Thursday, July 24, 2008

all my bags are packed...

that was quite a lot of work... thanks to paula and my dad we got it packed though!
all thats missing is my mattress
so off to durham we go!
we did have our first blood loss today
i felt my leg was wet- and i went to wipe it thinking it was sweat... oh no. it was blood.
i have no idea how or what... but i sliced it right on open.

...its a good thing i am a nurse!

i will add... tonight i had dinner with a dear friend. my longest life long pal. always has been and always will be a close friend. we've known each other since kindergarten! anyway she is one of those friends that even though i haven't seen her in months, after dinner it was like we were little kids again. she is such a joy in my life- and the best friend i have ever had. it was so good to sit and laugh for a couple of hours and catch up on life. i know i wont see her again for quite a while... but when i do it will be just like old times. everyone needs a friend like the brash....

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