Saturday, October 3, 2009


the smell of muscadines and scuppanongs filled my morning.
along with delicious bread, flowers, and the sight of fruits and veggies.
i paid a visit to the durham farmers market
i now want to go EVERY saturday

the freshest vegetables, fruits, cheeses, honey, bread & flowers all grown (or made) locally for folks to buy! and its all veryyyyy affordable! and you are helping out local farmers.
mannnnnnnn i LOVED it.

def a fun saturday morning activity.

i followed that up with a jog through the neighborhood. im attempting the thought and jogging in a little "pumpkin trot" race on halloween. we shall see how that goes... if it doesn't work out... ill just walk it... but should be fun nonetheless

this afternoon skye & i ventured to the duke football game.
fun... for about a half. we left at halftime.
fun to be out in the sun a little- and while we were there we actually played well.
it was a bit strange bc there were FAR more virginia tech fans than duke fans. like by 1000's. i would say very easily there were double the amount of hokies as dukies...
im hoping its because its fall break at duke and all the students are gone.
but probably not... haha...
duke and football... just dont mix.

anywho. about to be off to U2! probably the biggest concert of my life... which im pumped about.
ill post pics dont you worry.

hope your saturday is as sunny, beautiful, and fun as mine

love & peace

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