Sunday, May 30, 2010


the squirrel that used to live in our wall is back.
ew. ew. ewwww.
it grosses me out to hear something wandering around in there. scratching. and clawing.

this one has been in there much longer.
at least since yesterday.
i may have to let the landlord know about it.

sooo grossss.

any suggestions on ridding the squirrel or other creature that is hiding in the wall would be great. we have searched for a way in... and can't find it. must be under the house.
and im sure as heck not crawling under there.
OR letting my husband.
he would probably get eaten by something.


Saturday, May 29, 2010


this morning i woke up to the smell of bacon.
after questioning whether i was dreaming- or it was real-
i headed downstairs.

it was real.

jesse p, jase c, and ryan were making breakfast.
and by breakfast i mean
cheese eggs, pancakes AND waffles, bacon, blueberries and more

it. was. amazing.


i may not have mentioned the boys headed up here on thursday and are staying until tuesday!!? (maybe longer) it is fabulous having friends here. staying up late. hanging out. and being together. i LOVEEEE it.

love & peace

Thursday, May 27, 2010

my best friend...

is getting married.

to this guy.

he is fabulous.
and goofy.
and amazingly perfect for sara.

this is us.

being amazing.
and fabulous.
and goofy.

and here is an amazingly
picture of the two love birds... at disney...
inside a dark room.


here is the fabulous story:

LOvE, pEaCE and HapPiNESS to ALL

:) Bort

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


so many exciting things going on...
a friend of mine got some very exciting/ happy news!!!
i have the possibility of getting earlier hours at work...
two of my very very best guys friends are coming... TOMORROW!!!
((jase & jesse))
and they are staying indefinetly... which is even more exciting. they are leaving next week... sometime.
i LOVE those two boys sooo much. so i am pumped!
and i have saturday & sunday off!!
i may just may have a project for school that helps me at school- but also helps out the JOB!
love & peace

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

today i...

made a 100 on my quiz for class
yes it was over that AWFUL stats program i couldn't figure out how to use yesterday.
yes. a real 100.
first one in my class!
(well on a first take. we can retake our quizzes. they are different each time... but still)


then i cleaned a lil.

fixed a vaccum cleaner. by buying and installing a NEW BELT!

worked on the chrysalis talk ry & i are given in just a few weeks.

did one load of laundry.

did a lot of window shopping.

and bought a new shower curtain.

started my MAJOR project for school. :(

and well... i think thats all.

off to bed.

love & peace

Monday, May 24, 2010


it made me scream.
almost cry.
and yell at my very sweet husband.

who did a great job of trying to calm me down.
i might be developing anger issues
due to this school project nonsense.

the problem is not school.
or doing the work.

the problem comes when trying to use a program NOT designed for the mac
on the mac
wayyyy tooooo complicated- confusing- and annoying

it was rough day.
luckily im going to bed and starting over tomorrow.


Sunday, May 23, 2010


tonight i will be saying goodbye to some very good friends of mine.
we have been close for the past six years.

we have gained a few friends along the way.
we have lost a few friends.
its been a long journey...
and it has led us to here.
5. 23. 10

tonight we will spend hours watching.
sweating through stressful intense times.

its a very bittersweet goodbye.

so long my friends.

i will cherish our times together... forever.

Friday, May 21, 2010


im busy busy busy workin my 12 hour shifts.
since i had my lovely week off... i have quite a few days of word to catch up for my time off.
anyway. im busy working.

thankfully today... was probably one of the best days ive had.
maybe because it was soooo hilarious.
people are just crazy.
thats all.

adios for now. need some sleep!
love & peace

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

this man

is my hero.

as you may know- i left my hubby for a 5 day trip.
today i came home to my sweet hubby- who did so much for me while i was gone.

to start with- he brought me a treat to the airport.
brownie/cheescake delicious-ness.
lil brownie (like muffin size) with a cheesecake on top & in the middle.
and yes. he baked them from scratch.

then i come home to my laundry ALL DONE.
and folded.

new sheets on the well made- perfectly made bed.

a perfectly clean house.
with new yummy smelling candles and all.

and now he is cooking me a wonderful dinner!
sun dried tomatoes in a white pasta sauce with sausage

he is wonderful.
so wonderful.
i am married to the most amazing man in the world.
God has blessed me with an incredible man.
i am so so so grateful for him.

love & peace

Monday, May 17, 2010

exhausted to the extreme....

at 7.30 am today i entered my grandma's car.
we ... make that i drove her... up the entire florida turnpike to her home in albany.
it was pretty fun.
lots and lots and lots of talking.
story telling.
chatting away the 8 hour drive.
it FLEW by... which was good.

anyway. im at home now with the parentals & the bros...
36 hours of home time.
im excited.
but right now im tired. exhausted really.
and ready to sleeeeep.

missing the best friend a lot... already.
leaving is the hardest part.
especially not knowing when our next time together will be!
anyway. off to bed.

i can't wait to see my sweet hubby in a just a few days!
i do miss him terribly.
ready to seeeee him!

well goodnight for now!
love & peace

Sunday, May 16, 2010

florida sunshine...

here are a few pics of epcot.
supppperrrrr fun.

::here's the entrance to disney!!!::

beauty & the beast.
made of flowers.
super cool.

the giant golf ball!

best friends.

sisters really....

last day together.
off the aunt's tonight- then the big 8 hour drive home to georgia tomorrow!

:) love & peace

Friday, May 14, 2010

please see here...

if you want to see today's excitement.

its good to be in florida.

its good to be with my best friend.

i do miss my hubby.
lots & lots & lots.

more happy times to come on my crazy trip!

love & peace
a travelin bort

Thursday, May 13, 2010


in 24 hours... i SHOULD be with the bestie... in florida...
so pumped.
like thrilled.

I. Cant. wait!

ps. still loving the hair. and still trying to figure out what to do with it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

prepare yourself...

my hair is GONE!!!
(i caved in. here are the after pics)
if you haven't... read the previous post first!!


ps. i did pantene beautiful lengths instead of 'locks of love' simply because pantene accepts your hair at the 8inch mark! whereas lol wants your pony to be 10 inches...
my pony was exactly EIGHT inches!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

this is what i did today...

8 INCHES!!!!!
off to pantene beautiful lengths to make a wig for cancer patients!

no pics of the end results yet.
sorry. ive got a few people to see in person first.
but i will say
i sat with my back to the mirror the ENTIRE time-
so it was totalllly non-stressful.
i figured if i didn't see what was going on- i wouldn't care until it was over.

(this is before the magic.... and yes. this is the girl that cut my hair. i loved her. she was fabulous. i want to be friends with her in real life. but figured thats probably weird.)

if you live in durham... kelsey at the posh salon... FABULOUS.
that place is awesome.
meredith (my sidekick who went with) and i were given glasses of wine to drink.
it was so relaxing.
a great environment.
i WILL be returning!

ok. ill post pics of the "after" makeover... after this weekend.

anyway... today was a FABULOUS day off.
:) 2 days of work before florida! and HOME!!

love & peace

Monday, May 10, 2010

house hunters

i love the show house hunters.
its probably top fav shows for me & ry.
not sure why.

i can't wait to buy a house.

although it could be a good 20 years before we get one.
oh well. its still fun to look. and watch other people buy houses.


3 days until IM OFF TO FLORIDA!!
im so excited.
the next few days are going to be exciting!!

ok. not much more to say.
im kinda boring.

love & peace

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother appreciation day...

well. im eternally grateful for my fabulous mom.


super hilarious.


so fun to be around.
gives the best hugs.

sacrifices everything for us kids.

giving- giving- giving.

hard working.

i guess you could say...
she's a lot like me.

:) haha... j/k mom.
love you lots.
see you in a week.

-happy mom's day to all-

Friday, May 7, 2010

nurse appreciation...

so. yesterday was "nurse appreciation day"
we got free ice cream!
a nice duke nurses blanket!
andddd massages!!

it was a nice day.

today... not as nice.
but im home now!
with my sweet hubby...
and we are ready for a fun, relaxing weekend together!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010


simply put...
i love ichat.

i spent a while on ichat talking with friends.
you know... ichat... its a live video feed to talk to people online!?

ok. anyway. started just me and sara.
then we added my awesome sister in law.
then we added one more friend of ours.

and boom.
we had us a party.

it was so fun!
the best part was... all four of us realized... this is the most people i've hung out with in a long time.
yeah. lame.
but dannnngggg.... it was fabulous.
we laughed. goofed off. caught up. and just enjoyed friendship!

off to work.
love & peace

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cinco de mayo

its my favorite day of the year!

.... ok not really.
but i do LOVE mexican food!

after lots of convincing.... me & the hubs enjoyed a very mexican lunch!
super delicious.

i then came home and took a siesta!

yeaaaaaa. it was awesome awesome.

i finally got up and going---
i have done all my classwork for the week!
now doing crummy homework.
the chi-square test... not something thats fun.
and the hw problems are just obnoxious.
these problems take of PAGES of paper... EACH. its ridiculous.
the WORST part is... during the class the teacher is says... "you dont reallllly need to know how to do this- because every computer program you use in real life does this for you. i just want you to know how. just so you can understand the problem."
ok. i get your point.
but seriously... im wasting loads of paper.
and time.
when i could just be plugging numbers into a stats software program.
oh well. the good news is ONLY ONE MORE WEEK OF CLASS!!
craazy. that flewww by.
then i have a test- a major project that we have 3 weeks to complete. then the final. then im DONE WITH STATS!!
for approximately a few months. ill be taking it AGAIN next spring at duke.

oh well.
in other news....

only 3 more episodes of lost.
2 shows.

last night i cried.... during the show... i dont think you can understand unless you've seen it.
but lost... is like a part of me. i started watching it wayyyy back when it started on ABC... and watched it all through college. some of the best nights of college were lost nights!

and now. its all ending.
the finale is called "the end"
that alone is so sad.

anyway... its over. just a few more episodes.
and i can't believe it.

oh well... bout to grab some cereal for dinner.
then ichat party with the bffffff.

dude... one week until im at sara's!
oh my. talk about 2 excited gals!! woooo!! :)

adios for now!
feliz cinco de mayO!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

busy as a bee

i spent the weekend doing three things...
working, shopping, & spending time with family

it was wonderful
i now have a nice "grown up" summer wardrobe
(and by that i mean 4 new shirts ***that aren't american eagle graphic t's/other young looking summer things. they are nice colorful tops***
& capris & sandles)
each item cost my 12$ or less!! (mostly less) all from banana republic.
really. it was pretttty superb.
ry & i spent a little time at macy's and we loaded up on kitchen goods!
i LOVE everything we got. all useful things that we wanted!
we got TONS and it was all.... FREE!
(that part simply because we still have gift cards leftover from the wedding)
hmm. i do believe thats about it.
well those things plus a lil class time/hw/quiz work.... and well i started a new book...

into the wild.
good one so far!

ill post the official BOOK LIST soon.
our new library opens up in town *close to our house!* in just a couple weeks!! im sooo excited! i already have a list of books I want to check out. :)

welllll off to eat dinner then watch lost.
ps... ry is DONE with his finals (he made A's on EVERYTHING!! **because he is amazing!!**) so its summmmmertimme for him! and im LOVING IT!!! so much great time together!

ok. enough for now.
love & peace