Wednesday, June 16, 2010

an unbelievable 60 hours of work

the past five days ive been working.
12 hour shifts.
allllll dayyyyy lonnnggg.

its been so draining. exhausting. and now i am beat.
physically & mentally

i dont just have a fast paced on my feet job-
i have a fast paced thinking job.
constantly critically thinking about medicines, sickness, disease, who is the sickest, whats my priority, calculating weights & medications, mixing meds, and administering them.
its darn right crazy when i stop to think about it.

anyway. thats the reason today (day 6) i am EXHAUSTED.
just sooo worn out.
they have been good days. but pretty sad ones. ive actually cried TWICE this past week at work... and NOT because of patients yelling at me. (thats another story or two) but because of the sick conditions the patients are in. the other day i was with a patient when they find out they have cancer and sitting with them until there family arrives- def cried then. how could you not!?
and then an 18 month old thats not breathing- and seeing the mom freaking out (for very good reason) and trying to comfort her- all the while helping the team take care of the baby. more tears there too.

it has been an unbelievable five days.
im so greatful i have EIGHT DAYS OFF now.
I am going to work a chrysalis flight this weekend-
which will be SOOOO nice, and fun, and great to get away.

so enough for now.
back to statistics & soccer & packing for the weekend at tatnall campground in ga :)

love & peace

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