Sunday, October 11, 2009

obx... finally

here are pics from our trip to the outer banks.
i loved it there. love the ocean. the deserted beaches. the sand. the cool breezes. wearing a long sleeve tee. watching the moon rise. driving to rodanthe. eating seafood. playing darts. relaxing. reading. doing nothing but enjoying life.
it was wonderful to get away and spend time with family.

these are SAND DUNES! the highest ones on the atlantic coast... like 100feet tall!
ive never seen anything like it.
basically feels like you are in a desert!


in other news.
the snider family is growing. ;)
we have a fish.
his name is bruce.
as in bruce wayne.
he is fierce. awesome. and fun.

in even more news.... gre is getting closer. i bought a "math workbook" today. just to get more questions. i feel like a middle schooler!

welp. must study.
and then read a lil nic sparks.... the lucky one... good so far~

peace & love

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