Thursday, July 31, 2008


well today i went to spinning. its a class at the gym... thats basically cycling or bike riding on crack. it was super fun- but a KILLER workout. i did have some knee pain, so i didn't go to hard, but gosh it was like constant burn in the muscles. their were only 5 of us in there, so that was nice. and it was all women, again nice. but me and chels were the only beginners. the other 3 were beasts. haha... i think they like bike ride for real, and just come their to train... or something. i dunno. it was fun though. im hoping to get into a habit of going to the gym as much as possible, and to get as unsore as possible, so that when work starts my soreness will not be as bad, but ill be in the routine of going that on my days off ill go. thast the plan. im paying monthly... so i better make it worth it!

i wish i had a picture for today... but i dont really. maybe ill find a good one for tomorrow.
it was a good day. im enjoying it here more and more. skype has been a life-saver! i got to talk to SAY-RA today!!! that was sooo exciting. i tried to give her a hug- didnt work out so well- but it was great to see her! annnnnd papa dur. haha. what a funny guy.

ok thats it for now. im about to go select a new book. i finished harry potter book 4 last night... at 12:30. gosh it was so good i couldn't put it down. i read for a good hr last night. and since i dont own book 5 i am waiting for ry to bring it to me in a couple of weeks... so until then i figured ill find a book on my shelf of 3,000 books!! haha... so anyway off to read.

love and peace-

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2 posts in 1 night...

i know. like the previous post wasn't enough... haha... if you haven't read the one below dont forget to do that... but yeah i came across this picture today on facebook... and OH MY GOSH... this guy is HANDSOME!! :) if i were flipping through a magazine and i saw this studly man i would rip out the pic and hang it on the wall... but WAIT... he is my man! :) my absolute best friend. my closest companion. the person i was made to be with... and there are pictures of him on my wall! good gracious. isn't he a HOTTIE! :) i am in love with one gorgeous guy. not only did the Lord bless me with a superb man who seeks after God... he looks like this! :) haha... ok enough bragging about him... haha just loved the pic and wanted to share with the world... :) sorry ry. i know you prob hate this post...

web cam = my new best friend

so last night was my first sad night... i just missed people. friends. mom and dad. seeing familiar faces. it was a lonely day- this week has been a lonely week- simply because the roommates work all day so its just me and puggy- who has turned into quite the annoying one. he just barks at EVERYTHING he sees or hears. its painful sometimes! haha. anyway last night i went to bed a lil sad- but thats ok and thats expected. but today. by golly that sadness has turned into HAPPY HAPPY HAPPINESS! like i said previously we didn't have wireless internet. well that lasted maybe 12 hours. first thing today i researched online and went to good old circuit city and bought an internet router. (with thanks to dad for the help in the store. i didn't know what brand or how big 400feet was) haha. yeah i know. anyway i get home and set up the router. check my comp- it works great. and then i remember the glorious gift/hand-me-down sara (one bff) gave me earlier in the year. a web cam. so by golly i hooked it up. paula (one of the bff's) had just told me the day before she and chad (her man) had a skype account. so i downloaded it and started hunting for friends. i found paula, chad, and sara. it was a glorious feeling. they were so close. well seconds later i realize chad is online. i think no... this can't be so good. by george it was that good. i sent a little hello... and then his little picture/video popped up. what a happy feeling that was to SEE someone i knew well. we chatted quite a bit. he left but to my surprise non-other than paula herself got on. SOOOO for basically a gooood long hour i web chatted with paula and jessica (a good old friend). i mean to understand the happiness i felt is hard to describe. i am so silly! i know. it has not even been a week- but i truly do miss people so much... mainly bc i dont know when ill see them again. so all day off and on i have been web chatting and its been amazing. so good to talk to and see people and laugh with people and goof off with friends. i was even able to give paula a tour of my new place!!! gosh the Lord truly blessed me today with laughter and love. it was such a HUGE blessing at the most PERFECT time. God always does know what you need when you need it. so needless to say the 40$ router was a 40$ well spent.

yay for web cam. mom ill be getting you one soon. you can join in on the madness. i promise you will love it!

let me just add- my roomies are amazing! they hang out with me as much as possible! tonight i went to get icecream with chels and just enjoyed her company and last night we all went to the gym (which was good and fun) so my roomates are a HUGE blessing.

one more thing... since this blog isn't long enough... I HAVE PICTURES! :) so enjoy!!
much love and peace!

no internet... :(

so. we dont have wireless anymore... :( and only 1 internet outlet thing... so im on a roomates comp. anyway im going to go out hunting for a router in a little bit. thats my big plan for the day. once that is accomplished ill be able to post some pictures! annnnd hook up my webcam!! :) yay!! anyway the gym yesterday- woooah. im sore today! but it was such a good excercise/work out. ill prob join and go often. especially if i can get in the swing of things right now hopefully that will carry over once work starts... on my days off of course. anyway- not too much to say. hope all is well everywhere! :) much love and peace

Monday, July 28, 2008

a familiar face...

i am sorry to say... i still have no pictures of my new room, but they will be up soon enough.
i have gotten a lot accomplished today. a trip to the bank (that ended poorly). loads and loads of boxes emptied. pictures have gone up on the wall. boxes have been packed (im sending those to the snider boys house). and i had dinner with two familiar faces. two people from my roomate (lets call her chels) hometown... which also is mr snider's hometown... were here in durham so we had dinner with them. its always good to see people you know in a city of unfamiliar faces. it was nice to sit and eat and laugh. tomorrow is my first grown up meeting at the job. im sure it will be fine. i am just hoping it does not take all day! haha... i have things to unpack!! and i will also admit- i am going to the gym with chels tomorrow. it will be quite humurous... but the time has come. i kept saying as soon as i graduate i will join a gym. luckily i have found one, i get a discount bc of my employer, its close to my house... and it has TONS and TONS of classes at every time imaginable. these are all important things. so tomorrow is work-out day 1. ill let you know how it goes.

peace and love.

(lots of love especially to you mom :) )


i do need to thank mom and dad for all their hard work. gosh i would have never done it without them. i can't even imagine... so yeah. thanks mom and dad.

anddd thanks to my foshee for sending me BEAUTIFUL flowers for when i arrived. talk about an awesome happy surprise! good gracious. that put a HUGE smile on face and made me so happy. im so blessed to have such a good friend! :) much love dear.... and see you SOON!

oh durham

so im here. and busy busy busy.
upacking, organizing, cleaning, and buying.
its going really great so far- only a few more boxes left!
ill post a few pictures of the completed room soon!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

all my bags are packed...

that was quite a lot of work... thanks to paula and my dad we got it packed though!
all thats missing is my mattress
so off to durham we go!
we did have our first blood loss today
i felt my leg was wet- and i went to wipe it thinking it was sweat... oh no. it was blood.
i have no idea how or what... but i sliced it right on open.

...its a good thing i am a nurse!

i will add... tonight i had dinner with a dear friend. my longest life long pal. always has been and always will be a close friend. we've known each other since kindergarten! anyway she is one of those friends that even though i haven't seen her in months, after dinner it was like we were little kids again. she is such a joy in my life- and the best friend i have ever had. it was so good to sit and laugh for a couple of hours and catch up on life. i know i wont see her again for quite a while... but when i do it will be just like old times. everyone needs a friend like the brash....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i got this little guy... well not so little actually...
with a huge thanks to paula... i began to fill this beast up!
not so empty anymore...

let the move to north carolina begin!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the wedding of the year

i have realized my profile has been kinda dark lately... well with batman and all... so im brightening it up with the most recent wedding i attended, and participated in... my grandma's.
it was absolutely beautiful.
packed full of people.
the food was delicious.
the weather was perfect... well except it was 91*....
and the setting was wonderful.

here are a few of my favorite shots...
::the GORGEOUS signs that led the way to the country house::

::the beautiful fans that helped beat the heat::

::my amazingly wonderful, steadfast, and encouraging date::

::the whole family- with our new addition... mr T::

let me set the stage if you can't tell already.
we were far out in the country.
the ceremony was in a gazebo with the family and friends sitting in white chairs.
the backdrop was a huge field with several barns in it, and of course a beautiful white fence.

truly was breathtaking, and really the sweetest ceremony i have ever seen.

::since the wedding, life has been CRAZY packing for the big move! off to NC i go in a mere 2 days::

Sunday, July 20, 2008

the dark knight...

out gang dressed to impressed....
::i will add we had several strangers ask to take pictures of us... we felt important::

::robin and the clown::

Thursday, July 17, 2008

its going to be a dark knight tonight...

12:01am I will be joining a few fellow camp friends to witness a spectacular film.
I have no doubts it will be worth the sleepiness and exhaustion tomorrow.
to add to the fun we are dressing up... I mean why wouldn't we.
we have a batman, robin, joker, catwoman... and well...
this is my character...

one of joker's clowns.
ill post pictures of us in our costumes.
i can promise they will be entertaining.

so yeah my last night here on epworth... and ill be at the movies... enjoying a film.
i mean gotta go out with a ::BANG::

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

oh the lake...

so i spent the weekend at the bff's lake cabin... it was amazing.
and this is why...

i got to spend tons of time with her hanging out and discussing life.
i got to see my family!
i got to go to a wedding of a dear friend... which was beautiful.
i was able to play in the water- go tubing and jet ski- and watch the lil bro learn to water ski!
i ate tons of awesome food.
i slept on an incredibly comfortable bed... in a cave. sorta.
i was able to stay up late and talk and learn and love
i got to spend 2 FULL days with the bff!
i got a cake with an cute nurse on it
i got another cake with RN on it
and this was my view every single day i was there...

i am now back to camp for one final ho-rah before i pack up and retire from camp nursing.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

its hot!

today... its killer hot... high is upper 90's... humidity is out of this world... man oh man- i look forward to the north carolina weather... hopefully its a bit better than this! i can't even go to the pool to lay out because its misery out there!!

luckily the office has been pretty quiet and ive been able to read a lot of harry potter. im on year 4 flying through it. soooo good. let me tell you! i love it. :)

more excitement in the future... im going to foshee's lake house this weekend! so i get to relax and have fun and visit... AND finally see my family! its been 6 weeks! kinda unbelievable. so yay for a fun weekend... followed by the LAST week of camp!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the little things...

a friend of mine is currently in South Africa serving this summer as a good old missionary.
::you can read her blog to the right- For Him, Through Him, To Him::
Anyway she sent me a quick email this morning that reminded me the importance of supporting fellow Christians in their calling. It also reminded me the amazingness of God and how perfect HIS timing is.
Briefly- she told me that she has been trying to figure out how her finances were going to work out- and how she was going to pay for a few things coming up. She said she was praying about it and just pondering- when she stumbled across a letter I sent her in her Bible. I had sent her 40bucks for her trip. Really not much at all- but in other countries that money's worth increases a lot. She found it and instantly God provided her with her needs.
When she sent that to me I was just reminded that our God answers our prayers in His own way in His time. He does always provide us our needs. He is faithful indeed.
Be encouraged- God will provide our needs in ways we would never think. Lee needed a little cash- and it fell out of her Bible. There's no telling what else God can and will do.

Monday, July 7, 2008

back to "work"

so i have left one island... to return to another one.
"work" aka camp started back today... so back to the meds, and puke, and headaches it is.
really its an awesome job- and now that i am done studying its a whole heck of a lot better because i can play and relax and have fun... instead of studying!!

so back to work it is... but luckily for me its on an island in the atlantic!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

2 words.


::this means i am a REGISTERED NURSE::
no more studying!

Friday, July 4, 2008

america... america...

the classic american family on the 4th.

i do find fireworks ironic for many many things.
1. america spends 207million dollars a year importing fireworks from china alone. ::more from other countries:: that money alone could be spent on 100's of other things!
2. americans just sit and stare at fireworks. just stare. in awe... when really there are so many other beautiful NATURAL things.
3. and last. fireworks sound like guns and bombs. here we sit in a peaceful country... but listen to things that sound like bombs and guns going off. just listen to fireworks... close your eyes and listen. it sounds terrible. kinda cool... big booms... but after a while... bombs.
dont get me wrong. i love fireworks. especially the ones at disney world! :)
but really. its quite ironic.

just a few thoughts from my 4th spent at surf city.
here are a few pictures from the festivities.

one of the 17 pictures we tried to take... every single one ruined by uncle darren

ice and i

the little one.

the cousin couple enjoying the show.

whats better than a LARGE 1$ sweet tea... and no shoes.

it was a perfectly wonderful night.
a 2 mile walk to the show...
1$ sweet tea
lots of laughs and fun.
and a 20min firework show.

oh the 4th of July.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

july 3... a day i will not soon forget

5:30 came quite early this morning... luckily on the ride to wilmington i had a beautiful sunrise to look at. the big day has finally come... and is almost over. i have realized the waiting part is much more stressful than the studying. luckily i am at the beach on vacation with the love of my life... SO after the big test i had a lot of support and fun. we have this adventure we go on everyday... a quest if you will... to find sea glass and shark's teeth. today we hit jackpot. ill post some pics of our awesome finds later... but it was soooo relaxing just walking the beach. museum man did bring to ice and mine's attention a great philosophical question. why... are we out here searching for what was once trash. we are driven to find what was once aimlessly thrown into the vast ocean. id love to know the story of these pieces of glass. where they came from. how old they are. very interesting if you ask me. fun to ponder.

anyway. a good old classic american dinner awaits me... with some fireworks tonight. should be a very typical american weekend for me. which is probably exactly what i need.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

where i am

this is our house. 
::4 bedrooms. 2 baths. 1 kitchen. 1 living area. 15 people. fun & loud is an understatement::
this is the sunset last night. 
this is the beach. 
::notice the lack of people. yeah its AMAZING::