Sunday, July 26, 2009

saturday nights in the ER

not every saturday night in the ER is fun, crazy, wild, ridiculous & what you would "expect".
but last night (for me) was.

most of the night was just busy.
then towards the end- i had two patients who had had far too much to drink, smoke, snort, and well whatever else you can do with drugs and alcohol.
both were at facilities trying to get better.

but one (A) had only been at the facility a few hours... so "A" was still a little drunk, coming off lots of drugs, and realllllly messed up. she had had a pint of tequilla, done dope, oxycontin, and methadone and then checked into a drug rehab place. well sounds like a sorta good plan... right?! when someone is coming off of drugs- and they are drunk- its a drunk person- with shakes & chills. yeah try putting in an IV into a person who is shaking...
luckily im strong. (:
(despite some opinions)
and could hold it still.
she also wanted lots of food, and was just a talking... about who knows what.
anyway. while everything is going on with "A"
there is another person "B" who has a history of alcoholism-
who has been in a facility for a few days
(so "B" is not drunk or high or anything)
but B is having severe withdrawals mixed with a few other disorders.
that just equaled madness.
B was eating invisible hotdogs, searching trashcans for her children, holding papers that weren't there, talking completley out of her head and well you get the picture. B was not with it.

sounds not too crazy, but you could imagine. it was madness.
those 2 patients at the same time. trying to keep them safe. us safe. and help them.
luckily i work with some awesome people who helped out tremendously
(and yes im still on orientation- so my preceptor was closely monitoring, but she stepped back a lot to let me handle things... which was good)

anyway. overall... it was a mess. but good. fun. funny. and i actually might have helped these two.
the er can be a funny place...

but i sure do love it.

back for one more night of fun tonight.

peace & love

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