Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow pictures

we ventured out into the snow today...
the following took place

ryan found a boulder of snow & ice
it was heavy
he wanted to throw it at me
i told him i would die if he did
so he threw it into the road

this is us!
in front of our snowy house!

the culde-sac
(yes. thats supposed to be a road)

our back deck!

our road...
not so drive-able
in any way

almost seven inches! with an inch of ice underneath

now... we are inside bundled up by the fire

we made awesome homemade chili today
it sat in the crock pot alllll day
and was DELICIOUS!

next up we are making cookies.... mmmmm

anyway. its a nice cozy weekend inside for us!
since we can't go anywhere we are enjoying each other!
our house!
and doing a lil work (cleaning, cooking, sewing, reading)

from the snowed in kids


no pictures yet...
but there is snow on the ground. and lots and lots of it.
6-8 inches of the pretty white stuff and its falling all day.
ry & i will bundle up and head out a little later today.
im on call for work... so im crossing my fingers i dont get called in.
luckily if i do- its only for 4 hours- and they will come get me and bring me home.

anyway. its BEAUTIFUL.
we are hoping we dont loose power... thousands dont have power, but they are south of us. they have mostly ice. whereas we have way more snow. anyway.... if we loose power- what a story that will make.
we were just declared a "state of emergency".... makes it sound scary and is weird to see pictures of the highways and interstates and to see them COVERED in snow & ice and completely empty. creepy kinda.
...anyway. its so beautiful. and so fun hearing the kids outside screaming and laughing. LOVE IT!

ry & i will join them soon enough.
adios for now...
peace & love
from two snowed in love birds

Thursday, January 28, 2010

bipolar weather

today was a GORGEOUS day.
65degrees. sunny. bright blue sky. it was wonderful!

forecast for tomorrow: snow. high 30's.
saturday: in the 10's and MORE SNOW.

i dont get it....
but i do have to say i am excited!

i went grocery shopping today and stocked up on food.
bought some firewood.
(yes. i live in a forest. but do you think im going to trampse around with an ax and cut up wood?... nope. ill buy some wood)
and now am ready for the storm.

luckily im off the next six days!
(well working a few hours here and there... but not a full 12)
i have a big list of things i want to do.
its hanging on the fridge. hoepfully ill get it all done!

anywayyyy. back to hgtv i go.
relaxing and enjoying time with my hubby!
we just got back form a sweet date... we hadn't seen each other all week due to work.
but we have all weekend bundled up in our house!!

peace & love

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


i dream a lot.
every night in fact.
and last night was no different....
most of the time my dreams are very clear & vivid.
and i remember them.

last night i had two lengthy ones. the first was about a murder.
there was some killing involved. it was not good. :(
then i woke up- and went back to bed...
and dreamed of an earthquake.
paula was with me.
and amy.
and ryan.
and others.
we were in my great grandmothers house- she wasn't there. we were just in her house. and it was in the dominican republic. weird. i know.
the earthquake hit.
started with wind. then was shaking. EVERYTHING was shaking.
and loud. and the roof fell off.
but everyone survived in the house. there was lot of us in there, but we all survived.
very weird....

oh well.... i need to eat something so i can go to work... day 2 of 3.
adios for now.

love & peace

Sunday, January 24, 2010

weekend excitement

so. its been quite a weekend!
friday... i worked. and it was just regular.
BUT before i went in we had our washing machine FIXED!!
we have not done laundry since my trip to FL...
TWO WEEKS of clothes were piled high-
luckily that has shrunk tremendously.
we have also spent a lot of time reading, researching, and ry writing a paper.
regular old weekend in grad school (for ry)

the real excitement:
friday afternoon my brother in law PROPOSED!
(on top of duke chapel i might add)
of course MK said yes!
so that made for a very fun & exciting weekend !
friday night (while i worked) people headed out and celebrated!!
saturday morning we had a "morning after" brunch...
we basically ate the most AWESOME breakfast
at a place called Watts Grocery
and chatted for a few hours about what happened and what the plans are now... etc.

anyway. saturday night more celebrating with mere-
followed by a sunday trip to get manicures.
i told mere since she is going to be showing off her ring she needs pretty nails!!
sooo fun. and makes you feel so pampered.

anyway... i love these two people.
so yay for mere & colin and the happy times to come as they plan their big day!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

good news.

my husband and i are now the proud owners of a red honda accord!

ryan found this car over the weekend-
and after three trips to the car lot
(one to look, one to test drive, one to pay)

we have it sitting in the driveway!
95 honda accord.
and its in excellent condition!
we are STOKED.

ry's old car is sitting in the driveway.
we are still contemplating what we will do with it.

so after the long weekend, the hours of car searching, the rain, and the COLD i got from being out in the bad weather- we have come out ahead. with a car. that SHOULD last us a long longgg time. God always provides...

love & peace

Sunday, January 17, 2010

what a weekend.

how do i even begin this one...
well. i guess ill just jump right in.
ryan's car is broke as a joke
we took it to a shop- knowing something was wrong-
and well too much is wrong.
his car (the one he has had since the age of 15)
is going to have to be retired.
its quite a shocker to the system....
not just sad about loosing a car that one loves-
but HOLY COW... now what?!?!
we have to buy a car.
me. and ryan. and our minimal savings.
we are against debt... well for a car anyway... house or school is different... anyway.
luckily we have some in savings, but its quite minimal.
especially when trying to find a car that is going to be
RELIABLE. and last a few more years.
anyway. its been a roller coaster weekend. spent hours (and really HOURS)
searching online & at lots around town
trying to find something.
we have a few possibles- so hopefully tomorrow something grand will come our way.
we are going to test drive a few things in the morning... which is exciting. and hopeful!

in other news.
i have a cold.
blahhhhh. so nasally. congested. and i can't stop sneezing! its out of control.
my poor little nose is red and raw from blowing out all my boogies!

oh well.... for some reason i picked this picture to post today.
i like it a lot.
its me. standing on the beach in guatemala.
my feet in the PACIFIC ocean.
looking out into the ocean...
thinking about the future.

who knows what the future holds.
forget next year- who knows what we will be doing next month.
life is one crazy curve ball after another.
it sure is fun, but it definitely has its moments of
oh my.

off to watch some duke basketball.
and not do much of anything....

love & peace

Friday, January 15, 2010

P cubed.

as in:


first let me mention i was happy to see people do read my blog.
and YESSSS i read yours.
and julia: im pretty sure you may have seen my hubby more than i have this week!
(darn work hours)

back to my title.
yesterday in my 12 hours of work i got puked on, peed on and proposed to.
it was a LONGGG 12 hours to begin with.
had a LOT of work going on.
was running all over the place.
then pow. the puke came.
i got new scrubs and continued on the ridiculous day.
after several more hours the proposal came.
by an individual who was high as a kite.
it was ridiculous.
and annoying.
and made the day slowly tick by...
anyway. after 12 hours... i came home and hopped in the bed.
well after leaving all my clothes in the laundry-
and enjoying a nice warmmm shower.

im glad to have a day off today to relax and enjoy doing NOTHING.
well probably should clean a lil.
and pay some bills.

adios for now.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


is my favorite.
really. i looovvee some good salsa.

today has been a morning of catching up- sorta.
groceries. errands. etc...

my poor hubby has a nasty little cold- and is just miserable.

i have a lot of things to do before work.

thank goodness i got off early last night!
only worked an 8 hour day which was super awesome... it makes going to work today much better.
especially since i am off work tomorrow.

i am starting to wonder if people read my blog anymore... well except for sara.

we have to take ry's car to the shop tomorrow! ekK!

i love mountain dew as well.
soothes my taste buds.... and prevents headaches.

its soooo pretty outside. bright blue sky. sunny. mmm... my kind of day.

i need to hang some artwork up around the house.


well i think those are enough random thoughts for now...
love & peace

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

home sweet home

.... to my sweet husband

who has cleaned the house.
vacuumed EVERYTHING!
dusted it all.
done all of the laundry.
folded all my clothes.
cleaned the toilets.
changed the sheets.
made the bed.
and made me an outstanding big dinner.

man. im one lucky lady.

back to the real world tomorrow.

adios for now.
love & peace

Monday, January 11, 2010

multitude monday

its monday.
and im actually blogging my multitudes...
just in case you are wondering, i keep a small journal of things "i am grateful for"
i could never write down all of my blessings, but this small list helps me keeping positive in life. and it helps remember great moments in life!

here is a small taste of last week

260- sara's birthday
261- SARA!
264- sleeping on my two flights (since 3 hours of sleep just doesn't cut it)

(pic from a previous fl. trip)

268. seeing the BRIGHT BLUE ocean
270. laughing ...a LOT
275. staying up until 3 am talking... like little girls
276. dreaming about life
277. making big plans

*another previous trip*

281. thinking about life
283. delicious seafood lunch at a marina
284. the joy kids bring to life (and the laughs & smiles)
285. a LONG nap
286. cheesecake


as you can tell i like my best friend a lot.
we are just two peas in a pod.
its such a blessing to be here with her family in there welcoming home
having fun- sharing life-

i fly home tomorrow... to my poor hubby who is at home. solo.
he is ready to see me... im sure of it.
and im excited to see him!

anyway. life is good.
we are all blessed.
peace & love

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

hello again

five days since my last post....
my apologies.

work has kept me busy... and when i am not working- im sleeping.
i sleep a lot. well it feels that way, but since i go to bed at four- i wake up between 12 & 1... i suppose its not THAT much sleep. anyway, im back in the swing of working 3-3.

ry & i have completed a puz3d puzzle in the past few days.
spending a good EIGHT hours on the thing!
but we finished. we built notre dame out of puzzle pieces and its AWESOME!

today i had an enjoyable day off .
spent the day shopping with ryan- spending some gift cards we got. :)
which was loads of fun...
then headed to a movie.
AVATAR (3-d).

which was so awesome. such a remarkable movie... really. the graphics are incredible. a whole new world was created. it was sooo awesome. i loveddd it. and well 3d these days is ridiculous.
so yeah... if you were wondering. avatar is a must see in theatres... with the sweet glasses.

oh yeah... today... we also (finally) took down all of our christmas decor. kinda sad, but just means a new season of life is headed our way. i was amazed at the amount of decorations and ornaments i collected this year. all are now stuffed away in a giant plastic bin in the closet.

hmmmm.... what else to share.
oh right.
probably the most exciting thing about this week (and probably month)
leaving on a jet plane friday morning heading to sunny florida!
and although its not "hot" its also not 9*!!! which yes. it has been here the last few nights.
anyway im PUMPED to see the best friend and celebrate her birthday!! and hang out!! and be together!! we dont get to do that very much at all.... so its going to be awesome!

ok. i think thats enough rambling for now....
hope all is well with YOU!
love & peace

Friday, January 1, 2010

rewind on oh9.

2009... in a flash

-played in lots of snow
-went to the biltmore & asheville with sara
- GOT ENGAGED on a trip to the mountains
-went to beach a few times
-built a well in guatemala
- ry finished his first year of div school
- i got a job that i LOVE!
- ry did an internship in the mountains (which was awesome)
-saw elk
-went camping at lake J
- moved into me & ry's first home
-lived alone for 3 months (and reallllly enjoyed it)
-spent a week with sara
-GOT MARRIED to the man of my DREAMS!
-went to the bahamas on a cruise
-ry started his second year of seminary
-went to the outer banks for the first time
- took the gre
- applied to grad school
- was given a new jeep
-borrowed a second jeep while first jeep is having a heart transplant
- celebrated christmas 3 times
- went to the obx a second time
-celebrated a new year with my wonderful husband