Monday, August 31, 2009

monday: 8.31.09

this past weekend we bought a vacuum.
im in love.
eureka envirovac.
not sure if its because i was using a hand held vac all summer, bc this one realllly works. maybe bc of the handie "pet paw" that is an attachment that sucks up and scraps up dirt and hair like no other. or because its the "envirovac" and makes me feel better about using it. since it uses an AMAZING 33% LESS energy. wooo.
(ha. please. see/hear/feel the sarcasm)
but seriously. im so pumped about it.

today ry and i had our mexican monday lunch. mmmmmm.

i went to the grocery. and probably spent too much money, but am quite pleased with the outcome, and the menu for the week!

work was good the last two days. really good. def enjoyed it.

i just registered for DUKE CAMPOUT! hoping it actually works... and it wasn't like a fluke that i actually got registered... i will be camping out sept 11-13 (48 hours ) of madness including camping outside. on campus. with all the grad students. in hopes to be put into the draft at the end of the weekend for basketball season tickets! :) wooooo.
(its way more complex than just camping out... but ill share details later)

my friend skye moves HERE... to DURHAM... this week!! im soooo excited to have a friend here!!! :) and a good one at that!!

i had a dream about grad school. more like a vision of what im suppose to do. so on the list of things to do this week is buy GRE book. the time has come. no more excuses.

well. thats all the random ramblings for now.

off to read. and watch tv. and do nothing.... with my hubby.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 weeks

well. here is the best wedding pic of me on my wedding day so far!
a lil fuzzy.... a lotta sweaty... and this was after pictures and before my redo of hair and makeup before the ceremony.
that was me!
2 weeks ago today!

i can't believe its been 2 weeks!
it feels like its been months!
really. the past 3 weeks have def not flown by... which i am greatful for.
it really has taken its time,
and i have enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of the week before.
the honeymoon.
and the first week back at home.

today is my FIRST day back at work!...crazy isn't it!
anyway. im looking forward to getting back into the swing of things,
and seeing how the 3-3 will work out with a hubby at home!

anyway. off to make a big brunch!
waffles. eggs. sausage. mmmmm

love & peace

remember the other day... when i was having an awful day? well i was on the way to get my hair cut and realized... wait a second. this day is going so rotten- i should NOT get my hair cut. that will probably be devasting as well. anyway. i went yesterday... but unlike my friend paula i didnt chop alll my hair off... just a good 4-5 inches. YES. that much. you may not be able to tell. maybe you can. i DEF CAN!! its a huge difference for me. but i love it!! will prob go back next month and chop a lil more off. (: haha... anyway. the salon i went to was awesome. wash. cut. syle. drink... all for 20 bucks. it was crazy. anyway... here is my new do. not crazy. just way shorter, and fun layers.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

testy, tricky, terrible thursday

please allow me to give you a brief run down of my day.

- 9:00 wake up peacefully, feeling good. no probs here.
- 10:30 leave house and head to social security office
- 10:45 check in at s.s. office
- 1145 meet with the s.s. office person

yes. an hour of waiting... not too bad, but i pull out my ipod- and realize my ipod is dead. so i can't read the book i have just recently downloaded... for moments like this... ughhh.
upon speaking to the s.s. lady i tell her i want to change my name and drop rebecca. her response
"OH NO! hunny you can't do that"

excuse me. ::insert watery eyes::

no dear. you have to go to court to change your first name. we can only rearrange the middle name and your last name.

insert long period of silence.... where i sit. shake. and think.... al;dkjflkasjdflkjas.... how the aldjakdl can you cahnge my LAST lkadj name but not my first a;lkdjlafk;dj name. whhhattt in the world. now the angry/sad face can be applied.

lady says- well we can hyphenate your middle name or we can hyphenate your last name. or you can drop something.

a;dlfkjasdkfjas;ldfjsaldkfjsdf.... well i can't hyphenate my last name. and i dont want to drop my maiden name... bc if i do go to court it will probably be easier if its already a part of my name. ok. whatever. just hyphenate my MIDDLE NAME. THE NAME I GO BY.

(now my thoughts: what?!?! what did i just do?? what am i doing?!? what does this mean? is there really a hyphen there? is my name now daniellemacminn snider? like a fluid sound? what does that even sound like? what is going on! ahHHH!!!)

so i leave. with my new name... that i didn't even want. next up on the agenda was to go to the DMV- but no. can't go there for at least 24 hours after changing my name. (which i realize now- if i go to court- ill then have to go back to the ss office and then go back to the dmv... uuughghghhg)

where else do i go next- but target. lovely.

have a successful trip there.
go to post office and buy some fun stamps.

then off to home goods i go- to buy a comforter (a down alternative one) for our bed.
find a couple i like. decide ill get both- show ry- and get his opinion. check out- using my visa gift card- and then was told- AFTER I was already told a return was no problem- oh wait if you do return, we can't give you the money back. we will simply have to give you store credit... if you use that visa gift card. WHAT?? after you swipe my card you tell me this?.... i say 'we need to cancel that whole thing then". it gets canceled. the manager claims its done. i call the visa card- it says my account is zero. the store shows me the receipt that states it canceled the transaction. the card states it has no money on it. the store says we can't do anything else. i say you guys screwed me over. it better be fixed. they say try checking it later today. hopefully it will go back. but we can't do anything. i leave. livid. aldsjflkas;djflkasdjflsd

next i go to big lots to look at vaccumms. simply enough.... they dont have any.

i go by the gym to cancel my account- they tell me- no problem, but since its so close to sept we have to charge you for sept as well. laskdfjlaskdjfsla;kjfsak;djs

i go to harris teeter. buy jacks salsa & strawberry daiquirie drinks & cookie dough. ry gets home in 45 mins from school. we are eating tacos tonight.

im ready for tacos. and ryan.
and nothing else today.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

day dreammmmmer

i wish i were here doing this.


::Key West::

::on a boat... in the ocean::


::parasailing, key west::
(yes thats us!)

mmmmmm.... what an amazing week.... i love just thinking about it.

instead of those fun things im cleaning. organizing. and making lists of things to buy/things we need. such as: vacuum, silveware, sheets, comforters, ya know. essential things like that.
but i am making homemade pizza for dinner!

love & peace
mrs d

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bridal shots

so i wish i could add closer pics... but i can't. this is the best i can do for now... but still. go to the site. the password is xoxo ...these pictures will change your life. haha... just kidding. but thanks to my A-FREAKING-MAZING, fantastic, FABULOUSO, photographer over at Lindentree Photography my pictures have turned out incredible. i am patiently waiting for the wedding day ones! granted, the wedding day was hours upon hours upon hours of fun in the sun! haha... right lindsey?!? i know once they are done they will be wonderful. i can't wait. :) ill be showing you asap. trust me!!

well speaking of wedding... i have not really blogged about it.
but its true. it happened.
and wow was it wonderful.
really an incredible day. surronded by incredible people. lots of love. happiness. and fun.
the service was perfect.
wonderful music.
and the reception was just how we wanted it as well... except im pretty sure ry wanted to leave like.... an hour sooner. haha... didn't we all! it was one LONG, exhausting day. but the reception did turn out AWESOME. from the pictures i saw, and what i remember it looked GREAT! and from the "to go" boxes we had the food was delicious. my cake was GORGEOUS!! and tasted even better!! best part of all... i have half of a layer in my freezer right now!! mmmm delicious. :)

really the wedding was perfect. and i was with all of my closest and dearest friends and family.
thank you ALL for being a part of it.
everyone did so much for us. it was a bit overwhelming.

ill most def blog more about that in the future. i have so much to blog about when it comes to the wedding! esp once i get pics... :)

and then theres the honeymoon: that was awesome. the best week EVER. of relaxing. eating. laaying in the sun. sleeping 10 hours a night. getting room service. going to the beach. shopping. and reading. i loved every minute of it! best part was- ry and i were TOGETHER!! longest time together since MAY!!! sooooo crazy. soooo wonderful.

ill post some honey moon pics soon.

off to upload pics now.
love & peace

Saturday, August 22, 2009

honeymooooon. ;)

here i am.
mrs snider.
in richmond hill.
still enjoying our vacation.
will be heading back to north carolina tomorrow.

it has been such an awesome two weeks.
first the fun week with sara, paula, amy & allison.
then this week with ryan.
this week- the cruise- has felt like its taken a month. its been wonderful. :)
really. our wedding was only a week ago, but it feels like a good month ago.
we LOVED our cruise. and our detours along the way (hamilton :first night! awesome bed & breakfast: ebts! yes...dont judge. now here in the RH with the inlaws having tons of fun!)

ry & i opened a BAZILLION presents (umm thanks!)
ate food. washed the car. UGHHHHHH. umm friends who decorated our car: you suck. haha... the whole time ry & i were like our friends did this to us. ughhh... but then we were like... gosh. they did so much for us. so friends who did things for us.... thanks. really. our homies made our wedding the most perfect day for us. we are so grateful for you all.

well our awesome photographer has gotten my bridal portraits... and they are awesome. i can't wait to figure out how to share them with you... and show you wedding pics!! they are going to be AMAZING. trust me.

the end for now.
but will be writing much much more in the future.

love & peace

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on the married folk

Sara here. Danielle referenced my blog in her last post--I just now blogged about wedding details and photos (sorry it took so long), so check out my blog here if you're looking for an update and some info about the big day!

Also, I heard from Danielle today. She and Ryan enjoyed Key West today and are having a BLAST. I'll let her share the details, but all is well and they are having fun!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


its wedding week.
and im having a BLAST!!

sara & i drove ten hours down and made it home safely yesterday.
after an hour dinner at the dillard house- and 30mins on the side of the road due to an overheated car. yeahhhh lets not talk about that. we finally got home at 12:30am

anyway. today went and had breakfast on my grandma's farm with grandma & grandpa T.
soooo goooood.
so fun.
so relaxing.
and soooo HALARIOUS. those two just crack me up.

then this afternoon had bridal potraits with lindsey.
ummm talk about fun.
talk about an AWESOME photographer.
we jammed out to an ipod.
sweated a TON- but its ok. wet dress = no worries.
hiked through lots of bushes.
climbed mountains.
stood on tables. and chairs.
allll while wearing my white wedding dress.
and no. its NOT RUINED!! (:
not even a drop of dirt on it.
thanks to my amazing photographer. an incredible best woman. and an awesome hair s & make up stylist/personal asssistant.
the 4 of us were ROCKIN!

anyway. we had a blast.
now are mom, sara & i are gathered round looking at baby pictures of me. hahaa...
sooo funny.

so tomorrow i leave the real world- and venture to the mountain of pine. (ok pine mt) and am staying in a sweet cabin with my GIRLS!!
no internet. no tv. just us. nature. and im sure LOTS of silly moments.

we will be working on projects, watching girly movies on the laptop, eating a lot, and well drinking a lil, opening some presents of secret stuff, decorating the chapel, doing nails, swimming, and relaxing. i am soooo excited!! its going to be an awesome few days.

then the wedding!! hollllllA!
THEN HONEYMOOON!!! double hoolllla!
hello beach & cruise ship!

so ill im saying is- this could be it blogger world. this could be the last post as miss macminn. next time around ill be MRS SNIDER!

so ta-ta for now blogger world. stay tuned to SARA's BLOG. she will update. but for me. im out. (her blog can be found to the right)

peace & love one last time as a single lady....

Saturday, August 8, 2009


just click here:

and ummmm can i mention i got an IPOD TOUCH TODAY!?!?!???!??!?

holy freaking cow.
i cried i was so happy.

its amazing.
all i do is play on it.

but we need to play wedding now.

love & peace
a darn freaking excited bride to be

Friday, August 7, 2009

friday morning... get my day going thoughts...

...can someone explain to me how i fell asleep at 3am, and woke up at 915 wide eyed rearing to go? hmmmm....

...i spent lots and lots and lotssss of hours last night uploading 100s of pictures...

...i bought my first bit of lingerie yesterday. i felt really awkward checking out. i mean i was at macys and all. in the lingerie dept. but for some reason... felt weird. probably bc i have never worn anything like the stuff i bought. haha...

...this line goes out to amy. the "brash" as we fondly know her. she is my longest, and oldest, and really just my lifelong friend. she would do anything, and i mean ANYTHING for me. at the drop of a hat. she is the funniest person in the world. always smiling. always has some joy to share. amy is so incredible with kids. they flock to her. she is sweet and caring. and did i mention ha-larious? she is also nasty at softball. and by nasty i mean awesome. (: amy and i have known each other since KINDERGARTEN! became "friends" in 3rd grade after a fight that sent us to the principals office. we spent a summer together at her house. broke a trampolin once. got ready for every "prom" and hs social event together. played softball & basketball together. we dressed up as pumpkins one year for halloween. we wear tie dyed shirts. she is just a bundle of love, joy, & happiness and will be standing beside me next saturday.
i love her to death.... so there you have it. thats ammmmyyyyy- lu.

...well i have a list a mile long of things that i need to do before sara arrives... TONIGHT!! (:

love & peace

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

finally wednesday night reflections...

... first off. i must say... ITS WEDNESDAY NIGHT! that means IM DONE WITH WORK!!!
soooo exciting.

ok. on to the real reflections.

...conan o brian makes me SO HAPPY. like i sit in my bed and laugh. out loud. LOVE IT! he is so darn funny. clever. witty. just hilarious. i love the things he does. so hysterical. today i had an 18year old female. in a car accident. (not bad. she was fine) anyway. i had a few funny encounters with this chica. such as the moment i walked her to the bathroom and she asked- is the doctor going to take off my shirt? i have a tattoo that my parents dont know about! ...haha.... i was like no dear. you are fine. as i laughed. then she was concerned about being pregnant. she didn't think she was- but when i asked for her pee- she was like oh no. if i am pregnant are you going to tell my parents? again i told her no. you are 18. i can't. oh heavens. she was a mess. but i was so entertained. goodnesssssss.

...i also had a snake bite pt today. quite interesting. mainly just monitoring and morphine. but it was kinda cool.

...have i ever mentioned i realllLLLLyyyy like the people i work with?
like i realllly like them. (most of them. but you can't always be 100%)
anyway. they are sooo wonderful. encouraging. helpful. fun. FUN. FUN!
def makes going to work good. looking forward though to THREE WEEKS OFF! simply due to the break. being with friends. and having a TON OF FUN!!! its going to be awesome!!

...everyday this week, ive come home to giant boxes of presents on my porch!! makes me feel soooo special! and no. im not opening all of them. saving them for ry. who will be HERE! at OUR house on SUNDAY!!!

...sara flies in on friday. ummmm so freaking exciting.
can't wait.

going to go back to conan. drinking my apple juice. and relaxin!!

the "real" work starts tomorrow!!

printing programs, CLEANING, errands

love & peace

Monday, August 3, 2009

monday night reflections...

... so. i love hispanic people. LOVE them. and I am in no way racist towards them or anything. i do have one issue though. today. at mcdonalds this VERY sweet, young gal was at the drive through window. she was nice. and smiley. but she spoke NO ENGLISH. now im all about her having a job. GOOD FOR HER! but please. mcdonalds. dont put the poor girl at the window... ESPECIALLY when there is a problem with my order, but she can't tell me what it is. oh it was frustrating. and i felt bad for her. she just kept smiling though. mcdonalds should probably re-think that one.

... i have a small circular 'sunburn" on my left cheek. weird. im sure it will go away. but so strange... just this shaded circle area... (no its not well defined. its not cancer. just a funny sun burn- and no its not even bad. just red)

... started studying for my ACLS certification. and well all it did was make me freaking nervous! i have not studied or even thought about studying or taking a test in a year. ekkK. i have A TON to memorize. in only 3 weeks. (and well you know what the next 3 weeks of MY LIFE look like!)

...speakng of that...
2 more days of work
4 days until sara is here
6 days until ryan is home!
12 days until the wedding
14 days until the cruise
...not that im counting...

i am sooo very excited.
:) off to bed.
love & peace

Sunday, August 2, 2009

sunday night thoughts parents already left me to go back home. i miss them already. i love having company. i love having THEM here. and well i just LOVE them.

...they are quite awesome. and fun. and they had the TIME of their life at the paul mccartney concert last night. even though they ended up driving:
8 hours to durham
7 hours to dc (due to traffic)
6 hours to durham from DC
8 hours back to columbus
ALL within a weekend!!! they said it was worth it!
esp dad. he was thrilled. it was exciting to see them so excited!

...i want to be on the cruise. ry booked our "excursions" today. i can't wait to (see what they are & to do them!!) getting a little nervous about the wedding. let me rephrase. starting to feel stressed.
nervous about marrying ryan- HECK NO. stressed that things such as the PROGRAMS will be done, the favors will be right, the signs im painting will turn out, and the small details will pan out. thats what im a tiny bit nervous about. erghhh.

... only 3 more days at work & im HOME FREE! off for 3 1/2 weeks. im NOT going to know what to do! i have not had more than a week off since last summer! its going to be rockin!

...going to try and sleep.

love & peace

saturday night live

... is it weird that i come home from working 12 hours in an ER to watch an hour of "trauma life in the ER" on discovery... really. i do. everynight im up from 3-4. we had a 2 year old who fell on a piece of metal and cut his leg so deep we could see tendons. his little fat was hanging out everywhere. he screamed a lot. but by the end we were amigos. ...he only spoke spanish. it was challenging.

...have i ever mentioned i love my job?

...ryan and i will be reunited in ONE week! really. im so ready. he is too. this being a part has SUCKED. phone convos SUCK. email. cards. fbook. its kept us alive, but still. there is nothing like being together. and being together 3 times over 3 months just doesn't cut it. :(

...and in two weeks we will be getting married. (: and on a cruise! mmmmm

love & peace until tomorrow

Saturday, August 1, 2009

saturday morning thoughts and dad are here. im thrilled. i LOVE having company. especially company that helps me with at home projects! like this. dad installed a ceiling fan for me & ry's room. wooo.

... mom and dad are going to the paul mccartney concert in DC today!
im OBBBERRRR jealous. i SO wish i were going with. but it will be a fun road trip for them! i have to work. and make money. & dad also helped me change the NASTY old air filter. ew!
...and attatched the smoke alarm to the wall... and helped me put the other smoke alarm back together.

...i put out a "salt lick" in the backyard so i can attract more deer. haha.

...5 days of work left! (all in a row) but then OFF FOR 3 WEEKS!

...sara will be here soon. woohoo. she is awesome. the best MOH evvveerrr.

...ill be with all my bridesmaids in a week & a half. which im SUPER excited about.

...shark week starts tomorrow on discovery channel. yesssss.

off to get ready for work.

peace & love