Wednesday, October 14, 2009


one more day at work is done....
and only one more day on friday before i head to the mountains!

im so excited about the mini vacation. cabin. in the mountains. with the family. :) mmmm.

im supppper excited.

but for now, looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow with the hubby. cleaning. laundry. maybe a movie. def reading my new book by mr sparks. mmmm LOVE IT! another cheesy, sweet romantic novel. my fav. haha... and DEF more studying. i feel SO far behind when it comes to the GRE. ekkKKKKkkk. :(

its time to start some major crammmmmming.

peace & love.

1 comment:

PSIrwin said...

the ETA on your wedding present is Friday. it is coming UPS...
i hope you like!