Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ive been away....

and i apologize.

but while ive been gone, ive done a lot.
been quite busy.

i know... ive missed two "mulititude mondays" so ill be making up for that in the following.
instead of a paragraph form "catch up" on life... im simply going to post from my journal.
pictures & thankful journal entries.

so my apologies for disappearing for a week...
ill try not to do that again.
hope this december day finds you all well.
much love & peace

131. my sweet husbands 24th birthday
133. cookie cake
136. having friends to go out with and celebrate at a fabulous local spot

142. duke basketball game. always grateful.

143. a surprise overnight trip to raleigh
144. a big comfy hotel bed
145. sharing the previous mentioned bed with my hubby
149. downtown raleigh (cool view from our sweet hotel room)

...i will say (for some reason) i felt so "scandalous" going back to the hotel after the concert... like i was doing something mischevious... but then i remember. IM MARRIED TO THAT SEXY MAN!

146. going to see ry's fav band!

152. roadtrip to grandma sniders!
154 & 155. sweet potato souffle & green bean casserole
157. talking around the family dinner table, long after the meal has been eaten...
158. twilight (yes. the movie)

sorry no pics. strange! i know. i didn't take a picture.

166. mexican lunch with the dear MK :)
168. a new grill for ry's bday (thanks snider parentals!)
169. good food grilled on said grill.

167. christmas tree shopping
171. decorating the tree

172. decorating our house
175. shopping for presents

(the final product... not to shabby for the first snider christmas tree)

and currently thankful for...

176. a new month
179. coffee shop study dates (ry studies/ i blog)
181. good christmas music
182. vanilla latte

love. peace. happiness.


PSIrwin said...

i will say, i totally agree on that comment about staying in a hotel. after being married a year, I still feel a little scandalous checking into a hotel with him! I guess it is a good thing - to be married to someone you like so much!

Sara said...

i miss you

ozob said...

i miss you 2