Thursday, June 24, 2010


home to me:
100 degree weather, humidity, the smell of GA (because- yes there is a smell), fireflies lighting up the night sky, crickets chirping you to sleep, the sound of thunder rolling in for an afternoon shower, and lots of goooood home cookin'.

this past weekend... i was home.
as much as i hate south georgia- i truly love it.
it will always be home.

i worked a chrysalis (think:: amazing christian retreat::) back home in south georgia. we slept in nasty cabins. spent time in the heat. got eaten by mosquitoes. sweated a lot. and just had a fabulous time learning about our Jesus. this was the second flight (thats what each individual one is called) i worked. and just like the last- i was blessed tremendously. i learned so much. grew a smidgen more. and really felt the love of Jesus all around. Such a fantastic time.

being at tattnall campground took back to my younger childhood days of going to "friendship camp". yes- this was a good old baptist camp that grandma took me too. it was when she was trying to convert me to being a baptist.... that didn't work out too well.
anyway... i spent my summer days as a lil gal at a camp in south georgia.
where we got bitten by mosquitoes, sunburned, and sweated. a lot. we fell asleep to the chirping crickets, and woke up to the sunrise. we caught fireflies at night- and even as a little girl- experienced the love of Jesus.

throughout the college years i worked at a camp- where again there were mosquitoes, and sweat, and tears, and lots of sunburns, AND the love of Jesus.

there is just something in my heart about good old south georgia, camps, and Jesus.
something in me that makes me feel at home.
what a great home that is.


its been a few days since im back to north carolina.
it was a long- terrible- journey back.
lets not talk about that.
anyway... the whole time back we have both been sick.
sore throats, terrible cough, weak & tired.
both of us our a mess- but we are trying to get back in the swing of things.
anyway... i hope you are doing well.
sorry i have been away quite some time-
but dont worry. im back.

love & peace

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