Saturday, August 22, 2009

honeymooooon. ;)

here i am.
mrs snider.
in richmond hill.
still enjoying our vacation.
will be heading back to north carolina tomorrow.

it has been such an awesome two weeks.
first the fun week with sara, paula, amy & allison.
then this week with ryan.
this week- the cruise- has felt like its taken a month. its been wonderful. :)
really. our wedding was only a week ago, but it feels like a good month ago.
we LOVED our cruise. and our detours along the way (hamilton :first night! awesome bed & breakfast: ebts! yes...dont judge. now here in the RH with the inlaws having tons of fun!)

ry & i opened a BAZILLION presents (umm thanks!)
ate food. washed the car. UGHHHHHH. umm friends who decorated our car: you suck. haha... the whole time ry & i were like our friends did this to us. ughhh... but then we were like... gosh. they did so much for us. so friends who did things for us.... thanks. really. our homies made our wedding the most perfect day for us. we are so grateful for you all.

well our awesome photographer has gotten my bridal portraits... and they are awesome. i can't wait to figure out how to share them with you... and show you wedding pics!! they are going to be AMAZING. trust me.

the end for now.
but will be writing much much more in the future.

love & peace

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