Saturday, October 31, 2009

october highlights

leaves in their prime.
::taken today actually::

skye & i @ duke football

my dad in his element.
camera in hand. on top of a mountain.
thats him.


nope. not a green screen. REAL snow. and lots of it!



it has been such a fun month.
i really cannot believe its over!
november already? really!??!

with two birthdays, thanksgiving, a concert, and a few other possibles, i do believe november may just be as wonderful.

peace & love
and happy halloween

Friday, October 30, 2009


i have a pretty rockin mom
she does everything for EVERYONE...
funny. giving. kind. loving. and gives the best hugs.
i miss her lots..... and wish i lived closer!
she deals with a lot, but does it all with a smile.
im one lucky lady to have such a wonderful mom.

thanks mom for doing so much.
for me.
for the boys.
for all the other kids that come and go.
and for ash.
you are doing a fantastic job with all 4 of us. (:

peace & love to you all

Thursday, October 29, 2009

fear. trust. faith.

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
so why should I be afraid?
psalm 27.1

Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;

6 in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.

::few wise words for the day::
:::terrible picture. needs some serious work. but still. the verse. the mountains. thats the good stuff there:::

love & peace

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i want....

.... bangs like this.
maybe not so much the ridiculous face....
but these bangs.
and no. not a 'mixed' drink.
its an amazzinggg guatemalan juice drink.
and while we are at it.
i want one of those.
and some good guatemalan food.

ok. but what i really want...
is to go to school.
I want it.
what i want may not always be the best option in life... or the best for my life at this time...
but i sure hope this works out.
school. that is.
in fact the school i went to visit tonight...
yeah id realllly like to go there.
its only one of the top 10 best nurse practioner schools in the country.
i suppose crossing my fingers- and oodles of prayers will help.
prayer for God's will.
and prayer for a grateful heart either way.
and prayer for peace.
these smiling faces always make me smile.
the joy of the Lord is beaming out of these children.
i want to help kids like these.
families that have no health care.
people who dont know what "good health" is.
i want to teach. smile. hug. love. them.
i love these pictures.

i love kids.
i love their smiles.
i love health care.
i love traveling.
i love Jesus.
can't these all combine- and become my career!?!?

i hope. one day.
for now... the ER will do just fine. :)

love & peace
a thoughtful pondering bort

Monday, October 26, 2009

mulititude monday

holy experience

so over at "" ann does something she likes to call multitude monday.
first- although i speak as though i know said ann- i do not. but ya know... when you read someone's blog... you feel as though you do.
that being said. i have started a gratitude journal. a journal full of things i am thankful for.
its a mix of a "one-line" diary. and a "thanksgiving list". and a "this is what i did today... and im happy about this". and a "dear diary" and a "i read this really cool verse". " i heard this neat thing"
ok anyway... my journal.
its up and going.
and since i have done it faithfully for a week-

i decided to bring it to the blog world for a little thing called
"Mulitude Monday"

here is a little sampler from the running list.
i hope you are daily filled with things you are grateful for.
blessings are all around us.
smile. be happy. be blessed.
love & peace

#14- laying next to my sweet hubby, cuddled up in bed, reading a good book
#32- lunch made by my kind husband

#24: sunshine

#45: duke basketball. for free.

#41: an amazing sermon on Sunday
#42: amazing music on Sunday (the horn ensemble... my favorite)
#43: simply duke chapel. being able to worship there each Sunday is such a blessing

#47- the colors of fall


we (ry & i) look at this alllllll the time.

our wedding pics!

we want 15 comments. haha
we are veryyyy competive.
so its like a race. we are just waiting. we want the magic number.
and then more.
the most comments ever! haha...
maybe my photographer will look at the SIXTY ONE comments on facebook and consider a couple of those in the magic 15 number! haha....

but really. if you are reading this and haven't posted a comment... go on now... click the link and comment. and for those who have... YOU ROCK. :)

...this past weekend was homecoming at the good old alma mater... i so wish i could have been there. if only i didn't live 8 hours away... perhaps next year i can make the trek down.
anyway... here are some snippets from last years homecoming!
me & the bff did what bff's do... hang out. have fun. take pics. explore. and be happy.
man i miss this gal.

love & peace

Saturday, October 24, 2009


great news.
i (i mean WE) we. ryan & i. made the cut.
what cut you ask?
we made our photographers blog.
we are famous now.

go HERE!

check out our wedding pics (that you've probably already seen)
BUT. leave some comment love on the photos...
so that me & ryan can win a prize.
and prizes are nice.

then check out all her pics on the blog...
and leave other comments so other folks can get prizes.

haha.... oh heavens.

love & peace

Thursday, October 22, 2009


yesterday we got ::most likely:: our last wedding gift.
sad. but it was still ubber exciting to get!
paula dearest sent a fun package over and i opened at 3:30 am when i got home from work!
yay!! :)

work last night was soooo busy. we rocked the er with 2 or 3 nurses down... so talk about crazy. man oh man. it was fun though- but man i was exhausted.

heading back out to work now for another adventurous night.
looking forward to the weekend though.
LOTS & LOTS of studying is in store.
2 weeks until the GRE. EKKKK!

adios for now.
love & peace & happy thursday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


its always nice to feel productive.
today i feel just that way.
done some laundry.
straightened the house.
unloaded the dishwasher.
went to post office & bank.
studied a tiny bit.
read a lotta.
journaled a lil.
watched the news.
ate a delicious lunch.
and now about to go to work... i mean i feel like ive already lived a day...
but no. 13 more hours at a hospital.
wooo. haha...

hopefully ill be able to study some.
i NEED to. :( im not feeling good about this whole GRE thing.

anyway. ive been inspired by a blog... that i found through a friend...
i reallllly have enjoyed reading this blog. learning. being challenged. being encouraged. and i have gotten lots of neat ideas from it. you should check it out. cool photography. cool writing. and its about jesus... which always makes things better. :) haha...

well here are 2 photos for today.
i love this first one. VERY retro. VERY cool. surronded by the most important women in my life. and we do look quite fabulous dont we.

al. amy. paula. sara.
4 great gals.
im one lucky woman.

love & peace

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


well: it was a crazy weekend.
new jeep.
family fun.
it was great!
and then... when i got home i had a package on the front porch... my wedding pictures!
its impossible to pick favorites from oh say 500 pictures...
but here are a few that stand out.
dont worry. ill post lots in the coming days.
thanks lindentree photography for your amazing work!

only 4 for now... but ill post many more.
here is a picture from this weekend!
we went up on a mountain... where there was SNOW! it was 22*!!
up on a mountain in western north carolina.
fantastic. fun. cold. fabulous.

ry & and the snow... via cell phone camera.

anyway... next time you think you are cold... imagine 22* weather in tshirts and jeans! with spare hoodies we had in the car. we weren't prepared for the snow- but we enjoyed it anyway!!

love & peace

Thursday, October 15, 2009

well well well...

i must say, if you have not read the previous post: ewwwww... you should then proceed with this one.

ok. so. update.
it seems mr creature has gone back out into the world. probably to come back tomorrow, but for now... he is gone. and it is quiet. hopefully it will stay this way.

i have insurance on my new jeep that i will pick up SATURDAY!! im super stoked. i can't wait.

im thoroughly engulfed in a nic sparks book right now: the lucky one.
its a winner. and its one of his next movies coming out!
he has three in production right now!! dear john, the last song, and the lucky one!
mmmm i love a good classy (?) southern love story.

one more day of work before a weekend in the mountains with the family!
im super excited about seeing the fam! hanging in the mountains! and relaxing!

took a practice gre test tonight.
ummmm yuck. lets just say i now know where my weak points are...
EVERYTHING! well it feels that way.
25 days until the gre. lovely.

adios for now.
peace & love


i think there is a squirrel in the wall. its a rather large square area... not really sure whats in there or why there is this square area... but anyway. inside this area, a lot of noise is coming. and its grossing me, creeping me out. like i can hear scampering around.... and the kicker is a loud knocking sound. like a woodpecker sound. which was our original thought... but im really sure now... that its a squirrel opening up an acorn. which makes me think IT is cmoing and going... ry and i looked around the house and can't find anywhere it came in. ughhhh. i dont know what to do. im reallllly grossed out. and am really afraid it is somehow going to jump out of the while- be rabid- and attack me. ahhHH! im scared. me and ryan beat on the wall. and yelled. but that didn't seem to do much. i may move on to the advice i read online... "put a stereo speaker right next to the wall, and turn on loud techno. this normally makes the squirrel run away".


oh the joys of a first home.... even if it is rented.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


one more day at work is done....
and only one more day on friday before i head to the mountains!

im so excited about the mini vacation. cabin. in the mountains. with the family. :) mmmm.

im supppper excited.

but for now, looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow with the hubby. cleaning. laundry. maybe a movie. def reading my new book by mr sparks. mmmm LOVE IT! another cheesy, sweet romantic novel. my fav. haha... and DEF more studying. i feel SO far behind when it comes to the GRE. ekkKKKKkkk. :(

its time to start some major crammmmmming.

peace & love.

thoughts... .

.... working holidays = let down. frustrating. sad. at least ive narrowed it down to just christmas day & new years day.

...working just ONE day really wears me out. exhausts me. i dont know why. but today im pooped!

... im getting a JEEP! mannnn i can't describe my excitement. i dont think you realize my ENTIRE life i have wanted a jeep. since just a lil kid. really. i dunno why. but have alwayssss wanted one. and now i do! it still hasn't "clicked" yet

... i should be getting my wedding pics this week... EXCITED!! i can't wait! and my walls are empty waiting for some pics to go up! :)

... im going to the mountains this weekend to see my family! i can't wait. should be tons and tons of fun!!

... living far far far (like 15 or 18 or 20) hours from my best friend sucks. :( i miss my sara sooo much!!

... cold rainy day here in durham... very relaxing. but hopefully wont mean an influx of people today. maybe they will stay at home!

off to do things... adios
peace & love

Monday, October 12, 2009

chinese fortunes

last night ry & i went to pf changs.
fancy chinese basically.
my fortune was:
you will receive a surprising gift really soon.

today. i woke up and got this:

yep. leather seats and all. and the kicker... a cd player with a ipod plug in thing....

call it a gift from God.
and a gift from the parents.
im now a believer in chinese fortunes.

yep. ill be sportin a sweet classic jeep grand cherokee starting this weekend!
*its in boone. couldn't drive there to look at it. buy it. AND drive it back. just means another trip to boone. not a bad thing!*

now off to look for car insurance.

:) love & peace
a new car owner!
(thanks to MOM & DAD!!)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

obx... finally

here are pics from our trip to the outer banks.
i loved it there. love the ocean. the deserted beaches. the sand. the cool breezes. wearing a long sleeve tee. watching the moon rise. driving to rodanthe. eating seafood. playing darts. relaxing. reading. doing nothing but enjoying life.
it was wonderful to get away and spend time with family.

these are SAND DUNES! the highest ones on the atlantic coast... like 100feet tall!
ive never seen anything like it.
basically feels like you are in a desert!


in other news.
the snider family is growing. ;)
we have a fish.
his name is bruce.
as in bruce wayne.
he is fierce. awesome. and fun.

in even more news.... gre is getting closer. i bought a "math workbook" today. just to get more questions. i feel like a middle schooler!

welp. must study.
and then read a lil nic sparks.... the lucky one... good so far~

peace & love

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


here are just a few sneak peak pics of u2
probably the biggest, and most elaborate concert of my life
and probably the most famous band ill ever see
anyway... it was an incredible show
the only downside... was the 3 hour drive
that normally should take 15 MINUTES!
yes. traffic was THAT bad.
but anyway... it was AWESOME!
thanks Colin for the sweet wedding gift!

::before the concert started::

::the ridiculous size of the stage & audience (a good 65,000!)
ps the concert was the 360* tour... so the crowd goes 360* around the stage... which is an enormous circle!

::bono & the edge::

::again with the AMAZING set-up::

::ry happily clapping along::

since the show... we have ventured to the outer banks and back!
stay tuned for some awesome pics from our quick lovely vacation!

love & peace