Saturday, November 21, 2009

birthday ::part one::

ryan turned the big 2-4! !!!
so. we celebrated.
trip to the mall (where we bought lots of goodies!!)
watched old school dana carvey (Ry's favorite!)
ate at outback!
had some cake... a cookie cake... i homemade. it is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD.
Ohhh my. mmmm.
ill posts pics later.
bc yes... it looks awesome too. well sorta. haha...
opened presents (which was not that exciting bc ry's big present is coming at thanksgiving. ry's parentals are bringing it to gma snider's. :)
then went out... with lots of friends.
had SOOOO much fun. just sat out by a fire type heater thing...
and hung out and talked and just had a good time!!

today the birthday fun continues...
duke basketball game!
(sadly, walk up line. ...but im sure we will get in and have fun)
tonight watching twilight (if we can find it in a redbox... since ive NEVER seen it. and apparently its changing america or whatever)
and then tomorrow... the fun CONTINUES!

i did get tickets to ryans fav band... yes. one of those "harder" bands.
it will still be loads of fun.
and in downtown raleigh... which will be fun im sure.

anyway. thats all for now!

love & peace

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