Tuesday, November 3, 2009


meet boone.
he is my 14 year old, husky, little boy.
but he's not so little. he is a beast.
and i love him dearly.

his only down side is... he is a little smelly. but i forgive him. he is a teenage- boy.
(although ryan claims he is a grandpa)
either way lately his front left "leg" has been bothering him.
ive noticed it makes a popping noise when he goes in circles, or makes a turn.
i knew that couldn't be too good for him.
i took him to the doctor yesterday.
when we checked in, i was saddened when they didn't ask for him name!
i thought... hmm... thats important. you need to know his name.
anyway... they took him back and i waiting in the waiting room.

when the doctor came out they asked for me to come back...
ekk! my heart skipped a few beats.
for some reason asking me to come back and see him, made it seem worse.

when i get back, they tell me the bad news.
he has a broken leg. luckily it can be fixed though easily, and affordably.
the real bad news... his smelliness...
that part can't be fixed affordably.
apparently a little animal found him to be a warm, cozy, place to set up camp.
yes. inside him.
and well... that critter must have died.
and now... he smells...
for a whole lot of money, they can take the engine a part and go for a hunt for this critter, or i can just live with it, use a whole lotta air freshners, and pray boone starts smelling better soon.

all in all it was a successful day at the doctor for dear boone.
he is looking good, has a fixed leg, and is good to go.

my beloved jeep.

love. peace. smiles.

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ozob said...

thank you my child... i have not laughed that hard in a very long time. love ya...mom