Tuesday, January 26, 2010


i dream a lot.
every night in fact.
and last night was no different....
most of the time my dreams are very clear & vivid.
and i remember them.

last night i had two lengthy ones. the first was about a murder.
there was some killing involved. it was not good. :(
then i woke up- and went back to bed...
and dreamed of an earthquake.
paula was with me.
and amy.
and ryan.
and others.
we were in my great grandmothers house- she wasn't there. we were just in her house. and it was in the dominican republic. weird. i know.
the earthquake hit.
started with wind. then was shaking. EVERYTHING was shaking.
and loud. and the roof fell off.
but everyone survived in the house. there was lot of us in there, but we all survived.
very weird....

oh well.... i need to eat something so i can go to work... day 2 of 3.
adios for now.

love & peace

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