Thursday, October 15, 2009

well well well...

i must say, if you have not read the previous post: ewwwww... you should then proceed with this one.

ok. so. update.
it seems mr creature has gone back out into the world. probably to come back tomorrow, but for now... he is gone. and it is quiet. hopefully it will stay this way.

i have insurance on my new jeep that i will pick up SATURDAY!! im super stoked. i can't wait.

im thoroughly engulfed in a nic sparks book right now: the lucky one.
its a winner. and its one of his next movies coming out!
he has three in production right now!! dear john, the last song, and the lucky one!
mmmm i love a good classy (?) southern love story.

one more day of work before a weekend in the mountains with the family!
im super excited about seeing the fam! hanging in the mountains! and relaxing!

took a practice gre test tonight.
ummmm yuck. lets just say i now know where my weak points are...
EVERYTHING! well it feels that way.
25 days until the gre. lovely.

adios for now.
peace & love

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