Wednesday, October 7, 2009


here are just a few sneak peak pics of u2
probably the biggest, and most elaborate concert of my life
and probably the most famous band ill ever see
anyway... it was an incredible show
the only downside... was the 3 hour drive
that normally should take 15 MINUTES!
yes. traffic was THAT bad.
but anyway... it was AWESOME!
thanks Colin for the sweet wedding gift!

::before the concert started::

::the ridiculous size of the stage & audience (a good 65,000!)
ps the concert was the 360* tour... so the crowd goes 360* around the stage... which is an enormous circle!

::bono & the edge::

::again with the AMAZING set-up::

::ry happily clapping along::

since the show... we have ventured to the outer banks and back!
stay tuned for some awesome pics from our quick lovely vacation!

love & peace

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