Tuesday, May 11, 2010

this is what i did today...

8 INCHES!!!!!
off to pantene beautiful lengths to make a wig for cancer patients!

no pics of the end results yet.
sorry. ive got a few people to see in person first.
but i will say
i sat with my back to the mirror the ENTIRE time-
so it was totalllly non-stressful.
i figured if i didn't see what was going on- i wouldn't care until it was over.

(this is before the magic.... and yes. this is the girl that cut my hair. i loved her. she was fabulous. i want to be friends with her in real life. but figured thats probably weird.)

if you live in durham... kelsey at the posh salon... FABULOUS.
that place is awesome.
meredith (my sidekick who went with) and i were given glasses of wine to drink.
it was so relaxing.
a great environment.
i WILL be returning!

ok. ill post pics of the "after" makeover... after this weekend.

anyway... today was a FABULOUS day off.
:) 2 days of work before florida! and HOME!!

love & peace

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HF said...

hey danielle! you are bold to cut off all of your hair-- i'm trying to work up the courage to do it myself. any reason why you chose to give it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths instead of Locks for Love?