Sunday, February 27, 2011

just one reason why our house is amazing.... back porch in the woods.

Friday, February 25, 2011


for my sweet husband--- who had dinner ready for me when i got home from work.

grilled chicken.

mac & cheese.

steamed broccoli & asparagus.

so delicious.

perfect after a long day! ((that included missing lunch!))

love. peace.


Thursday, February 24, 2011


--- today is thursday.
but in my work world its monday.

first day of work for the week.
gonna be a long few days.

then big test next week--

ek. busy. lots to do.
one day at a time---

love & peace

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

day for me---

im getting a pedicure today with my friend at one.
then a hair cut at 4:15---

its a nice day to relax and enjoy to myself. :)

oh... well... and read for class tomorrow.

:) happy tuesday

Sunday, February 20, 2011

family dinner---

so. my friend-- katie b-- she has 'family dinners' and i get jealous because my brother and his gf kels go. and well tonight i got to have dinner with katie b's sister. laura D.

apparently laura is jealous too-- of those family dinners-- that we can't go to because they are in lagrange-- and we are not.

so tonight me and laura had our own family dinner!!

she is south of raleigh. i live north of raleigh. we met in between at a random restaurant and had a MARVELOUS time. no really laura. i LOVED spending time with you!! it was sooo nice to have 'lagrange' talk, and 'medical' talk, and 'girl' talk.

anyway. this is our family dinner:

fried pickles for appetizer. mmmmm.
then french toast, eggs, & sausage.
it was delicious. although the pickles didn't really go well once the real food came. haha...

laura- it was a great evening. so grateful for old friends.

:) love & peace


fresh baked bread.
grocery store trip.
a run with my husband-- yes. with him. ((week4.day2. of couchto5k success))
cleaned off the back porch ((4 feet of leaves now gone!))

now getting ready to go to dinner with my friend--- laura d!!!
we are meeting up and im super excited.
i have not seen her in ages!!

hope everyone's sunday is as nice as mine.

love & peace

Thursday, February 17, 2011

i like---

--- to run.

i never. ever. ever. dreamed i would say that.
but i do.

i like to run.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


i suppose the game- the excitement- the cold weather & lack of sleep caught up with me.
ive been so sickly all weekend.
sore throat, tired, cough, congestion.
all the typical cold crap.

so- ive been doing a lot of nothing lately.
well trying to go to work-
and then i went to clinic yesterday.
i thought i was feeling better, but today woke up feeling ugh again.

oh well...
going to a 'pharmaceutical' dinner tonight-- free-- Ruth's Chris.
so im pretty stoked about that.

class all day first though.

love & peace & happy wedneday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

best wednesday of my life---

it started at 6am.
this is us at check in.
we were #55 & #56 in line for the band side.
thats insanely awesome.

((insert here a long day of class then meeting back in line by 5:00pm)
we stood in line. ate pizza. drank wine. hung out with friends.

fastforward to 7:30pm....
us. inside cameron.
in our spots.

and yes. we could see the court that well. we were THAT close.

about 815 here comes dicky v.
he lovessss him some dukies.
so we got a lil crazy with him.

((insert ridiculous basketball game here))
there was a lot of stress. we were down 16 points.
and had the BIGGEST COMEBACK since the '50's.
it was insane. incredible. loud. the place was shaking. my ears were ringing. we were sweating.
the best basketball game i will probably EVER see.

and then.
we won.

so what do we do when we beat our biggest rival--
burn those benches!!!

we burn benches.
and we burn them all night.

it was an incredible day.
something ill never forget.
so thankful for the fun amazing experience.

((sorry it took so long to blog. i had to work 12 hours yesterday-- it was awful. then had clinicals today. also exhausting. BUT I DID SUTURES on a realll person. ill blog that tomorrow. its been a great restful evening and tomorrow im going to get all caught up on life.))

love & peace & GO DUKE!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


im alive.
i promise...
but between studying and studying and running and working. and then a baby shower.
ive. been. swamped.

crazy week.

BIG test tomorrow.

BIGGER game tomorrow night-- and i get to go.

BIGGEST game of the year: duke vs unc
((its been called the biggest rivalry in college sports))
ryan & i have tickets.
me and ryan are checking in at 630 in the AM ((before my BIG test)) in hopes of getting a slightly better spot than the people that check in all day.

(and by check in- we go. check in. stand in line from 6.30am-7.45am. then from 8p-5p line people have an exemption-- to go to class. then at 5pm we get back in line until the game at 9pm. yeah. duke basketball is insane. oh and if you think my 6:30 am is crazy-- people got in LINE TODAY. for the game tomorrow night. yeah. and they can't leave until 8am. really. we are crazy about some basketball here)

its going to be unreal.

i need to focus now and study--- although its really hard.
kinda like a kid before christmas day.
no really. im that excited.

duke= once in a lifetime opportunity every day.
im so blessed to be here.

off to study-- or try.
love & peace


Thursday, February 3, 2011


tonight: im relaxing.

after 8 hours in clinic today taking in all the overwhelming disease processes, medications, education, drug rep schpeels (yes. i mean that word. however you spell it.) and the even more enormous amounts of charting-- ive been relaxing tonight.

oh how ive needed it.

im currently reading this.
ok fine. ill tell you so you dont have to click.
water for elephants.

oh my. its so good. i don't--- can't put it down.
it was a poor decision on my part to start it the second week of school, but dang it.
im determined to finish it.
so tonight im reading.
and enjoying one night of freedom.... until (probably) next thursday. if im lucky.

first big test next week which means goodbye weekend.

off to read before i fall asleep!

love & peace.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


today was the 4th day in a row that i ran.
i think it was one too many.
should have taken a break-- but 69* was calling my name.
i had to get out there.
it was painful-- especially since i chugged some water before i ran.
oh and other than that glass of water-- i had only had a pepsi today.
yeah. not hydrated.
not a good plan.
but still. im so proud of myself!
i went out there- did my plan for the day. and finished!

im really enjoying this 'running' thing.
hopefully ill stick with it.
i mean: im GOING to.

first race in april.

time to study. and read. and study some more.
off to a coffee shop!

peace. love.