Thursday, October 15, 2009


i think there is a squirrel in the wall. its a rather large square area... not really sure whats in there or why there is this square area... but anyway. inside this area, a lot of noise is coming. and its grossing me, creeping me out. like i can hear scampering around.... and the kicker is a loud knocking sound. like a woodpecker sound. which was our original thought... but im really sure now... that its a squirrel opening up an acorn. which makes me think IT is cmoing and going... ry and i looked around the house and can't find anywhere it came in. ughhhh. i dont know what to do. im reallllly grossed out. and am really afraid it is somehow going to jump out of the while- be rabid- and attack me. ahhHH! im scared. me and ryan beat on the wall. and yelled. but that didn't seem to do much. i may move on to the advice i read online... "put a stereo speaker right next to the wall, and turn on loud techno. this normally makes the squirrel run away".


oh the joys of a first home.... even if it is rented.


PSIrwin said...

that is possibly the greatest thing i have ever read.
please video the techo music attempt.
and post.
i need to see that.

Sara said...

Happy 2 months!

Julia said...

Girl, Call your landlord! That's the only good thing about renting, something like this is not your problem, it's theirs!! haha!! Maybe they'll get the little buddy out!