Tuesday, October 20, 2009


well: it was a crazy weekend.
new jeep.
family fun.
it was great!
and then... when i got home i had a package on the front porch... my wedding pictures!
its impossible to pick favorites from oh say 500 pictures...
but here are a few that stand out.
dont worry. ill post lots in the coming days.
thanks lindentree photography for your amazing work!

only 4 for now... but ill post many more.
here is a picture from this weekend!
we went up on a mountain... where there was SNOW! it was 22*!!
up on a mountain in western north carolina.
fantastic. fun. cold. fabulous.

ry & and the snow... via cell phone camera.

anyway... next time you think you are cold... imagine 22* weather in tshirts and jeans! with spare hoodies we had in the car. we weren't prepared for the snow- but we enjoyed it anyway!!

love & peace

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