Wednesday, October 14, 2009

thoughts... .

.... working holidays = let down. frustrating. sad. at least ive narrowed it down to just christmas day & new years day.

...working just ONE day really wears me out. exhausts me. i dont know why. but today im pooped!

... im getting a JEEP! mannnn i can't describe my excitement. i dont think you realize my ENTIRE life i have wanted a jeep. since just a lil kid. really. i dunno why. but have alwayssss wanted one. and now i do! it still hasn't "clicked" yet

... i should be getting my wedding pics this week... EXCITED!! i can't wait! and my walls are empty waiting for some pics to go up! :)

... im going to the mountains this weekend to see my family! i can't wait. should be tons and tons of fun!!

... living far far far (like 15 or 18 or 20) hours from my best friend sucks. :( i miss my sara sooo much!!

... cold rainy day here in durham... very relaxing. but hopefully wont mean an influx of people today. maybe they will stay at home!

off to do things... adios
peace & love

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