Saturday, November 21, 2009

birthday ::part one::

ryan turned the big 2-4! !!!
so. we celebrated.
trip to the mall (where we bought lots of goodies!!)
watched old school dana carvey (Ry's favorite!)
ate at outback!
had some cake... a cookie cake... i homemade. it is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD.
Ohhh my. mmmm.
ill posts pics later.
bc yes... it looks awesome too. well sorta. haha...
opened presents (which was not that exciting bc ry's big present is coming at thanksgiving. ry's parentals are bringing it to gma snider's. :)
then went out... with lots of friends.
had SOOOO much fun. just sat out by a fire type heater thing...
and hung out and talked and just had a good time!!

today the birthday fun continues...
duke basketball game!
(sadly, walk up line. ...but im sure we will get in and have fun)
tonight watching twilight (if we can find it in a redbox... since ive NEVER seen it. and apparently its changing america or whatever)
and then tomorrow... the fun CONTINUES!

i did get tickets to ryans fav band... yes. one of those "harder" bands.
it will still be loads of fun.
and in downtown raleigh... which will be fun im sure.

anyway. thats all for now!

love & peace

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

all smiles

its been a nice day off...
enjoyed a LOT of sleep! ;)
hung out with my skyzer...
hung with the hubs...
and then went to some duke basketball... which was super fun.
tonight... for some reason... was even more intense than other early season games. i think because the other team was actually "home" (it was a tournament). since the team was from charlotte- and they were the "home team" i think they actually thought they were at home. their cheerleaders paraded around with flags and tried to lead cheers... and their band played music (that was def not as good as ours) they just got booed. well duke's version of boo's which consists of yelling "uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" over and over and overrrrrr. while waving your hand. weird. i know. its duke. anyway. the fans were fiesty. the game was on espn. ryan made an appearance on espn. and we killlled the other team. all in all it was a FUN night. :)

only two more days of work before the birthday weekend extravaganza!! yeahHHH! :)

love & peace

Monday, November 16, 2009

monday thanks

gratitude monday....
a glimpse at the past weekend:

112. spending a rainy cold day inside a cozy coffee shop

(this is a coffee shop in japan :) )

114. duke basketball fun
115. cookout for dinner
120. finishing up grad school essay
121. THREE MONTHS of marriage!

122. a new bike
123. bike riding with ryan
127. enjoying quality time with the bro in law and MK

my sweet new ride (:

check out the link at the bottom of the page for more on gratitude mondays...

what a great weekend...
4 days until someone's birthday!!
we have a fun weekend ahead of us... then thanksgiving!

love & peace to you all!

Friday, November 13, 2009


the hubby & i ventured to one of my fav spots today
a great local coffee shop.
it was so cozy inside.
we had our delicous drinks.
and sat and worked... for a few hours.

mmm. heaven in a cup.
(this pic is via cell phone- thus the bad quality)


Thursday, November 12, 2009


today is this lovely ladies birthday!
mk is a great friend of mine who ive been blessed to know through the brother in law.
she and he are an item. :)

mere is my dearest durham friend.
she is an excellent listener. gives great hugs. has such a bright smile. and is just a joy to be around! today is meres big day! and im hoping its a great one for her!!

happy birthday mk!!

:) love & peace to you all...
and warm sunny wishes! (i know we are all quite wet!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

the multitudes keep a coming...

Notes: grateful means feeling or showing gratitude or feeling thankful; gratified means having received what was desired; gratuitous means costing nothing or free - unnecessary or unwarranted - without cause

a few of the things i am grateful for this week:

66. needing my jacket

71. warm fresh baked cookies & a big glass of milk

72. a friend ::sara:: who encourages me and lifts me up

82-84. free pizza, doughnuts & candy

91. my comfy worn out jeans

92. the 'cinamon bark' candle burning in the den

93. the open back door

103- driving with the windows down

109- wedding pictures (and framing them & hanging them on the wall)

happy monday to everyone.
blessings are everywhere.
be blessed this week

love & peace

Sunday, November 8, 2009

eve of gre

well the time has come.
its GRE time baby.

luckily i dont take it until 1200 tomorrow.
say a lil prayer for me.

im not worried... not that im about to bust out a 1600- but i know i can take it again.
its not the end of the world.
and i have done a good job of studying.
i suppose one could always study more, but lets just say the last "prep quiz" i did- i did well on it. so im going out on a bang. :)

tonight the hubby and i watched an excellent movie.

it was so great... suspense. drama. murder. great GREAT story. and it was set in the 20's which is just so cool. i love the 20's. well i love the dress of the 20's. SO CLASSY. anyway. i highly HIGHLY recommend watching it. DEF a long one- but there are a LOT of dynamics to it which made it very enjoyable, and it flew by. anyway. rent it. redbox it. netflix it. do what you do. and hopefully you will enjoy it!

off to bed soon.
love & peace

Saturday, November 7, 2009

pizza. doughnuts. candy.

all three things were consumed by ME!
over the course of my work night last night.
and allll FO FREE!!!!

yes. a fabulous doctor ordered pizza for the staff.
we had doughnuts delivered for the staff- from another co-worker- just because.
and then we had a HUGE bag of candy dropped off by a guys wife for everyone!

it was a delicious night!
and of course i had a mountain dew to add to all of that.

one would not be mistaken to say, i had a belly ache after all of that!


saturday saturday
oh saturday.

ill be spending mine ::attempting:: to study.
do some "roots" and math problems.
going out with the hubby tonight!

happy saturday to you all!

love & peace

Friday, November 6, 2009


it has been a few days.
ive been busy.
work + gre = my life right now.



anyway.... here is a quick blog....

at my job i have the unique experience to witness the frailty of life.
i see people in their first moments of life, and their last.
it is quite a unique experience. thats the only way i can describe it.
and some days its hard.
dont think we (er nurses) are "hard & tough" all the time.
for the majority of the time we are.
you have to put up with a lot.
crazy people. yelling people. unhappy people.
and you are constantly busy, but there is a soft side to us all.

and the other night it was evident.
33 year old. cardiac arrest. coming in EMS (by ambulance). cpr in progress.

WHAT!? 33. did they say 33? surely not.
well it was. 33 year old. to say it was tough is an understatement.
the person made it out of our ER alive... after 3 hours of on & off CPR; LOTS of medications and IV drips, but out, and to the ICU where they remain.

this person had no health problems. not a smoker. not a drinker. just the average person.
who dropped dead.

life is short. life is frail. life is unexpected.
its a necessity to live life to the fullest. love God with all your heart. seek him daily. love his people. share his love. be happy. go for your dreams. go big or go home... for real.

life is short. life gives us hard situations.
the other night was hard.
there were tears later.
there were hugs to husbands later.
you just never know....

live your life.
love your life.
give hugs.
be happy.
life IS good. no matter what.


God ALWAYS provides...
the next night at work it was the most peaceful/fun nights one could have.
the ER emptied out around 11PM
(which is extremely RARE!)
we goofed off, were able to order take out, got to hang out, and really enjoy each other.
and by each other i mean my coworkers.
im pretty lucky ... i work with some FANTASTIC people.
i couldn't be happier.
it was exactly what we needed after the night before.
a night of peace.


i take the GRE on monday. :(
not too happy about that... haha...
but really. its so minute in the scale of life.
hopefully ill do exceptional...? maybe! i can hope right.
working tonight, then a lovely weekend of studying cramming and focusing...


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


meet boone.
he is my 14 year old, husky, little boy.
but he's not so little. he is a beast.
and i love him dearly.

his only down side is... he is a little smelly. but i forgive him. he is a teenage- boy.
(although ryan claims he is a grandpa)
either way lately his front left "leg" has been bothering him.
ive noticed it makes a popping noise when he goes in circles, or makes a turn.
i knew that couldn't be too good for him.
i took him to the doctor yesterday.
when we checked in, i was saddened when they didn't ask for him name!
i thought... hmm... thats important. you need to know his name.
anyway... they took him back and i waiting in the waiting room.

when the doctor came out they asked for me to come back...
ekk! my heart skipped a few beats.
for some reason asking me to come back and see him, made it seem worse.

when i get back, they tell me the bad news.
he has a broken leg. luckily it can be fixed though easily, and affordably.
the real bad news... his smelliness...
that part can't be fixed affordably.
apparently a little animal found him to be a warm, cozy, place to set up camp.
yes. inside him.
and well... that critter must have died.
and now... he smells...
for a whole lot of money, they can take the engine a part and go for a hunt for this critter, or i can just live with it, use a whole lotta air freshners, and pray boone starts smelling better soon.

all in all it was a successful day at the doctor for dear boone.
he is looking good, has a fixed leg, and is good to go.

my beloved jeep.

love. peace. smiles.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

::multitude monday::

... be thankful in all circumstances...

47. the colors of fall
48. the sound of rain dripping through the trees

52. sitting in a coffee shop studying for two hours... with this guy by my side

::rewind.... #11 playing family games (apples to apples) with the parents, brother rich, and hubby ryan
#12... laughing so hard with my family... that i tear up and start getting little belly pains... oh the joy family brings :)

54. a halloween full of watching scary movies
55. eating chili
56. being together just me & ryan

58. a husband who asks me if there is anything he can do around the house while i am at work
68. coming home to laundry being done and the trash taken out

these are a few of the things i am grateful for from this past week.
there are many many more.
in the couple of weeks ive been doing this little project, its been amazing how stressful times and "downer" situations, have turned positive. just thinking about the best in everything. being grateful for all i have. we are truly so blessed. im given far more than i deserve. God is so good.
I hope you are blessed in a special way on this monday.

love & peace

**for more on mulitude monday check out the link at the bottom of the page**