Sunday, November 8, 2009

eve of gre

well the time has come.
its GRE time baby.

luckily i dont take it until 1200 tomorrow.
say a lil prayer for me.

im not worried... not that im about to bust out a 1600- but i know i can take it again.
its not the end of the world.
and i have done a good job of studying.
i suppose one could always study more, but lets just say the last "prep quiz" i did- i did well on it. so im going out on a bang. :)

tonight the hubby and i watched an excellent movie.

it was so great... suspense. drama. murder. great GREAT story. and it was set in the 20's which is just so cool. i love the 20's. well i love the dress of the 20's. SO CLASSY. anyway. i highly HIGHLY recommend watching it. DEF a long one- but there are a LOT of dynamics to it which made it very enjoyable, and it flew by. anyway. rent it. redbox it. netflix it. do what you do. and hopefully you will enjoy it!

off to bed soon.
love & peace

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