Sunday, June 5, 2011


we have a dog.
his name is mowgli. 
monday he will be 11 weeks old. 
he. is. awesome. 

almost completely crate trained ((on day 2!))
only pooped 2x inside. 
and always pees on the pee pad if he can't make it outside in time. 

he is sooooo cute. 
knows "no" already. 
chews on his toys and is learning not to chew on the rug (good thing it was 10$ at target and already completely worn out)
and he is great at meeting people!

we also saw our new house this past weekend and met lots of church folks. 
we are reallllly excited about the move. 
but more on that later. 

last 12 hour shift tomorrow! i can hardly believe it!!

love & peace

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