Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i hate that word.
well the real one.
i just e-mailed in my FINAL project that i have spent hours on.
hours and hours and hours.
no joke- probably around 15.
maybe even 20.
its been UNREAL.
but its allll DONE!!
and turned in.
now i just wait for the grade and im allll done!!
that is until i take it at DUKE next summer.

needless to say- since ive been back from chyrsalis-
ive been sick. ive slept. ive worked. and ive done stats.

noooowwww im all done! and plan on starting on some summer projects!
(new kitchen table. paint my current desk & make a study oasis for when school starts)

thats about it.
off to enjoy the day!!

love & peace

Friday, June 25, 2010


so ryan asked me a question last night... and i can't quite figure out the answer.
i took it to work... and yeah. no one there can figure it out either.

why do i (an emergency room nurse) enjoy watching shows about the ER-
such as Trauma Life in the ER on discovery-- it is an all time favorite of mine AND everyone i work with. and there is a new show on ... boston med... its about mass general (the big hospital in boston where the harvard med students do their residencies)... anyway. i watched it last night and loved every minute.

so yes. the question.
why do I enjoy watching ER shows--- when i spend 40 hours a week (sometimes more) in an ER?!?!
i have no idea.
but i do.
and my coworkers do.
we are special creatures i think...
and i suppose its in our blood.

im so excited about this new show: boston med on ABC
thursday nights at 10
its just a good old documentary style filming of life in the hospital
(and of course mostly the ER and OR because thats where the crazy stuff happens)

anyway. its been my thought for the day.
im feeling much MUCH better.
looking forward to a weekend of rest with my hubs

love & peace

Thursday, June 24, 2010


home to me:
100 degree weather, humidity, the smell of GA (because- yes there is a smell), fireflies lighting up the night sky, crickets chirping you to sleep, the sound of thunder rolling in for an afternoon shower, and lots of goooood home cookin'.

this past weekend... i was home.
as much as i hate south georgia- i truly love it.
it will always be home.

i worked a chrysalis (think:: amazing christian retreat::) back home in south georgia. we slept in nasty cabins. spent time in the heat. got eaten by mosquitoes. sweated a lot. and just had a fabulous time learning about our Jesus. this was the second flight (thats what each individual one is called) i worked. and just like the last- i was blessed tremendously. i learned so much. grew a smidgen more. and really felt the love of Jesus all around. Such a fantastic time.

being at tattnall campground took back to my younger childhood days of going to "friendship camp". yes- this was a good old baptist camp that grandma took me too. it was when she was trying to convert me to being a baptist.... that didn't work out too well.
anyway... i spent my summer days as a lil gal at a camp in south georgia.
where we got bitten by mosquitoes, sunburned, and sweated. a lot. we fell asleep to the chirping crickets, and woke up to the sunrise. we caught fireflies at night- and even as a little girl- experienced the love of Jesus.

throughout the college years i worked at a camp- where again there were mosquitoes, and sweat, and tears, and lots of sunburns, AND the love of Jesus.

there is just something in my heart about good old south georgia, camps, and Jesus.
something in me that makes me feel at home.
what a great home that is.


its been a few days since im back to north carolina.
it was a long- terrible- journey back.
lets not talk about that.
anyway... the whole time back we have both been sick.
sore throats, terrible cough, weak & tired.
both of us our a mess- but we are trying to get back in the swing of things.
anyway... i hope you are doing well.
sorry i have been away quite some time-
but dont worry. im back.

love & peace

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

an unbelievable 60 hours of work

the past five days ive been working.
12 hour shifts.
allllll dayyyyy lonnnggg.

its been so draining. exhausting. and now i am beat.
physically & mentally

i dont just have a fast paced on my feet job-
i have a fast paced thinking job.
constantly critically thinking about medicines, sickness, disease, who is the sickest, whats my priority, calculating weights & medications, mixing meds, and administering them.
its darn right crazy when i stop to think about it.

anyway. thats the reason today (day 6) i am EXHAUSTED.
just sooo worn out.
they have been good days. but pretty sad ones. ive actually cried TWICE this past week at work... and NOT because of patients yelling at me. (thats another story or two) but because of the sick conditions the patients are in. the other day i was with a patient when they find out they have cancer and sitting with them until there family arrives- def cried then. how could you not!?
and then an 18 month old thats not breathing- and seeing the mom freaking out (for very good reason) and trying to comfort her- all the while helping the team take care of the baby. more tears there too.

it has been an unbelievable five days.
im so greatful i have EIGHT DAYS OFF now.
I am going to work a chrysalis flight this weekend-
which will be SOOOO nice, and fun, and great to get away.

so enough for now.
back to statistics & soccer & packing for the weekend at tatnall campground in ga :)

love & peace

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

mountain dew

if you know me... you know i drink mountain dew.
its a genetic addiction.
thats what i claim anyway.
(my mom drinks a TON of it too)
anyway. i had one at 8:00 while studying.
i believe it is the reason im still WIDE AWAKE now.
im done studying.
finished everything i could do.
now just lying awake in bed.
my head is racing a million miles a minute.
no. fun.


i spent FOUR hours at the library studying.
then came home and have worked hard for another LONG hour and forty five minutes.

i almost feel i have my entire stats book memorized.
it is open book- so that is a beneficial thing.

i think im ready.
this might be the EARLIEST night before a final i've ever had.
but then again- ill prob freak out later and stay up late studying.

chicken nuggets for dinner.


statistics project & statistics final.
those two things have overtaken my life.
ive spent HOURS and HOURS (no joke) working on my project that is NO WHERE NEAR FINISHED.
and then spent HOURSSS studying yesterday for my final.
which is TOMORROW.

so the final IS open book. but oh my. its still going to be a BEAST.
there is sooo much information.
sooo much to know.
sooo many formulas that i have to understand how to use and when to use.

but thats ok. after these two things im DONE. and can have a fun filled summer with ryan before our lives get REALLY crazy in the fall.

anyway. i needed a break so i blogged. i am about to head out to the library to re-take every quiz and test i took this semester. thats a great way to study right?!?!
and i haveeee to get out of my house. because being here i just want to clean. or watch tv. or be completely distracted. its FOCUS time!
the project is on hold. its just due in the next couple weeks... but i wanted to finish this week.
oh well. on hold it goes.
study overload here we go.

love & peace

Sunday, June 6, 2010


let me update you on my life.
well really just the exciting things.

first off- in case you didn't hear- my BESTEST friend is getting married. and im her MOH! matron of honor that is. im sooo excited. if only i didn't live 12 LONG hours away... thank goodness for airplanes.

lets see... what else. oh yeah. i met with my advisor at duke.
i SHOULD graduate may 2012!
crazy. only TWO years away. pretty unbelievable.
i dont know if i'll actually do it- but i sure hope i do!

only ONE week of school left for me! (as in statistics class). my online class should be finishing up this week. im sooo excited about that!

next week ry & i are heading down to savannah to work a chrysalis flight. im pretty excited about that one also!

oh! ry's sis is leaving tomorrow for a summer in the dominican republic! keep her in your prayers! she is staying with some missionary friends- and im sure going to have an amazing summer!

and wellllll. i baked a poundcake today! i opened up a recipe book- and the first poundcake recipe i saw just happened to be my GRANDMA's! (now ill add this recipe book did come from her church. a good old southern baptist recipe book) but its still fun that the first one i came to was hers! I called her up, we edited the recipe a little bit... and here it is:

it is a bit yellow. but the bottom (which was on top in the oven) has the perfect crispy-ness to it.
anyway. its delicious. im sooo excited about eating it all week long.

well- movie night tonight!
adios for now

love & peace

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


this is the first summer in SIX YEARS that i have not moved.

enough of our friends are moving though.
paula bought a new house!
julia moved to a new apartment!
mk moved to the obx to be near her soon to be hubs!
and our new neighbors- who happen to be friends from school are moving in!

andddd all of that in the last two days!
i will say at first i was a bit jealous.
i like to move.
(probably because i have done it A TON in my life)
so hearing about friends packing- moving- reorganizing- starting new-
it made me want to!

until today.
ry & i helped the sis in law to be (mere) move out.
after ONLY an hour of sweaty carrying i realized im quite happy not moving.
mere lived in an apartment that was prob 400 square feet. maybe?! and she had NO big furniture so it was a SUPER easy move out- but still. hot! i can't even imagine packing up our house and moving out.

and now... like right now... our neighbors are moving in. they have movers--- good call! --- but still. unpacking! and all the stress that goes with moving...
ive decided im quite happy in our little cabin in the woods!

next year...
when we hopefully move for ry's first job... we will have movers. and ill be excited. for now though- im enjoying my house. without boxes. without stress.

just me. ry. and our quiet cabin.

:) Love & peace!