Tuesday, November 17, 2009

all smiles

its been a nice day off...
enjoyed a LOT of sleep! ;)
hung out with my skyzer...
hung with the hubs...
and then went to some duke basketball... which was super fun.
tonight... for some reason... was even more intense than other early season games. i think because the other team was actually "home" (it was a tournament). since the team was from charlotte- and they were the "home team" i think they actually thought they were at home. their cheerleaders paraded around with flags and tried to lead cheers... and their band played music (that was def not as good as ours) they just got booed. well duke's version of boo's which consists of yelling "uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" over and over and overrrrrr. while waving your hand. weird. i know. its duke. anyway. the fans were fiesty. the game was on espn. ryan made an appearance on espn. and we killlled the other team. all in all it was a FUN night. :)

only two more days of work before the birthday weekend extravaganza!! yeahHHH! :)

love & peace

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PSIrwin said...

i want to know what birthday weekend extravaganza entails! I am jealous! tell ryan i said happy birthday and i hope he has a wonderful weekend!