Sunday, November 1, 2009

::multitude monday::

... be thankful in all circumstances...

47. the colors of fall
48. the sound of rain dripping through the trees

52. sitting in a coffee shop studying for two hours... with this guy by my side

::rewind.... #11 playing family games (apples to apples) with the parents, brother rich, and hubby ryan
#12... laughing so hard with my family... that i tear up and start getting little belly pains... oh the joy family brings :)

54. a halloween full of watching scary movies
55. eating chili
56. being together just me & ryan

58. a husband who asks me if there is anything he can do around the house while i am at work
68. coming home to laundry being done and the trash taken out

these are a few of the things i am grateful for from this past week.
there are many many more.
in the couple of weeks ive been doing this little project, its been amazing how stressful times and "downer" situations, have turned positive. just thinking about the best in everything. being grateful for all i have. we are truly so blessed. im given far more than i deserve. God is so good.
I hope you are blessed in a special way on this monday.

love & peace

**for more on mulitude monday check out the link at the bottom of the page**

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