Monday, October 12, 2009

chinese fortunes

last night ry & i went to pf changs.
fancy chinese basically.
my fortune was:
you will receive a surprising gift really soon.

today. i woke up and got this:

yep. leather seats and all. and the kicker... a cd player with a ipod plug in thing....

call it a gift from God.
and a gift from the parents.
im now a believer in chinese fortunes.

yep. ill be sportin a sweet classic jeep grand cherokee starting this weekend!
*its in boone. couldn't drive there to look at it. buy it. AND drive it back. just means another trip to boone. not a bad thing!*

now off to look for car insurance.

:) love & peace
a new car owner!
(thanks to MOM & DAD!!)


Julia said...

yay, welcome to the new car club!! pictures of our new car are on Facebook!! SO exciting!!

Kristin said...

congratulations on the new car! how exciting!

and what's funny is that robert and i were just discussing and even researching (which means it's still up on a tab on the lap top) where to go out to dinner next week and we decided pf changs!

PSIrwin said...

we did quite a bit of research when i transferred my car to TN and Geico was the cheapest/best deal for us, both of our cars. (even after dad being with State farm for 35 years!) so check them out...and after last week's wreck, the service was fantastic.