Sunday, February 20, 2011

family dinner---

so. my friend-- katie b-- she has 'family dinners' and i get jealous because my brother and his gf kels go. and well tonight i got to have dinner with katie b's sister. laura D.

apparently laura is jealous too-- of those family dinners-- that we can't go to because they are in lagrange-- and we are not.

so tonight me and laura had our own family dinner!!

she is south of raleigh. i live north of raleigh. we met in between at a random restaurant and had a MARVELOUS time. no really laura. i LOVED spending time with you!! it was sooo nice to have 'lagrange' talk, and 'medical' talk, and 'girl' talk.

anyway. this is our family dinner:

fried pickles for appetizer. mmmmm.
then french toast, eggs, & sausage.
it was delicious. although the pickles didn't really go well once the real food came. haha...

laura- it was a great evening. so grateful for old friends.

:) love & peace


Katie B said...

So jealous! :)

Laura Ann. said...

I had such a great time! Thanks for meeting me, friend!

KLH.143:8 said...

im jealous too.... those look yummy.

but i guess you all are just gonna have to come down to the grange soon and join one of our family dinners :)