Friday, July 31, 2009

morning thoughts (with links!)

our wedding gifts come in the mail from target or REI.

tartet ships things kinda funny.
so yesterday i opened up a box and it was an oven mitt.
a very nice, awesome oven mitt.
the one i realllly wanted (thus the reason it was on my registry)
one of those teflon ones? maybe. plastic-ey. anyway.
one oven mitt. in one giant cardboard box.
now my friend julia (who gave me the awseom gift) warned me that they were shipping in 2 separate boxes, so not to think this was the only gift coming. but seriously. can't we save a LARGE brown box- and put the oven mitt in with whatever else is coming?
on the flip side- its fun getting packages.

speaking of wedding presents.
ive decided what im going to tell people when they ask me, now what do you REALLY want?
a macbook.
seriously. i want one. realllllly badly. and an ipod touch. the ipod touch first. but if you buy a macbook doesn't it come with an ipod?
so there. thats it.
if you want to know what to get me for the wedding.
a macbook pro
will do the trick.

i just emailed probably 25 people to ask if they were coming to the wedding. i mean i never RSVP'd before... but NOW i realize the DIRE NECESSITY! i have a small chapel!
i need to know the #'s!!
hopefully ppl will respond to a facebook message.

i picked up a box of "special K" last night at the grocery store thinking, ok ill buy a "healthier" cereal. well tehn i decided let me see "how healthy" this is compared to my favorite- coco crispies....
truth: coco crispies IS BETTER! less sodium AND less fat!
special K has the exact same amount of calories and everything else.
so i bought the coco crispies and am happy. :)

enough rambling for now. mom & dad are coming.
there is work to be done.
ps... i hope you enjoyed the links. (: they are there to "help" you out. hahaa

Thursday, July 30, 2009

thursday's moments

comments about my day...

...i will start with yes. pregnancy tests are available at the dollar store for a DOLLAR. but we can't tell our patients that. instead we have to do an 89$ pregnancy test (and no they aren't magically ANY BETTER than the ones at the dollar store)

...the last two nights it has lightning and today it even sprinkled. for some reason i want a good afternoon thunderstorm to come through... is always entertaining to me... and quite distracting... and i can never leave without spending at least 30 bucks... on who knows what. ekkK.

... i went to a 4 1/2 hour meeting today. and got paid. and got a free soda and bag of chips. not to shabby for a days work...

...i sleep a lot. like last night 12:30- 11:30... ummmm?! do i have a problem?!

...people who act like they KNOW everything. and they dont. annoy me. ok let me clarify. new nurses who have JUST graduated (like a month ago) and act like they know EVERYTHING. annoy the living day lights out of me. goodness. i have worked a year and i am far from saying I know a lot! really. its a pet peeve. i just dont like arrogant people.

...after 5 drafts the PROGRAM is ready for printing... well once i get the name of alvin's song put in there! (: im waiting unti you get back from vacay before i ask you lindsey (:

... my parents are coming TOMORROW!! and i still have a lot that needs to bed done.
-move a bed downstairs

but still. they are coming. to see paul mccartney.
but get to see me on the way to DC.

off to bed.
love & peace

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

wednesday. july 29.

i was a part of saving 3 different lives today. heart attack. head bleed. respiratory distress. lets just say it was intense.

on top of that... i had an 19 year old who overdosed. and a large obese woman who was mean. and by large i mean over 500 pounds. and then the regular young age girls who want to know if they are pregnant.

anyway. to say the adrenaline was flowing today would be an understatement.
it was INTENSE.
but fun.

im super exhausted and have a long day of wedding fun tomorrow.

mom & dad will be here soon!! then a week and SARA will be here!!

only 5 more days of work until im off for 3 1/2 weeks. wooooo

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

notes from today.

random thoughts, notes, and occurrences from my day today...

...i bought one of those reusable bags today at old navy. the cashier proceeded to put it in another plastic bag. i said "mam. thats a bag. i can just carry it." -oh she replied. ...seriously?!

... i have a wonderful friend here who sat with me and cut out 68 squares of fabric- all for my wedding guest book.

...this same friend also helped me combine all 300 of my wedding lists into one. nice. SMALL. list of things to do. she also suggested i start assigning other people to do them.

...i bought 370 pieces of paper today. all that will be thrown away after the wedding. i feel so wasteful. im contemplating STAMPING the back with "PLEASE RECYCLE ME" and having a "recycling basket" set up at the back door.

...never mind. im not contemplating it anymore. im doing that one.

...i will say those 370 pieces of paper are darn pretty pieces of paper. (:

... i have one awesome mother in law who was read, reread, edited, and now editing more the programs that will go on all 370 pieces of paper

... i love running errands

... i get really angry and fiery when i have not eaten (sorry again rhino) state is my all time favorite movie. i dont know why. but i love it. truly.

...i bought a bird house today. not sure if its a REAL one... or a fake one you are suppose to keep inside. oh well. its outside. hopefully a bird will find a home.

... i also bought honeymoon clothes today! (all at oldnavy- all for under 10 bucks for each item ::im talking skirts, dresses, & shirts!)

... i planted some seeds today. probably too late for flowers. but i am hoping.

ill call it quits.
i need sleep.

love & peace
an excited bride to be

the madness

my living room has been hit by a tornado of wedding madness.
last night i made the first wedding program.
it took hours. and hours. and hours.
but i finally have ONE finished product that i like.
or love. (:

now its time to buy the paper (in bulk)
and make 150 of those guys!!

yesterday i also: bought the fabric for my "guest book quilt", bought the wood for the signs (and thanks to a good friend go them primed), gathered materials for the favors, and well it feels like a million other things. today is more wedding maddness/projects!

so fun. really. it is. i love it. (:

the madness of the programs:

the fabrics for the quilt:
you can't tell, but they are browns, greens, and a fun blue!!

yay for wedding fun.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

saturday nights in the ER

not every saturday night in the ER is fun, crazy, wild, ridiculous & what you would "expect".
but last night (for me) was.

most of the night was just busy.
then towards the end- i had two patients who had had far too much to drink, smoke, snort, and well whatever else you can do with drugs and alcohol.
both were at facilities trying to get better.

but one (A) had only been at the facility a few hours... so "A" was still a little drunk, coming off lots of drugs, and realllllly messed up. she had had a pint of tequilla, done dope, oxycontin, and methadone and then checked into a drug rehab place. well sounds like a sorta good plan... right?! when someone is coming off of drugs- and they are drunk- its a drunk person- with shakes & chills. yeah try putting in an IV into a person who is shaking...
luckily im strong. (:
(despite some opinions)
and could hold it still.
she also wanted lots of food, and was just a talking... about who knows what.
anyway. while everything is going on with "A"
there is another person "B" who has a history of alcoholism-
who has been in a facility for a few days
(so "B" is not drunk or high or anything)
but B is having severe withdrawals mixed with a few other disorders.
that just equaled madness.
B was eating invisible hotdogs, searching trashcans for her children, holding papers that weren't there, talking completley out of her head and well you get the picture. B was not with it.

sounds not too crazy, but you could imagine. it was madness.
those 2 patients at the same time. trying to keep them safe. us safe. and help them.
luckily i work with some awesome people who helped out tremendously
(and yes im still on orientation- so my preceptor was closely monitoring, but she stepped back a lot to let me handle things... which was good)

anyway. overall... it was a mess. but good. fun. funny. and i actually might have helped these two.
the er can be a funny place...

but i sure do love it.

back for one more night of fun tonight.

peace & love

Friday, July 24, 2009


grocery store.
paid bills.
picked up ry's mail from old house.
paid more bills.
straightened house.

now off to work.
(well shortly)

thats my lovely day of grown up things.
today maybe friday: but its work day #1 for me.

and im looking forward to it.
i love my job.
i like going to work.
and good news....
a position came open for the 11-11 shift.
i applied.
lets hope i get it!

that will just make life for ry & i a LITTLE more normal.
i mean your wife coming home and getting in bed at 330 am is quite odd.
and then she sleeps in all morning.
hopefully 11-11 will be better.
if it doesn't work out oh well. maybe next time.
thats all for now.

off to save lives or something.

peace & love

pictures of the day:

brothers & i one random night.
this is the PERFECT picture of us.
the bff:
who will be HERE. in DURHAM. in TWO weeks!

the parentals:
who will be HERE! in DURHAM! next WEEKEND!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


im so lucky to be marry-ing (?!) this guy.
he is so wonderful. nice. caring. funny.
and totally perfect for me.
as my friend noelle told me recently,
we were made for each other. (:

i have spent that last 24 hours with him.
and they were amazing.

we were here.
and it was gorgeous (as always).

i came home to this madness tonight.
a mailbox FULL of RSVP cards!!
and letters (with $$!!!)
and packages on the porch!!!

now we just have to hope the numbers add up and it works out for all the folks to fit into here.

not much longer until thats me in my REAL dress.
standing up at the front of the chapel!

soon... ill be in the ACTUAL dress. looking at ME! on my

*no. im not naked. haa... and no. the dress i am wearing (that you can't see) is not my actual dress. the real one is a secret from all boys. sorry. *

3 weeks. 2 days. mmmmm its coming!
and im soooo excited!

family coming up here next weekend!
sara coming up here the weekend after that!
ryan coming back the same time sara is here!

sorry. this is def going to turn into a countdown. hahahaaa

i just can't wait.
love & peace

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

its been quite a while.

i have not blogged in ages it feels like. more like a week. but still. here are the many many reasons why.

friday night: had a very important doctors apt. (the kind that keeps babies away) and then drove home to ga
saturday: had a family lunch (yes all FIVE of us. and ONLY 5! first time in months (maybe years!) and possibly the last time! thanks to little brother ben for bringing that up). anyway at lunch gave my dad paul mccartney tickets. since he is missing the show in atlanta (because of my wedding!) my awesome mom bought him tickets to the show in DC! so mom and dad are off to DC in 2 weeks!! he is supppperrrrr excited.
after that we began the search for mom a dress to wear to the wedding found nothing for her, but bought 2 dresses for me! (one to leave reception in. one for reh dinner) (both for cruise!!)
finished the night off with an awesome trip to my lifelong friends house. amy b. spent many hours there laughing. smiling. being best friends. and she paraded around the house in her bridesmaids dress. it was def fun.
sunday. church (great sermon by pops) followed by lunch at the infamous chef lee's (best chinese food in the world). then continued the hunt for mom a dress. still no luck. then had panera. mmmmm panera. all while being accompanied by my other mom (THE GODMOTHER)...
monday: mom worked. i kept my 11 year old cousin. we ventured all over looking for candlesticks. she is an awesome sport and helped me find some candles and candle holders for the chapel. also looked around at clothes. and other stuff. had a terrible experience at the hobby lobby (sorry paula). but its ok. found great candlehoders there. then dad made an awesome dinner. delicous burgers and his famous beans. mmmmm. the evening was full of laughter with the 11 year old- she spent the night- and tons of family fun.
tuesday: (today): wedding mayhem. first stop camera shop. my camera has not worked for MONTHS. we have not found the reciept or proof of sales- so i can't use my one year warranty... anyway. i take it to a local shop today to get it looked at. walk in. explain my prob. it doesn't read the memory card. i put my camera together- i had it all a part ready to ship back to cannon- get it all togehter and it works. thank goodness it works. (: i feel dumb. but hey its working and i cant get it to not work. so as long as it lasts until after the honeymoon im golden!
after that go to meet my awesome florist- who is paula's mom! we pick out amazing hydrangeas. i LOVE them. after that i head to lagrange to meet with the reception place. we have a tasting. it is amazing. awesome. incredilbe. im PUMPED about my coffee & dessert reception. loads of awesome coffees, tons of amazing desserts, yummy foods and a great atmosphere. its going to be cool.
then went to dress shop. (an affair to remember). dropped it off to get steamed before the wedding. and what do you know. while im changing mom is flipping through a rack of dresses- and she finds THE ONE. haha... she tries it on. fits great. looks great. pretty color. a little sparkle, but not a lot. flowy. lovely. yay!! she buys it and is set! and it looks great!! and we are sooo excited!!! (: yaaayyy!!!
afterwards go see my awesome friends katie & noelle. noelle & i talk about music for the wedding. she is the amazing pianist for the evening. and then katie joins us for just some lovely fun. so relaxing. just talkign with old friends! i LOVE being in lagrange. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! and i LOVEEEEEE even more being with old friends. (: and by old i mean like they are 2 of the first friends i ever had at LG!!

so yeah. it has been a CRAZY BUSY few days! mom & i have gotten LOADS accomplished though! and in 3 weeks ill be home getting ready for the big day!! i can't wait!!! its going to be prettty awesome!! (:

so tomorrow off to lake J to see ryan (possibly the last time before the week of the wedding!) but im soooo excited to hang out. and see hiM!! and be together. and have fun!! (:

anyway. must go to bed.
hope you enjoyed the update of my week!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1 to go.

1its hard to imagine what will happen in five years.
but in one month- everything that has happened in the past five years of my life comes together for the biggest and best day of my life.

its also hard to imagine that five years has gone by!
its been a hard summer being a part from ryan, but its also been good.
we have spent a lot of time remembering.
funny things. hard times. our best adventures. our crazy times. and even the sad ones.
its been such a great thing to do.

crazy huh. five years.
man oh man.

here is a quick rundown of the last 5.
enjoy. :)

back to the beginning.
tybee island. freshman year.

sophomore year- expeditions with jesse.

jr year. trip to disney!

Senior Year- trip to JAPAN!


moving to durham & experiencing CAMERON!
and then finally getting our FIRST PLACE!!

five years.

one month to go.

a huge, long, exciting, crazy life ahead.

bring it!

love & peace

Sunday, July 12, 2009


i did this.

minus ryan.

went to wrightsville beach today.
laid. relaxed. watched waves. got some sun.
it was LOVELY.

i LOVE the ocean.

and the sand.

love it.

now im eating cereal, and about to hop in bed with a book.
mmmm what a wonderful day!

Friday, July 10, 2009

toe surgery

gosh. i have not posted in so long!
i forgot to update you on the toe surgery!
of course i took pics on the process.
haha... and dont worry. there are not any too gross!!!

and before we begin let me tell you what happened.
simply: i stubbed my toe.
at the retreat i worked THREE WEEKS AGO i stubbed it on a tree root. when the skin grew back in it grew OVER my toenail! lovely. so they had to cut out my toenail and cut off that skin.

(as you can see the red crap OVER the toenail. bloody skin)

the prep before

my toe covered in betadine... NOT blood!! just the cleaning stuff.
this is after it was numbed and the doc left the room to let the numbing set in.

after my procedure

and NOW!! :)
the black stuff is silver nitrate. its put on there to stop the bleeding.
it bleed a lot because it was very vascular- the skin flap and all.
anyway. the black stuff should go away over the weeks...

hopefully in like 1 or 2! i do hav ea wedding in 4!!anyway.
there is the toe.


Love & Peace


this wedding is coming together... hopefully!

sent out 100 or so invites this week.

picked up my DRESS TODAY! that just so happens to fit perfectly!!

bought some shoes.

so its coming along nicely! (:

anyway. if you have not checked it out... here is our lovely website!!! enjoy.

love & peace

Monday, July 6, 2009


today im getting this nasty thing cut on...
hoping a lil scalpel and drugs will fix it.

not as fun day in store...
but im prepared to come back &
::watch movies, stamp envelopes, & lay on the couch::

off to get it fixed.
ill take pics.
no worries!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

my 4th.

...was not so "4th-arific"

i worked. and sadly. it was the slowest dullest night in the ER yet.
we have a 30 room ER. at one point... we had 6 patients.
i think i had a total of 5 different pts throughout the 12 hours. normally i probably have 15 or 20. depending. anyway.... nothing fun. or exciting. or crazy.

oh well. back to work today. maybe it will be a little busier. its nice when its busy- not crazy busy- but just busy. when its slow- and its 2:00 in the morning... i get sooooo sleepy!

anyway. work today.
off tomorrow... but off to get my nasty ingrown toe fixed.

hope you all had a fun day yesterday! and saw fireworks. thats my favorite thing... and i missed out. but oh well. always next year!!!

love & peace

Friday, July 3, 2009


in no particular order...
pictures from my amazing THREE day adventure.

my super handsome husband to be!
(only a month & a half!)

brother ben choppin wood

two of my very very favorite people. (:
mom. rhino.

gosh. i love HIM so much!

my bum toe wrapped up for rafting!

after rafting the pigeon river
...SO FUN!!!

bro & sis love

we went on a search for ELK... and we found 'em!!
cool barn.

so big. & so close!

and yes. they are in the "wild".
they were released in NC a few years ago...
and have done well! doubled in size.
and are so used to people they come super close!!

on our picnic dinner watchin the elk.

tons of pics.
so fun. it was 3 days PACKED full of fun!
awesome time with awesome people.

HATED leaving...
but someone has to work in the ER on the 4th!!

love & peace.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

road trip

off to asheville.
going to see mr snider. (:
mom & bro are coming up tomorrow and we are going rafting!
which im super stoked about.
tonight ry & i are going to see elk graze in the cataloochee valley.

im excited about a few fun days!!

im out. short & sweet today.
peace & love

road trip