Saturday, January 30, 2010


no pictures yet...
but there is snow on the ground. and lots and lots of it.
6-8 inches of the pretty white stuff and its falling all day.
ry & i will bundle up and head out a little later today.
im on call for work... so im crossing my fingers i dont get called in.
luckily if i do- its only for 4 hours- and they will come get me and bring me home.

anyway. its BEAUTIFUL.
we are hoping we dont loose power... thousands dont have power, but they are south of us. they have mostly ice. whereas we have way more snow. anyway.... if we loose power- what a story that will make.
we were just declared a "state of emergency".... makes it sound scary and is weird to see pictures of the highways and interstates and to see them COVERED in snow & ice and completely empty. creepy kinda.
...anyway. its so beautiful. and so fun hearing the kids outside screaming and laughing. LOVE IT!

ry & i will join them soon enough.
adios for now...
peace & love
from two snowed in love birds

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