Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bridal shots

so i wish i could add closer pics... but i can't. this is the best i can do for now... but still. go to the site. the password is xoxo ...these pictures will change your life. haha... just kidding. but thanks to my A-FREAKING-MAZING, fantastic, FABULOUSO, photographer over at Lindentree Photography my pictures have turned out incredible. i am patiently waiting for the wedding day ones! granted, the wedding day was hours upon hours upon hours of fun in the sun! haha... right lindsey?!? i know once they are done they will be wonderful. i can't wait. :) ill be showing you asap. trust me!!

well speaking of wedding... i have not really blogged about it.
but its true. it happened.
and wow was it wonderful.
really an incredible day. surronded by incredible people. lots of love. happiness. and fun.
the service was perfect.
wonderful music.
and the reception was just how we wanted it as well... except im pretty sure ry wanted to leave like.... an hour sooner. haha... didn't we all! it was one LONG, exhausting day. but the reception did turn out AWESOME. from the pictures i saw, and what i remember it looked GREAT! and from the "to go" boxes we had the food was delicious. my cake was GORGEOUS!! and tasted even better!! best part of all... i have half of a layer in my freezer right now!! mmmm delicious. :)

really the wedding was perfect. and i was with all of my closest and dearest friends and family.
thank you ALL for being a part of it.
everyone did so much for us. it was a bit overwhelming.

ill most def blog more about that in the future. i have so much to blog about when it comes to the wedding! esp once i get pics... :)

and then theres the honeymoon: that was awesome. the best week EVER. of relaxing. eating. laaying in the sun. sleeping 10 hours a night. getting room service. going to the beach. shopping. and reading. i loved every minute of it! best part was- ry and i were TOGETHER!! longest time together since MAY!!! sooooo crazy. soooo wonderful.

ill post some honey moon pics soon.

off to upload pics now.
love & peace

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