in the morning-- and ive run 5 miles.
im pretty pleased with myself.

love & peace

Monday, June 13, 2011


the past several days ive been in the community that ryan and i are moving to in just a few weeks. 
im so excited about our future here. 
not only is it beautiful!
the people here are so great. genuine. sweet. welcoming. and full of love. 
i can't wait to move. 
im excited about our new house. our new church. and our new community. 

i started my clinicals today-- down the road in black mountain. 
and it was a wonderful day. 
i loved the clinic site. the patients. the providers. the other office staff. 
really-- its just a different way of life here. 
slow. genuine. care-free. relaxed. caring. kind. 
i really, realllly like it. 

i think i just love mountain folks. 
there is just something different about them that i love.
im thrilled about the next chapter in our life. 

our life in the mountains. 
as a pastor's family. 
in the country. 
with cows as our neighbors.
casseroles in the fridge. 
rocking chairs out front. 
a swing in the backyard. 
and lots and lots of sweet tea. 

im pretty sure i was made for this. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011


we have a dog.
his name is mowgli. 
monday he will be 11 weeks old. 
he. is. awesome. 

almost completely crate trained ((on day 2!))
only pooped 2x inside. 
and always pees on the pee pad if he can't make it outside in time. 

he is sooooo cute. 
knows "no" already. 
chews on his toys and is learning not to chew on the rug (good thing it was 10$ at target and already completely worn out)
and he is great at meeting people!

we also saw our new house this past weekend and met lots of church folks. 
we are reallllly excited about the move. 
but more on that later. 

last 12 hour shift tomorrow! i can hardly believe it!!

love & peace