Friday, July 24, 2009


grocery store.
paid bills.
picked up ry's mail from old house.
paid more bills.
straightened house.

now off to work.
(well shortly)

thats my lovely day of grown up things.
today maybe friday: but its work day #1 for me.

and im looking forward to it.
i love my job.
i like going to work.
and good news....
a position came open for the 11-11 shift.
i applied.
lets hope i get it!

that will just make life for ry & i a LITTLE more normal.
i mean your wife coming home and getting in bed at 330 am is quite odd.
and then she sleeps in all morning.
hopefully 11-11 will be better.
if it doesn't work out oh well. maybe next time.
thats all for now.

off to save lives or something.

peace & love

pictures of the day:

brothers & i one random night.
this is the PERFECT picture of us.
the bff:
who will be HERE. in DURHAM. in TWO weeks!

the parentals:
who will be HERE! in DURHAM! next WEEKEND!!

1 comment:

Sara said...

oh i hate that picture of me! i dont normally wear clothes like that!! :))))))