Thursday, January 28, 2010

bipolar weather

today was a GORGEOUS day.
65degrees. sunny. bright blue sky. it was wonderful!

forecast for tomorrow: snow. high 30's.
saturday: in the 10's and MORE SNOW.

i dont get it....
but i do have to say i am excited!

i went grocery shopping today and stocked up on food.
bought some firewood.
(yes. i live in a forest. but do you think im going to trampse around with an ax and cut up wood?... nope. ill buy some wood)
and now am ready for the storm.

luckily im off the next six days!
(well working a few hours here and there... but not a full 12)
i have a big list of things i want to do.
its hanging on the fridge. hoepfully ill get it all done!

anywayyyy. back to hgtv i go.
relaxing and enjoying time with my hubby!
we just got back form a sweet date... we hadn't seen each other all week due to work.
but we have all weekend bundled up in our house!!

peace & love

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